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coat colors in cat pages

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I know you cannot put all coat colors, anyway I think maybe you could add a couple more - for instance, smokes & shaded.
Then... by gray tabby do you mean blue tabby or silver tabby?

Thank you, this site is extraordinary - and I've visited hundreds of sites on cats! Could never find what I was looking for until I got here.

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Yes, it wasn't easy to choose the cat coat colors categories I guess lots of combinations are missing, like lynx (tabby colorpoint) or the shaded and smokes. I thought that as the shaded and smoked come in certain colors and patterns (e.g smoked blue tabby etc.), they might confuse more than help.

The thing is most cat owners don't really know the more professional terms. I know that people sometimes use the blue and sometimes the gray to describe the same coat color (which is really blue in cat shows lingo). I guess gray tabby would be a silver tabby - it's meant to be the common tabby that most cat owners call gray tabby.

It's not really in cat shows standards, just meant to help pepole find cats by general descriptions really.

I'm glad you like the site - thanks for joining!

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