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Yeah, Teufel has stopped eating the wet food of wiskas. i have bought some sheba but he will only eat out of my hand which is starting to get frustrating.
He only likes the kitten dry food and some of the treats.
There is also another brand called Vitalkraft that have yummy treats like milk drops and this other thing which im considering to buy.
He goes crazy over schinken.
Last night he was so put off his cat food that he started to eat my pizza.
He goes to the toilet regulary, but i am just getting worried about him eating.
I bought adult dry food from lidl, but my friend who is a nurse at a veterenary told me it wasnt good to feed it because he is still little.
He only eats out of it when he doesnt want his Wiskas.

I have an account on petsmart.de and i guess i will just have to order his food from there form now on.
i have a bag of NUTRIENCE that the pet store advised me, thats the best cat food they have appart from hills as i can see and it costs a fair bit. just like Iams and grau.
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Nutrience is fine. Another German brand of canned food that he might like is Animonda Carny, though all the flavors contain beef, which doesn't agree with all cats. Miamor canned food isn't bad, either.
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Fwan, best of luck as you begin this new chapter in your life. We look forward to hearing from you after you're settled (and have internet!!).
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Best of luck with the shift Fwan and see you back soon!
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OKay I am leaving now! see you all soon
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Good Luck with the move Fran! Don't forget to give me your new address!!

See you soon!
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