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Sick Cat??

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I have a problem that i would like to get assistance on.. We have been away for the past week & have had a friend looking after our cats (we got back tonight) .. One of them seems to have diahrrea and its been squirting out of her & noticed it hasn't stopped after a week.. I also just found a smallish (5c piece size) lump under her leg and its not painful as she doesn't get upset when touching it & it moves around when you squeeze it..

The diet hasn't changed & she is still eating & drinking fine.. I have noticed that her coat doesn't seem all to shiny so i am wondering if anyone thinks the lump may be related? She has been wormed about 2 weeks ago so im sure it wouldn't be anything relating to that.. We cannot take her to a vet until Tuesday evening as here in Aus it's a public holiday, so im just wanting some advice please..

BTW we will be taking in a stool sample when we see the vet..
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Having diarrhea for over a week is not good at all. Cats can and do become dehydrated very quickly. To check for dehydration lightly scruff you cat's neck and pinch up the skin. Does the skin stay tented up? If so, your kitty needs a vet immediately. Of course this lump is also of great concern. Please do keep us updated how she is feeling and what you learn at the Vet.
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Do the pinch test as Dawnofsierra suggested. If the tent remains or there is any vomiting, your cat is too dehydrated to wait until Tues and you should find an emergency vet.
If the skin snaps back into place quickly, and your cat is not vomiting, you can probably wait until Tues. Make sure she gets lots of fluids,(syringe some into her if you have to) and watch her closely. Try feeding her a bland diet
homemade diet of plain white chicken meat (no skin or bones) and rice. If you have a little plain metamucil you can sprinkle a little of that on as well. If she gets lethargic take her to emerg.
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Sorry, also wanted to mention that if the lump feels hot, or has any discharge you may want to take her in to emerg. If she could have gotten onto any cat fights- it could be an abscess.
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Just a quick update..

She still has loose stools but she has been having ALOT of tests done since xmas.. She is now at the vet as they have finally done a biopsy and we are awaiting the results..

The vet said she didn't see any lumps but she did notice that her liver was "slightly" smaller than normal so she took a swab of that to be tested too.. Her blood tests have all come back normal, red & white blood cells all normal so the vet is baffled and is awaiting the results which should come in today..

Gosh i just wish they knew what the problem was..
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