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Make a member feel good today thread: todays member HISSY !

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Ok members, I'd like to start something new today. We have a thread about "saying something nice about the member in front of you" and the "member spotlight of the week", but I'd like to start a daily thread for awhile where we take one member, maybe someone we know needs uplifting, and take the time to tell them how much we appreciate them,things we'd love to tell them, but don't often have the chance to do, you know?. Since I'm starting it, I'll pick today's recipient, then tomorrow she can pick tomorrow's recipent, ok? In that case, to get the ball rolling, my choice, as the title implies, is

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Yea! Mary Ann is the best! Gosh girl you sem to always be here when we need you! Even with so much going on in your own life you always take time to advise, educate, comfort, or just listen. Thank you for everything you have done for all of us and our families, furry and otherwise!
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MA has to be one of the most thoughtful, caring and comforting people I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know. In every post there's something meaningful or informative, her advice is sound and her words carefully chosen - always good in delicate situations! NO matter what is going on in her life Mary Anne has always got time to come and pay a call on us little people for which we're all very grateful! She's a true wonder to have around. God bless you girlie!
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Mary Anne, what can I say? I'm honored to be able to call you my friend.
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Mary Ann hang in there with all You have going on. Take care of Mike and yourself
THANKS for all the support, advice, and if I can help in any way just let me know.
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MA - you have so much insight and are quick at putting things in perspective. We all rely on your expert advice and thoughtful comments. What would TCS do without you? Have a blessed day.
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MA is the best Advisor, Tender and Good Friend with the New Members & her colleagues! I´m so glad to meet her!
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I have been impressed by the scope of MA's knowledge and that fact that she takes time out of a very busy life to share her info here for the whole world to see. I have learned quite a bit from her in the few months I've been reading this board and look forward to her posts. Thanks, Hissy, you help more people than you know
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MaryAnn has the magic touch! When I need sound advice, she's one of the first people I listen to. And, as many of us do, she is one of the experts I quote here.

MaryAnn, we all wish we could say more than just THANK YOU!
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Great idea for a thread!

Hissy you're so helpful - whenever I'm freaking out, you know exactly what's going on and how to solve it, either that or who DOES know to help me... I'm so appreciative!
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Hissy - The amount of knowledge you have and are willing to share sometimes just about bowls me over. Thanks for sharing so much.
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MA, you are one in a million!
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MA is an accomplished writer, and she enjoyed The Happy Hollister books as a child, as I did!
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What a great thread!

MA, even with all you have in your own life, you keep this place running smoothly. You know so much about cats and have given me, and I know a lot of us, great advice when we are stressing about our kitties. But besides all of that, you have a terrific sense of humor, and are a warm and welcoming presence here. Thank you for being you.
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Mary Anne, you have one of the kindest, most giving hearts of anyone I've ever met, whether in real life or on the net. You're always so willing to share with others, be it knowledge about cats here on TCS or prayers or whatever someone needs, you're a one in a million, and like someone before me said, I'm proud to call you my friend!
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MA- is very kind and helps others!! she also knows alot about cats! congrats Mary Anne your the best!!
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MA, it is so wonderful that you are so generous with your time and share your vast knowledege with us! You always give just the right advice to those who need it. Many, many thanks from me and my kitties!
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Mary Anne, you were the one who told me that i did a good job in bringing Rosie and Sophie together and that meant a lot to me!
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When I was approached about feral kittens that needed help, I searched the web for information as I had never dealt with ferals. I found this site which gave me the courage and knowledge to go ahead. Thanks to your advice, both directly to me, or when you were speaking to others, I was able to trap and socialize three beautiful kittens who are now thriving in their new homes! I'm forever grateful!

Just so you know what a difference you made, I'm posting a couple of pics (forgive me if you've seen them before).

This is a picture of Briar the very night I trapped him...a more scared kitten I've never seen! And, no, I didn't keep him in the cage, it was just so he could chill for a bit, and I could frontline him...the fleas were terrible! :

And here he is later, after I employed all of your advice. Not the "prettiest" picture of him, but one that shows his new found love of humans:

So, I thank you, and Scout, Buttercup, and Briar thank you!
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Times are rough, but amazing MA never asked for more than a moment to vent- something that the rest of us do regulrly, lol! You're an amazing woman under fire, MA, and your love for the WELFARE of all animals is boundless and unequalled. Thank you for teaching us so much, and for helping us look past their cute faces and into their soul! you truly are the messenger of the cats (and dogs, and horses, and raccoons, and chickens.....)
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MA, it seems that no matter what is going on in your life, you always take the time to help everyone here at TCS out, whatever the question you are asked. It takes a very special soul to do that, you are a very very inspiring person~
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Five words to MA:


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Thanks guys, really. But if the truth be known, ALL of you give back daily more than I could ever equal. Just by being here and sharing your stories and asking questions. You encourage me to share what I know, and find out questions just to satisfy my own curiousity. All of you are great~
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Originally Posted by hissy
Thanks guys, really. But if the truth be known, ALL of you give back daily more than I could ever equal. Just by being here and sharing your stories and asking questions. You encourage me to share what I know, and find out questions just to satisfy my own curiousity. All of you are great~
Only a true selfless person would be able to see all the good everyone else does above her own good You truely are an inspiration to many, you may not see, or understand, but you are.
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I am repeating this since some things ARE worth repeating. I've revised it to fit this thread.

When we didn't want to face things that happened we went on living as we normally did so that we didn't have to face the truth. I think many of us have had close calls or a "wake-up call". (Sometimes I think God likes to give us a strong jolt to wake us up rather than make us sleep forever, if you know what I mean?)

You, MA, have been there to defuse our situations through your wisdom, heart, and words. You are strong and caring and very loved and respected. By your words you toughen us up and tell us to "Do with what you have to help with what you can." You give a softer side approach, to us people with no faces, that willingly accept your words of support, wisdom, and love and mix it with our own experience, to fix the problem we're going through.

You show us your true colors. My therapist has told me that you judge a person best by how he/she acts under pressure. Just look how you pulled us through the countless times you have!!!!

Once you said you were humbled to be among us....well MA, we simply allow you to bring out who you are by asking for your help. Seems to me we're the ones who are truly humbled by your friendship, love, and wisdom (from which you received from your Mom). Simply put......thank you with love.
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I haven't been part of the forum for very long this and last time I wasn't around much but when I was hanging out in the forum I saw how great Mary Anne was. She makes everyone feel welcome here, she's given great advice and comfort to those who are in need. Mary Anne you sound so terrific I can't wait to get to know you better.
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I am still relatively new to this group as well, but from the very beginning one name stood out over and over again - Hissy - and each and every one of her posts showed wisdom, compassion, humanity, diplomacy, and an all-encompassing love for cats. Thank you:-).

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although i dont know you too well on a personal level because we really havent talked one on one... i think that your a great person! you have some very interesting and useful insight on things. I thank you for all the wonderful comments on all these threads.. and, it is a pleasure to know you!!
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I could never tell you enough, Mary Anne, you must be the most loving, gentle, kind, tenderhearted, generous woman I've ever had the pleasure to know. You have so much love to give, and you come running at the first sign of any being in need to scoop them up in your arms and take them under your wing to privide the love they may have never known and the life they so much deserve. You're warm and caring and always seek to bring comfort to anyone in pain and advice to all in need. I could go on and on...
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As a new member I haven't had the chance to really get to know anyone very well....yet; but I do know that when I was frantically looking for advice regarding my 3 day old kittens Hissy was first on the scene to offer valuable advice. Thank you darlin! You're a life saver, literally!
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