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My favorite Franz face!

Though not really just a face, I love Maddie's expression in this one, she looks so confident!
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Wow, we have a lot of beautiful faces!!!
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We have a lot of great faces!! !!
I love Mouse's pic
Maddie's got a great face. I think I would count it as a face pic, just because the face is what grabs your eyes first
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Originally Posted by MyRage
I love Mouse's pic

just uploaded a couple of really close ups of Cable - look at these!

i just love her little pink nose, rimmed in black! i hope those black spots on her nose keep clearing up - she's so much prettier w/o them! i found out she was allergic to the plastic dish she was getting her wet food in.
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So many beautiful faces, & so many gorgeous eyes to look into. Cat lovers paradise!!! I am impatient to get a digital camera! I can tell you that my Miles looks alot like Mom of Franz's Franz, and that my Jesabel looks very much like Diane's Stormy . I'm certainly enjoying seeing all the pics- hope you'll soon be able to see mine!!!
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