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Those of you who remember Dusty Rainbolt

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She is the author of Kittens for Dummies, and the one who hosted our forum on Kittens awhile ago. Her husband Weems had a pulmonary embolism on Thursday night. He is in ICU with two blood clots, one in each lung. I just got off the phone with her earlier and she could sure use an insert into your prayer list- He is facing more tests next week-
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Our prayers are with her, I hope all goes well.
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My prayers have already started. My Mom had the same a couple of years ago, and she was treated with Heparin and Coumadin, two medications that dissolve clots and thin the blood and hers dissapated. As I'm sure his will too.

They may insert a Greenfield Filter in his right abdominal area that prevents any clots that form from the bottom up, and stops them before going any further than the pelvis area. That, along with medicine, keeps any and all clots from going up the main arteries to the heart.

I would go on, but, I don't need to give a medical report. I will pray, though, for a quick recovery. May God be with him and hers at this special time.
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Lots of prayers coming from here, MA!
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Prayers said, and heal fast and well vibes sent.

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Best wishes and prayers are on the way
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Lot's of prayers heading their way. I hope everything goes well.
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I remember her..... Loads of BM are on its way from me and the kitlets
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Prayers on their way, MA. Gotta be a scary time. They'll be in my thoughts.
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Add some prayers from the holy land to the list.
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mm, prayers coming right your way!!
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I hope that her husband makes a full recovery.

I'm keeping them both in my thoughts.
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Prayers headed their way from South Georgia too.
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My thoughts are with them. This is a very painful experience. My sister had a pulmonary embolism a few years back. It's hard on everyone involved.
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Will be keeping them in my thoughts with lots of good vibes on the way.
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Hope he makes a full recovery!!
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OH, tons of good healing vibes coming from me..........~~~~~~~~~~~~~God Bless
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Oh, this must be so scary for them as it is such a life threatening situation. They are both in my prayers.
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Positive thoughts from me as well!
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He's in my thoughts, and I'm sending best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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Lots of thoughts from me too!!
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Prayers and "Heal completely and quickly" vibes coming his way from me!
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Tons of prayers from Canada too!
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*sends all the vibes for a great recovery*
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Sending lots of vibes and prayers and hoping Dusty's husband has a full recovery.
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Any word on how he's doing?
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