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I didn't get the bank job. I recieved an e-mail telling me that (couldn't they have at least picked up the phone?)

So right after that I hit the newspapers website and looked at jobs. Vector Marketing was looking for college students for sales. I called and got an interview at 4:30 (it was about 2:45). I got ready and went (didn't have time to ask for vibes) and well...I got the job. It isn't a job job. But it is something to get me money, and give me experience.

This is basically what I do;
I am selling Cutco Cutlery, they are very good knives among a few other products. We (there were two of us) had a demonstration of some of the knives (I got to cut through rope and leather). I work when I want, as long as I want. I get paid $12 per appointment I go to. This is a lot like Pampered Chef or any of the others, but it is one on one and not parties. I make an appointment, go do a demonstration at their house (I do NOT go door to door, people who are qualified by the company make appointments for us to go visit them) and then they decide if they want to buy (no pressure), then I ask them to give me two names of people they think that would like these products, and they call them to make sure that it is okay for me to call later and make an appointment.

So, I go start training next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Since I can work whenever I want, I can get another part time job (I found one for a receptionist for every other weekend) or go to school.

So, I kind of got a job!
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Sorry to hear you didn't get the bank job Meagan but congrats on the other one!
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Well Meagan, it's some kind of money hopefully till the job you really want comes in........congrats! Let us know how it goes!
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Atleast you got a job. Congrats!!!!
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Hey, some bucks coming in to tide you over while you look for the perfect job! Maybe not perfect, but it does take some of the pressure off. Congratulations!!
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Congrats Meagan!
Even a job that isn't a job will help out
Have fun and let us know how it is
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Congrats on the job sorry the bank job didn't pan out
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Aw... shame about the bank job, but at least you're on your way with a new one! Good luck - I'm sure a fabulous one will come along soon!
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Good luck! As the others have said - the main thing is to have some money coming in, while you look around for something that really suits you.
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Sending good vibes for your new job Meagan!!!!
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Meagan....I'm a firm believer in "things happen for a reason" so even though the bank job didn't turn out as you had hoped.....you have to hang in there and realize that this other job may just open up something entirely different for you that you hadn't expected. It's funny how our lives wind down so many different paths....but often those paths lead us right to where we want to be.

Keep your chin up!
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Fantastic, Meagan, this sounds perfect!I really agree, everything happens for a reason! Please let us know what you think of it!
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Congrats Meagan!!
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