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Bad Day,,Yuck!

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I am at the college campus today, and shortly after I posted earlier about my finance probs, I realized that I only had about 12 mins before my next class started so I began to gather my things to go, and realized I had lost my purse!!! Every woman knows (unfortunately) how bad it sucks to lose something so important. I remembered that I must have left it in my previously class, (which is btw, ACROSS CAMPUS!) So I decide to make a run for it and go see if it is still there then run back to my class that is about to start,, so I hightail it over there, run up 3 flights of stairs, and it isnt in the room. I didnt have time to check in lost and found (dont even know if this exists?) And the professor that teaches my next class is a stickler about punctuality. So I run back down the 3 flights of stairs and out of the building and as I am running out I trip and fall down 4 stairs and twist my ankle!!! OWWW!! AND, I only have 4 mins to get back to my class. It hurts horrendoulsy to put any pressure on it so I hobble as quickly as possible to try and make it. As the prof. is explaining how being late is irresponsible and careless.....TaaDaa!..*enter Stevie*! (This is one of the professors that I am trying to build good repoir with for my grad school recommendation!) Sheesh! SO ontop of losing my purse,the embarassment of falling in public, twisting my ankle, and getting a hole in my fave jeans, I have now perturbed the prof. of which part of my grad school acceptance depends on!!! So guys, how was your day? LOL!! Just had to vent. Thanks for letting me!!!
PS-After that class I hobbled back to the first building and went to my prev. professors office, and thankfully,, she had my purse.
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Dang you've had a horrible day! Hopefully it will be on the upswing from this point forth. This is a great place to vent, ain't it!!!

My day is going great so far, every day is going great, since I got rid of that dang fever. I missed the holidays & New Year's Eve so I'm living it up now, man!

-- Stephanie
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Oh man! That IS a bad day!!! Take care of that ankle.

Yesterday was a very bad day for me, but today hasn't been bad. Except that I have that "annual" exam at the doctor's in about 45 minutes. YUK!
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ewwwww, i have definitely had days like that. I hope things get better for you soon!

Hey at least your purse was safe and sound
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Sorry you're having such a bad day! I always found that the perturbed professor calms down once you've told him the stairs and the ankle were so you didn't miss his class.

Thankfully, you don't have to go thru the hassle of reporting everything in your purse missing!
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hehe i did something like that.... except i only had seconds to get back into class. i forgot something and i had to run to the supermarket so a teacher opened ourclassroom door and i just chucked in my school back and ran 2 flights of stairs down and TWISTING my ankle, run down another flight of stairs then into the supermarket, in my jumper... if my teacher saw me with out a blazer i would have gotten detention then i had to run back up.. well my teacher did look at me funny as i was 10 mins late and my things were already in the room and he saw me with the safeway bag.. he didnt mention anything

did you end up finiding your purse though??
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school bag....
gosh i did some really bad mistakes there.....
dont mind my spelling tonight
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