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Brat Camp

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Another reality show hit the wavelengths last night on the Family channel. A group of out of control British teenagers are flown to Utah to attend wilderness camp. They are stripped of their dreadlocks, piercings, and personal possessions and placed out in the wilderness where they will either graduate, or stay till they do.

It was interesting to see some of the transformations last night, when their street clothes were taken away and they were left instead with warm outdoor clothing and provisions. But I wonder why they had to go clear to England to find these kids? I am sure America is stocked full of teenagers whose parents believe they are out of control-
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I saw the commercial for that, but I didn't watch it. I was wondering the same thing though--why did they have to ship in Brit brats. I'm SURE we've got our own. I know I've been hearing for about a year now, though, about a camp, in New Mexico maybe? I'm not sure. Anyway, the place was shut down and it's been really controversial--some people are saying the kids were abused, some people saying it was the best thing that ever happened to their kids. But maybe there was too much of a backlash against these sorts of places in this country to use American kids.
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:P because british people are exotic *LOL*
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
:P because british people are exotic *LOL*

Yeah, well, there's that.
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Oh and that very same one was on here a few months ago, and brats is an understatement at the way they speak to not only their parents but the camp leaders as well!

But i agree there was plenty places that they could have taken them to here such as Dartmoor!!.

I had to stop watching in the end because it really churned me up inside at the way they went on BRATS

Brits are exotic? whats that?

I think they were sent there because we don't have boot camps over here, only comfortable rooms with 3 meals a day, t.v, pool table , playstation2 etc. etc.so they wanted a short sharp shock and they got it
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They do those camps for American kids all the time. Must've been the angle they wanted.
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