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Welcome back!

Jasper I'm glad you're feeling better. Having an upset tummy is no fun.
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Hi Jan and Jasper! Glad you're feeling better Jasper -- I don't suppose you've discovered your limit, have you?

Yeah, Jan, do have a look at this menu. There's lots of yummy stuff on it.

I'm going to disappear for a short while, while I go put some other yummy stuff on the table for my sweetie and me. Won't be long. Doesn't take forever to whomp something useful out of experienced food (aka leftovers). See y'all in a while.
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Hi Tina, Pitufo, Gordo and Princess!
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I'm hungry
For Appetizers, I'll have the Jumbo Shrimp...the Coconut Shrimp.
and I'll have the Filet: 8oz - the 10oz
Very thick & very juicy. The most tender steak
and some Irish Coffee: Irish whiskey & coffee

Gordo, will have the Porterhouse, the king of steaks! 24oz
Our thickest and largest cut. A must try for the hungry man,

Princess will the have Chicken Burger
Plump and juicy 6oz breast served on a seeded kaiser with BBQ sauce, tomato and shredded lettuce

Pitufo will have the Salmon
An 8oz filet of Atlantic salmon topped with shrimp & hollandaise. Grilled or poached
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Hi Linda
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For Desert, I'll have the Parfaits: Vanilla ice cream with your choice of liquor. (It had me at liquor)
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Yummy! There's certainly some great food on that menu!!
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Well, it's time for me to sign off... I'm starting to nod off! lol I'll see you all tomorrow!
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I think I need to sign off,too. I am having the cramps from hell tonight. I also thought I was going to have to stay up because of a house fire just down the road and they were talking about cutting off the gas or evacuating. But, it has been quiet, so I guess all is well. (The house was destroyed, but the family was out at the time. Unfortunately, their dog did not survive.)
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Oh, Jasper wants to stay up. Keep an eye on him and don't let him drink too much! Maybe I better take the war bonnet with me...


Okay, you can keep the war bonnet. Just take care of it, please?

Night, folks!
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Goodnight Linda and Jan
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Hello guys! I'm going to turn in, and try to be really active tomorow.
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Hi Jenny
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Hi everyone. Ashley, I want to see a rip roarin' hickey game. And did somebody say skiing tomorrow???? I'm sorry I wasn't around much today, we had to look at some property ad do some financial stuff.

I love it here! I get the feeling there's alot of wide open spaces, is that so????

Gordo will have a T-bone!
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Hi Elizabeth
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Hi Tina! How are you enjoying Canada as opposed to Miami?
I really do read everything and catch up....
so even though ya'all might not think I'm here, I actually am.
Ashley, how hot does it get here in the summer? and do you get tornadoes?
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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your day!
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Elizabeth, it is freaking cold in Canada....I love Canada though. Vancouver is beautiful and so far I like what I see in Alberta.
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Hi Ashley
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Originally Posted by captiva
Hi, everyone!!! I had to catch up! Medicine Hat is a great town, Ashley! You even have a Body Shop - one up on my little town Did you read the paper? I guess some of you took some Cedar Waxwings out drinking because about 100 of them got drunk and smashed into a building and died. I love Cedar Waxwings
I know! It was so sad
All those stupid holly berries
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Hi everyone! I'm back for a while. Night, Linda! Night, Jan! Hi and bye to Jenny! Hi Elizabeth! Hi, Tina! Hi, Ashley! Did I get everyone? Who's got Jasper?

Lots of good stuff you set up for us Ashley! We had great dinners at Ralph's -- the food was awesome!

(Gotta log off for a few minutes -- having a spot of trouble with another program and I think the only thing is to reboot -- back shortly.)
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Well I still don't know what the problem was/is, but I got around it, and I'm back -- so there!

Hi again everyone!
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evening everyone
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Oh, here's Danielle!! Hi!
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oh Ashley - just so you know Fran and I went shopping earlier to get some warm clothes so we are all set for our skiing trip tomorrow

are we going to banff?
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Hi Fran !!

so sorry I havent been around much today - its a sunday and thats always our cleaning, grocery shopping etc day... and I just put the roast in the oven and forgot something so I will have to rush to the store in a moment
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Right! And someone's going to have to teach this kid to ski -- there's been lots of snow in my life, but never the resources to fund a ski habit when the opportunity was there. Second thought, maybe I'll stick with tobogganing -- that I can handle, and there's a better chance of coming home in one piece!
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Originally Posted by babygirl
Elizabeth, it is freaking cold in Canada.....
that made me laugh as its exactly the same as my thoughts
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I saw that Dan!

Nope we aren't, But where we are going is just as nice! Very different though
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