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New to TCS - Nicole & Charlie

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I was looking for consumer feedback on cat food & stumbled upon this site. I'm glad I did! Everyone's been so nice & informative.

My baby is Charlie, he'll be 11 in March!!! Though you can't tell, he's very healthy and my two year old border collie mix has kept him even younger! He's always maintained about 10 lbs and then after we got the puppy he went down to 8 lbs, I freaked out and the vet asked me, "How has his activity level been since you got the puppy?" ooohhhh..... well, they constantly play and wrestle at least once a day!!! Unfortuneatly, because of his weight loss I thought he needed to be on a different food, I had him on Iams, now I have him on Nutro, a long time ago I had him on Science Diet, but found out they use BHA & BHT!!! How ANY company could use such known harmful perservative for animals & say they are the best is beyond me!!! I think Nutro is a good brand, but I think there's something better out there for Charlie. Since being on Nutro his stools have been somewhat runny and he's been throwing up about once a week. Through the helpful information I've already received on this site (in one day!) I'm thinking I will be changing his food to California Natural.

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Aw Welcome to TCS! Charlie is gorgeous!
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Wow....Charlie is gorgeous...and I would have guessed he was 2.

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Awesome kitty you got there!
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Charlie and Nicole!So glad you joined us and really look forward to getting to know you better!Charlie, you're such a gorgeous little boy! My sweet baby girl said she'd like to get together and chat with you sometime over a bowl of yummy California Natural! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Welcome!! i can't beleave your cat is 11!! thats cool! hope you love this site as much as i do!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Thanks everyone! I think he's just has handsome a cat I've ever seen! But, I'm biased! I went to the petstore today to get California Natural, but they were out. She gave me some samples though. I hope he likes it!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Welcome to TCS. This site is a goldmine of information and advice, I'm glad I found it.
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did Charlie like the food samples you were given? I so hope he did!!!

so glad you joined us and I am sure your going to feel right at home here!!!
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Hello, welcome to the site
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Hi Nicole! Glad you & Charlie found us! I know you'll get lots of great feedback & comraderie (sp?) here! BTW.. I am unable to see the handsome Charlie's picture I doing something wrong, or are there other pics posted elsewhere??? I wanna see that beautiful guy !
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Welcome to TCS
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Charlie did enjoy the samples of CN. In fact, he followed me around for days thanking me! I went back Friday & they had gotten some in so I bought an 8 pound bag. He hasn't thrown up any this week. And his stools seem to be less oderious!!! Thank God!!!

Jody - I'm not sure why you can't view the photo of Charlie... I wanted to show someone at work the picture of Charlie, but I couldn't pull it up because certain sites are restricted at work & I have Charlie's pictures linked from Yahoo Photos.

Thanks, Nicole
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well, phooey! all i see are the red x's!
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Welcome to TCS I can't see the pictures unfortunately...(don't know why)...but I look forward to seeing more of you guys.
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Hi Nicole, welcome to TCS! Please fix the pic of Charlie, I couldn't see anything! My kittens are on Nutro too, it's soo far the best we have locally.
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