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Daily Thread for Tuesday Jan. 4, 2005

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I haven't seen one of these in a very long time, so thought maybe I would restart one now. It is a bright crisp day here, our first real freeze. 22 degrees at 7:23 a.m. I have been out to release the horses from the barn, but they weren't real keen to go out. I chipped away at their water buckets as the water had froze. The large trough is fine, there is a heater in that. I fed them and grained them, apologized for not staying and scurried into the house. On the way I fed the barn cats, and Cleo slept on the big bed on the porch last night, he got some warmed up cat food (nuked in the microwave).

Then I let Prowler and Gyspy out into the rest of the house, blocked the door to the outside world and am now being assaulted by Prowler as she makes her presence known by leaping all over my desk and trying to shut-down my computer! Gypsy is looking on somewhat amused from her vantage point on the couch.

I have to get started on an article about Indestructible Dog Toys, is there such an animal? And also check in with Anne to see what is on her agenda. It's cold enough, I will forgo the drive to town this morning for my morning perk- espresso coffee from Buzz'd-

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day-
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I'm in S. Fla. so no freezes here! I woke up in the middle of the night last night to find Simon sleeping right next to my head. (He never does that). We had been out, so I basically came home and went to bed. Simon didn't get his mamma time, so I think he was feeling neglected. I made sure to give him some good scritches before I went back to sleep.

I started my exercise routine again this morning after a Christmas break. I was so winded it was ridiculous. It's amazing how quickly your body gets used to not doing anything!

Last night we got the first official gift for the baby. (I'm not due until July). It was an entire set of stuff with little duckies all over it. Too cute.

Today, I'm at work and on TCS when I should be working!!
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brr hissy! I can't believe it's been in the 60s/70s here in pittsburgh the past couple days.. Of course today it's to drop to 50ish but I don't have a problem with that at all.. I think you will be sending your cold air here soon though..

I'm at work and boy we were slammed this morning! But now we're pretty dead. It's subway sale day so I'll probably get a sub for lunch.

My cat followed me around at my heels for a half hour last night something he hasn't done since he showed up at my porch almost 2 years ago so I was quite shocked and very pleased. He even visited me when I was getting ready for work this morning. Unfortunately I'm not staying there tonite so I won't see him again until weds night and he'll probably hate me again by then. but someone takes care of him so don't worry

But now I have a phne call to tend to so gotta go..
My day so far is very tiring.. how's everyone else?
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It's going to be a high of 78 today It just snowed 2 weeks ago for Pete's sake!!!! That's Houston weather for you though!

Been back to work about a day now so I am swamped with work still from taking a 2 week vacation!! What a vacation--we had a blast! Well, I am going to get back to it so I can have some time on here later! Have a great day everyone!
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Rainy and highs in the 50s (last I heard) and more rain on the way. A week ago we had two feet of snow on the ground and the current warrm up started.

Going to be a pretty quiet day until this afternoon when I take Mom in for a doctor's appointment that was cancelled last week.

Wish me luck. While visiting niece this past weekend, she scanned some photos of Jasper for me. I hope to get them to photobucket today and try to post them.
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Warm here in Texas,, the kind of weather that you wear shorts in!! Yesterday we actually used our air conditioner!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Sanctie
Warm here in Texas,, the kind of weather that you wear shorts in!! Yesterday we actually used our air conditioner!!!!!!
What part of Texas are you in? I'm in Houston! It's been horrible--I had 2 fans on and the ac on last night--I hate it like this in January!
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It's around 40 degrees here. I have traded my snow shovel in for a bucket and a boat as we are having a major flood right now. 2 feet of snow melting and 3 inches of rain so far is more than the rivers can handle right now. Luckily, I won't be affected by the water since I live in town. It is supposed to freeze again next week so I guess we can all go ice skating.

A somewhat eventful morning made me glad that my kids went back to school today. Sam has no whiskers. Or rather, they are around an inch long. After a long discussion early this morning about scissor use and the purpose of cat whiskers in general, they (the boys, not the cats) are now grounded until I decide different.

I really need to pick the house up today sometime. That's about all the plans I have for today. Oh, and fajitas for dinner
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It is 66 degrees right now, yuck. It is winter, sheesh!
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Beautiful sunny day in Vancouver. Chilly for us -- hovering around freezing -- but thankfully no threat of precip of any kind.

