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Message To Those Who Are Grieving

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Hello, my name is Sadira and I am a Rainbow Bridge Ambassador, Status 2 now. I was called for duty here at The Rainbow Bridge when my beloved, Gaye, was forced to perform the most self-less act she could by taking away my pain and suffering and making it her own. I had been quite sick for many years and so even today, she still carries my suffering with her each and every day.

When we are called for Bridge Duty, come we all must. Some of us are ready, having reached our golden years or after suffering a lengthy illness. Others are called on a spur of the moment and do not have proper time to prepare. But when the call to duty comes, we ALL must obey. You see, we all have very special and important tasks we must perform, both while in our Earthy forms as well as when we reach the Bridge. Since my own Earthy task had been completed, it was decided that the time was right for us to tell you a little more about what happens to us when we cross the Bridge. I was chosen to bring you this message of hope and I am honored to help ease your grief.

First, let me tell you all a little about this place. It is magnificant; with warm, sunny weather all of the time and there is never a shortage of good food and treats and there is ALWAYS something fun to do. There are endless green fields for us to run about and lovely babbling streams of fresh, cool water for our thirst. There is only one thing missing ... YOU.

When we are first called for Bridge Duty and we are forced to leave our beloveds to cross the Bridge, we know we leave behind those who cared deeply for us. However, we also know something you do not - we know we will be reunited with our loved ones again and oh how we wait for that joyous day!

One of the most important and coveted jobs at the Bridge is that of Escort. When an animal on Earth is called for duty, it is the responsibility of the Escort to go to them and bring them back here to the Bridge. Let me tell you a little about how that happens ...

The day dawns bright and clear with beautiful rainbow-colored clouds and a warm, gentle breeze. We lovingly preen our golden wings and make ourselves ready for the descent to Earth. As I have already explained, most of the animals we are sent to escort are ready to come with us and know peace upon seeing us. But, the ones who are called suddenly are often frightened and confused and don't know what to expect when I appear to them. I whisper gentle thoughts of peace and encouragement to them and I can feel their fears slipping away. I wrap them in the softness of my love and we begin to slowly rise together over the clouds and beyond. They all have in the place that was their heart a beautiful knot of rainbow-colored ribbons which flutter in the breeze behind them as we ascend. When I was first assigned to Escort Duty, I asked what the ribbons were for and I was told that each ribbon holds many special and loving memories of loved ones left behind. There is also one very special golden ribbon, made of the finest filament which forever connects us to that one special beloved companion we left behind. It flows from our hearts directly to the heart of that person and forever we are bonded, heart to heart.

It is during Escort duty that we are allowed a fleeting moment to follow our own Heart Ribbons back to our beloved and for a very short time, we can once again feel the warmth of their loving touch through our hearts.

We all wanted you to know how much we love you and miss you. We also wanted you to know that we must be patient and that time will once again allow us to be together. We wait for that joyous day with pleasure because we know it will be such a happy one!

Until our day to be reunited comes we are only a heartbeat away.

We wish you peace and healing until we can curl up in your loving embrace once more.

Yours from the heart,


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That is so Beautiful , I'm speechless and also hopeful for all of those who this may help
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I am not greiving over a kitty, but today it has been 3 years since my grandfather died...'tis very hard to try not cry..
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Thank you.

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Gaye, that travels beyond tenderness, compassion and deep and inspired thought-

Thank you
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I'm beyond speechless - that is magnificent.
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Oh Sadira, I´m proud to belong to TCS! Thank you for share this...
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Thank you - this is very special.
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that is beautiful! thankyou so much!
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THat brought tears to my eyes and love to my heart. Thanks.
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Thank you for this. Just beautiful.
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Beautiful, Thank you.
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Oh, this is so touching and so healing. What a comfort! Thank you, dear one!
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vary nice
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