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Chronic sneezing

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Okay folks, here I am again

Danielle seems to have good and bad days sneezing. Today is a REALLY bad day, she just can't stop.

Last week I thought it was a cold, and mentioned it to the vet, who said she did not have a cold.

Now I can only assume it is something in my house, or an allergy.

Is there anything I can do for her? I don't want her on meds, she has enough of that going on right now.

The sneezing is so bad tonight, I can't get her to eat. I suspect it is because she both doesn't feel great, and can't SMELL the food.

Any advice? Greatly appreciated.

Luv you guys.,
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There is alot of that going around. I just took Faberge to the vet and she's got an upper respiratory infection (kitty cold). Her nosed is pretty stuffy and she also has that chronic sneeze (10-12 sneezes at a time, sounds painful). The vet put her on Cefa drops. He also told me to take her into the bathroom and close the door when I take a shower. The steam will help clear up the congestion.

One suggestion I might make regarding Danielle not eating. Try nuking her wet food for 20-30 seconds before feeding it to her. Make sure it's not too hot. This will help her smell it. The reason she's not eating is because she can't smell anything. You also might want to try doing the "bathroom" thing that my vet suggested. It might just help her breathe a little easier.

Good luck.

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Well, if she does not have a cold, then yes it may be an allergy to something. If she just started, try and think back and see if there's been any change. Laundry soap,open windows, new cleaners etc.
With cats in shelters, a lot of times what happens is when they are taken out of not so nice living conditions and given all the good things in life, thier immune systems get a little suppressed. They usually get sick within a month and the once they are over it all, they are just fine. If she wont go into the bathroom with the running water, you might want to try the "little noses" for children. It clears any congestion.
That poor girl, I hope you guys get through this with flying colors!
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Thanks Sandie and Donna...

Poor Danielle has been through so much medically in the month she has been with us.......
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