Mostly pretty uneventful. Second day back to work after two weeks off, Cindy gave me a hard time last night, but was her lovey self again this morning.

Pot roast chuckling away to itself in the slow cooker for dinner. Haven't done that for a while. Should be a nice warming, stick to the ribs meal.

And lunch hour is almost over...
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I have no idea how many degrees it is here but it is definetely under 10 celcius.
I woke up with a nice clear blue sky. Got pulled out of bed and went to the supermarkets. then i came home did some cleaning and packing and then i was off to the vets.
AS soon as i put the cat in the carried her had already started "meowi meow meow" as in are we there yet! my boyfriend got really frustrated with the meows. He only stopped when he came out of the carrier an started again as soon as he went back in!
Now he is asleep as he has had his second vaccination.

He only weighs two and half kilos! he looks very skinny but my vet loves him because he doesnt react to the needle he just lets out this very little meow.

then i came home and had carrot sticks for dinner
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For all of you in the big thaw....

It's SNOWING here!

Started snowing around 8:00 this morning and we are supposed to have 8-12" by tomorrow morning. And it is COLD too...the temp has been falling all day, and they say we're supposed to be at around 19 F by 4:00, and zero for an overnight low. Sounds like a good night for kitty snuggles!

Not a whole lot going on, besides actual work. Just waiting 'til I can go home and hoping the snow and icy roads aren't too bad by then.
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It snowed last night and today. I stayed home from work, my shift wouldn't be starting for an hour and a half, but I just rolled out of bed.

I don't know how cold it is, but it's not below zero. Mystyc wouldn't want out if it was. I hate letting her out when it is cold, but she insisted. She wasn't out long though.

I should be doing a lot of stuff today, but I think I might upload some MyRage pics into photobucket today, download some stuff for my Sims 2, and maybe play some gameboy... Um, yeah, I am out of highschool

What ever anyone else has planned, if it's snowing or not, stay safe, and have fun.
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Took Rocket to update his shots today and found out he has really infected gums. The vet gave me some antibiotics to give him for the next week and then he's going in for a teeth cleaning. I'm so worried! Poor Rocket! His teeth were bleeding they were so infected!!! I felt so horrible! I feel like a horrible mom to him, like I've let him down! Brad says everything will be ok, and deep in my heart I think it will, but I just was horrified seeing his little mouth so sore and bleeding like that. My poor baby!!!!! When we got home he got some kitty milk and scritches! now he's wandering around and I still feel horrible!
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Barb, I hope your Rocket is ok and will heal very quickly.

As for us, I woke up with no fever, finally, after having one at 101. I was in major meltdown. Why do women have menopause? I can just get sick now and get it over with for later. Good laws!
So it was 20 degrees this morning and they forgot to salt our roads. It took 2-1/2 hrs to get into Seattle. And then when you get to Seattle off the foothills everyone asks, "why are you so late???"

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Cold and rainy, here. I'm finally beginning to shake this cold but, Bill has all of the symptoms of walking pneumonia. His new insurance cards came, yesterday and he's been trying to reach the doctor, all day - the phone has been busy. I hope he gets fixed up. He has been so congested, coughing and snoring, that I'm not getting any sleep, either.
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It's evening here now and I'm lucky enough to turn on the TV to discover we have an ice storm warning out. Who knows how long I will be off line if it really hits. I hate ice.
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Chris, we were hit with a bad ice storm last Saturday night and we even had thunder and lightening, there was and there still is ice everywhere. Hope you're not hit as hard as we were!
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It's supposed to be hot outside but i am stuck inside working (actually slacking off and being on TCS!)

I am off to lunch at 12.30 in the city with a friend at a roof top bar which should be lovely although it will be hard to resist a nice cold glass of champers!!

