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Message from Steph (dawnofsierra)

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She is now without power due to the storm that is hitting her. She is not sure when she will be online, so I just thought I would let her cyber buds know if she stays missing that is why-
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oh no... Stephanie and miss Sierra are in my thoughts and prayers.... TY for letting us know MA.
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Oh gosh thanks for telling us, will keep an eye on weather channel and send good vibes.
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oh boy, hope it is a short outage, and that Sierra and she stay warm!
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Thank you for telling us, for I worry when I don't see Stephanie and Sierra posting.
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ahh, thanks for tellin us..

hope she is back soon!
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Thanks for letting us know!

I hope Stephanie gets her power back soon and storm eases!
Sending good weather }}}VIBES{{{
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Sending get that power back soon vibes for Steph and Sierra. Thanks for letting us all know MA. I am like the rest and would worry if I didn't see her on here.
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Thank you, MA, that was so sweet of you to let everyone know where I was! Thank you, Sandra, Cathi, Marge, Pat, Bobbie, Summer and Sarah for your wonderful thoughts of us!
It sure turned into a long night! The power was out all evening due to frozen power lines and high winds. It came back on around 11 for not quite 5 minutes, long enough for me to make to my pm box, and then went out again! It has finally come back on now! What a great night for it to be out, too, seeing that it was in the 20's!Sierra and I snuggled in blankets and quilts all night! She didn't want anything to do with her food because she prefers it warm, so we both send our thanks to MA for her innovative idea to heat her food in a saucer sitting in a plate over a candle! How briliant is that!
It's really amazing what we take for granted. Even with the power out, I still habitually turned on the light switch when I walked in the room! Sierra wasn't sure what to think of the situation and had alot to say about it! Sure was nice snuggling up, though! Well, this morning, we're both thankful for heat and electricity! Hope everyone else is nice and warm!
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Well I can't sleep, so I'm reading this. Enjoy the extra cuddling with Sierra and I hope it doesn't happen again. Stay warm.
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Well, thank you! Sure hope you're nice and warm also!Thank you, again, for helping me get my computer running so much faster!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Well, thank you! Sure hope you're nice and warm also!Thank you, again, for helping me get my computer running so much faster!
You're welcome Stephanie! I'm really glad I could help.
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I'm glad everything's okay and that you have electricity again! Brrr... stay warm and safe!
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You too, Ari, thank you!
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Aww sorry to hear you had to go through that. It's totally amazing when the power goes out how "lost" we are......and cold!! BRRRRRRR Glad it's back on Steph!!
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Hey Steph and Sierra glad to see you guys made it through a long and cold night. Thank goodness for nice blankets and quilts huh? Stay warm you two
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Thank you, Susie, yes, we sure are glad, too!

Yes, Cathi, thank goodness! It's so nice to snuggle up in a warm quilt, isn't it!
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Oh No! I hate losing power especially in the winter. This happened last week to my parents and grandma last week. They were out three days I think. Gram ran out of firewood and didn't tell anyone
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Three days? That's just awful, Chris! Your poor Gram, oh she must have been freezing!
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Phew, Steph, sounds like you had quite a night last night! Glad that you're ok this morning my friend!
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Thank goodness your powers back on Stephanie!

I hate the cold
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im glad youre back and that nothing happened bad during the storm
it is freezing right here in frankfurt at the moment. where i live which is further up north its all nice and sunny
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It sure helps to snuggle with one's cat when there is no heat...I had to when you said that Sierra had a lot to say about the lack of power and heat!

What a memory this gave me of an experience with Michaela<RB>, and our time up in the Rockies, in a house with no heat but a woodstove...that didn't give any heat to the attic room (where our window was stuck open the night it began to snow for the first time that year....) BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
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I am so glad she ate! I was worried when you told me she was refusing her food. Nice to see you back here again.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Thank you, Susie, yes, we sure are glad, too!

Yes, Cathi, thank goodness! It's so nice to snuggle up in a warm quilt, isn't it!
So glad everything is OK now, Sierra. I have been lurking here, knowing that this was caused by my Dad, but embarrassed to tell you.

You see, the storm that caused you and your Mom, our beachside friend Stephanie, your power failure, was caused by my Dad, when he sent that big storm over to the East Coast from the Gulf Coast, where it hit us a couple of days ago. We lost power too, in the middle of the night. And it was dark dark. It was scary! And these human people think that we can see in the dark -- not in the dark dark, can we?

Anyway, this happens so often here on our Texas beach that Dad installed a generator down in the garage, so we got some power back in an hour or so. (Mom was gone off quilting on a sleepover with some of her buddies, and Dad sleeps so soundly with his hearing aids out, that he didn't even hear the thunder. I had to jump on him a couple of times to get him up and tell him I couldn't find my food dish).

I'm sorry my Dad caused this problem for you and your Mom. Maybe you need to cuddle up with Stephanie and ask her to get you a generator.

All the very best, from our beach to yours.

BTW - I had Dad hook on one of my latest photos for you. Sometimes you have to put these people in their place. Occasionally they get real uppity.

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Hey hey hey JB!!
I think some of that storm split off and came north. We had a huge ice storm yesterday up here. We had no power for awhile.

Steph: thnx for the PM hunny - was worried a bit - and now you can spend some time w/your parents. Sierra is turning into a most excellent and sophisticated traveler!
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Stephanie, I am most pleased to hear that you and Sierra are safe!
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Thank you guys, from both of us! Hope everyone is staying warm!
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I am glad you are back here!! How is Sierra today?
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