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Hey, some of you may remeber i wrote 2 months ago about changing my cat Pumpkin's litter from regular clumping to the natural pine type. He had a recurring upper resp infection. He came home from the shelter with one in early Aug. it was treated with antibiotics. He got another one 2 mos. later in early Oct. again treated with antibiotics. As I was transitioning him off the clumping litter to the pine, he started to sneeze again.
I immediately switched him completely over to the pine. the sneezing cleared up in about 2 days. He's been sneeze free for 3 months now. just my two cents on the subject.
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That's great news!!
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Do you know you've got me wondering. I suffer from (usually mild) asthma which has been worse recently. We had to use a different brand over Christmas because they'd run out of the usual. Now I know that I don't usually climb in and start digging about, but 99 times out of 100, it's me that cleans it out. I wonder ....
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