Tonight i am planning a long walk on the beach and probably a BBQ for dinner which should be great!
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
Chris, we were hit with a bad ice storm last Saturday night and we even had thunder and lightening, there was and there still is ice everywhere. Hope you're not hit as hard as we were!
I hope not either. I can't stand being without heat and electricity when it's freezing out.
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Sure hope you don't get hit by that storm, Chris!
Well, it's been a warm sunny day here. Now at 11:30pm, it's 61 degrees and the sky is clear with all the stars shining brightly.
I left early this morning to go renew my CPR license at my company's home office about 1 1/2 hours away in order to do so without charge. From there, I was only a little over an hour from my parents, so I went to visit for a while which was really nice. We finally exchanged Christmas presents, and it was so much fun seeing them open theirs!Made good time on the drive home, about 3 hours, and it went by quickly. When I came in, Sierra investigated everything very carefully!We have enjoyed some special time together, she had her dinner, and is now sleeping at my side.
It's been a nice day...
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Steph, I really enjoyed hearing about your nice day. You deserve it, after being so sick and battling through it during the holidays, no less.
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It sure feels great to feel great! I'm just glad you're feeling better, E!
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It was raining all day here.... I may have to get a job again. Maybe a part-time one. I got an application to work at a well-known restaurant today. May fill it out tomorrow. The kid and the half-kid slept played and ate all day though.
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Went to bed last night with thunder and lightning flickering, making dancing shadows play on the walls of my bedroom.

I woke this morning from a codeine induced 9 hours, and it was raining, although no thunder. I was also surrounded by cats; Esse at my side, Simon between my legs, Pie at my feet, and Charlotte in "her" corner of the bed. Pengy was also out on the rocker. I had to family was around me.

Got up, made some horrid coffee. I poured it out and started over; sat at the computer and did some work for work, and then wrote in my journal for a while. Called my lawyer and got some direction, and so started preparing the stuff for him.

I was supposed to teach for a few hours today, but I didn't. I made it in to open the sessions, but turned it over to my assistant after about 15 minutes. I stopped at the store on the way home, and got the ingredients for chicken pot pie. I took a nap, and then prepared a decent dinner - the first thing I've cooked since coming home from Oregon.

Made a few more phone calls, poked around the 'net for a bit, and now I've just taken the evening medication, and am expecting the codeine to hit soon...and then off to bed for another night's sleep.

And it never got warmer than 48 outside all day.

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Well our weather is acting very strange hear it is suposed to be summer but it is all mixed up yesterday we had rain and thunder & lighting and it has been cold when it should be hot it's all so mixed up

So today is cool cloudy but I don't think we will get any rain today

I have had a lazy day just sitting here playing on the computer eatting nuts and licorish

Jasper is laying on my thongs he has a thing for them he looks at me every so often as to say hey you long time no see he must have memory lapses when he sleeps

I should be doing the house work but I realy can't be botherd doing it today

We are going to have stuffed zuccini with my special tomato sauce and cheese for tea tonight yummy I am looking forward to that
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We had what I believe was our first light freeze of the season last night. It didn't touch my calla lilies, though, which are up about 18 inches. Some winters they get that high, then are turned to mush with a heavy frost and have to start all over. Other winters they make it through without a frost heavy enough to damage them.

I believe that I am allergic to my cats. It wasn't so bad with Red Cat and Purdy, but when Sheba joined me in September, I noticed right away that every time she got close to my face my nose started tickling and I'd occasionally sneeze. My eyelids have been terribly swollen and sore ever since I got her, too, but I also have a perpetual condition of my eyelids which has been acting up and I still don't know how much of the swollen lids is due to that and how much to allergy.

At any rate, Friday I took Sheba to a groomer and got her bathed. Today was Purdy's turn. Then I came home and started washing bedspread, sheets, mattress covers, blankets, the works, trying to get rid of as many allergens as I could. Tomorrow I'll have to try to do a thorough job of vacuuming. Hopefully, I can cut down on the allergy problem a little that way.
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Busy, busy day. Although it's technically Wednesday here, I just got home from work. I hit the ground running at work. My first patient was for c-section, which went well, although her doctor is a bit of a pain. All went well, though. Just as I got her recovered, and was this close to getting to leave early so I could be with a sick friend, another patient came in who was having her 8th baby. Needless to say she delivered within minutes of her arrival on the unit. Tons of work and charting enusued! Lunch? Celery & peanut butter. Dinner? Not so much. Came home, driving through sleet coming down in buckets, checked that my cat was still breathing (not always a given these days), and cleaned up where she missed the litterbox (getting to be a more frequent occurence). Sigh. I hope I don't have to make "The Decision" soon, but the day may be coming (just so you all know, yes, she's been to the vet. Many times. She's 19 years old, so some things can't be cured. I don't want anyone to think that I'm a bad mommy ). Now I've plunked my butt down in front of the computer, catching up on all the threads.
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