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Good one! :LOL:

I think I would have chosen donkey ears and a tail for him! :laughing2
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That sure was an exciting show!!!! I was so glad Ethan won the luxury challenge!! He was so good with those kids, there!!! What a sweetie!! And did anyone catch the comment he made ( I think it was him, but it could have been Lex) about being a little afraid to order any meat dishes, there, because they saw so many stray cats running around? And they showed a shot of one of the cats. I hope that's not what they are doing with those poor cats!!

Lex is an idiot. He is so sure it was Kelly who voted for him. I loved Kelly's comment about him, when she voted for him this time.
He has got to go. I actually used to really like him, but he is too much of a back-stabber and two faced.
And so is Brandon. (errrggggg)

I hope Ethan wins. But if not, I hope Theresa does.
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Survivor lovers...go to www.killfrog.com and check out the Ultimate Survivor series...too funny!

*Warning: this site is rated PG13 for violence, partial nudity, and light profanity. (all cartoon of course)
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Ha!!! That was really funny!!!! But I am awfully afraid for that poor cat....I really don't think the decoy is going to work.... Well, maybe the cat will win it all, let's hope! :LOL:
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:laughing2 Nope, there are about 6 episodes...look at (I think) #6...quite a twist there! :laughing2
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I'm so pissed that Lex won immunity!!!!
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bye-bye Brandon!

Lex has got to be fit to be tied!! :LOL:
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Yay, Brandon is gone! I hope Lex is gone next week! Ever notice when in Tribal Council how Lex's eyes get so psycho looking? Scary, if ya ask me! :tounge2:
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I really think they are on to Lex now, and unless he wins immunity, he will he outta there next week. I was really PO'ed when Kelly got voted out last week.

I have to admit, I was a little worried about Ethan so blindly supporting Lex, but he pulled through in the end.

When Lex won immunity, my mother, sister, and I all groaned "Oh NO!"
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I was upset, too, that Lex won immunity! I was rooting for anyone except for him & Brandon! I kinda like Frank ...... I don't think he deserves to be kicked off He doesn't have a bad attitude/mood. What do you think?
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Frank's OK. He used to be one of my winner's picks, but I don't think I'd like to see him take the game now. He's a very odd person, but I do think he is trustworhty. Well, at least as trustworthy as one can be in this game! I don't think he has a bad attitude, but he seems to not fit well in a group. But that doesn't mean anything. We all want to be alone sometimes.

Did anyone catch the last Amazing Race? Was anyone watching it from the beginning? I was sure they stuck the finale on Thursday to catch the Survivor crowd, and maybe pique interest for the next go-round.
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I loved that Frank & Brandon won the reward challeng - how ironic was that team. Lex used to be my favourite, but I am very disapointed in his attitude. I want Teresa or Ethan to win. I am even beginning to like young Kim.

I loved the amazing race. I am so glad team Guido did not win. I watched every episode!
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I'm really glad they got rid of Brandon, and I hope that Lex goes next week!!
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Only 6 more hours until Survivor! Yeah!!!!
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Well??? Does anyone know anything yet? I'm at least an hour behind a lot of broadcasts, and I hate waiting... so spill the beans! :tounge2:
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Im surprised frank lasted this long... heheehehe
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Frank's gone??? Really? Sheesh, did Lex win immunity or something?
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yeah he did, and I think it's the only thing that saved him..
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Bye Frank...ya freak ...go do your "elephant dance" at home!

I loved the food auction! Watching Tom drink that beer, Kim auction off a bite of her sundae to Ethan ( hubba hubba ) , and just the way they all interacted was great!

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how much more totally deranged Lex looks each episode? :disturbed :eye&mouth
He scares me!

If it isnt Lex next...then who? Any bets?
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If not Lex next week it will be Teresa. Teresa's only hope is to get a women's alliance thing going. I loved the reward challenge. I think Kim made money ultimately on her chicken and mashed potatoes. They probably had trouble digesting everything though as they haven't eaten real food in a while. I bet there was quality potty time when they got back. Poor Kim J - did you see how swollen her legs were? I loved her attitude " wait till it gets to my boobs" What a way to look at the possitive!
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Man.......I was hopping MAD when Lex won immunity AGAIN!!!! EEERRRRGGGG

At least frank is gone now....what a strange guy.

But now I am confused. My second pick to win this game, after Ethan (who of course is my first pick) was Theresa. But after last weeks show...where she tried to get the girls to all vote for Ethan.... I have to change my mind...I still really like her...but I don't like that she is trying to get Ethan voted off!!!!

I don't know who my second pick is now...maybe the older Kim....she seems like a pretty nice person.
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and in unrelated news, it looks like Lexs wife is as big a fan of tattoos as he is.
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If Theresa doesn't win immunity next week, then she's next.
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Can you believe that ...... KimJ is a two-faced :witch: I was sure Lex was going to be gone, but he's not Hubby's guessing that it's going to come down to the 3 guys.
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C'mon you guys! Let the cat out of the bag! I have another half hour or so before it even comes on here, and I WANNA' KNOW NOW!!! *Jin stomps her feet & throws a little tantrum*
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LOL! Thank you AP!
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I was sure he was going to be feeding the wild dogs off the side of that balloon! I was sure Lex was going to get voted off, but trust Kim to do the wrong thing. Also thought Brandon looked wierd in his get-up and the tribe was trying not to laugh at his skirt or sarong, or whatever that was. Bet Teresa will be the next one off as well.
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It seems as if old tribal lines are still going strong with some people...Teresa and Kim P were the only ones left from Samburu so its seems apparent to me that Boran is picking off Samburu before turning on each other. A stupid move on Kim J's part as she doesn't stand a chance anymore. Maybe if she'd gone with Teresa's idea of a womens alliance she'd have been better off. Teresa is definitely next to go, which is good, because I don't like her much anymore.
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Kim J has to talk Ethan & Tom into voting against Lex soon. With next weeks preview it looks like he is turning against Ethan! I think Lex knows if it comes down to him and Ethan, then Ethan will win hands down.
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