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The Little Things

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Because I'm still feeling like a bulldozer has parked on my head and an earthmover is trying to excavate my chest (the Christmas Cold, don'tcha know...), and because there's nothing on the tv but doom and gloom (Tsunamis and the storms here), I got to thinking. How about a thread on those little things which make you feel good, those brief moments where you know you're loved beyond a doubt?

So let's name a few. I'll start.

~A purring kitty wrapped around my head as I sleep.
~A late delivery Christmas present (which included a great bottle of wine).
~Listening to my 4 year old neice's stupid jokes on the phone. And laughing with her.
~Hearing the birds wake up the world while sipping a good cup of coffee.
~Teaching my 5 1/2 year old nephew to use the brakes on his bike.

Now it's your turn.

And remember, have a good day, no matter what else is going on around you or with you.

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What a lovely idea Michele.

- the rare foot rub from my husband
-putting on an old winter jacket and finding money in the pocket
-waking up and feeling the warm little body of my cat against me
-the innocent little looks from my cat when she knows she did something wrong
-looking outside as the little birds pick the seeds from the feeder.
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- Addie rubbing herself around me!!!
- my daughter who saw another mother really smacking her little child in a supermarket saying "I'm glad you're my mum"
- my hubby driving 20 miles (and then 20 miles back) to pick me up from work because he doesn't want me wandering around the city to the car at 9 pm
- my son, who is hopeless at this kind of thing, going out and choosing a DVD that I would really like for Christmas without asking anyone what would be a good choice
- taking a walk anywhere and looking at all the flowers and the wildlife
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-when me and bfs feet touch when we are snuggled in bed
-making my bf's mother laugh
-when my cat sniffs me and doesn't roll his eyes and walk away
-my boss bringing in home made cookies
-having a clean car for once
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
-putting on an old winter jacket and finding money in the pocket
Makes me feel 'rich' everytime this happens! It's like winning the lottery on a very small scale.

1. Unexpected compliments
2. Baby hugs from babies. Innocence!
3. I feel a cold coming on--but it goes away the next day.
4. Newspaper cartoons (when they are funny.)
5. Budding trees in spring.
6. Hot chocolate
7. A fireplace
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1. Hearing Pipsqueek purr...he's not my cuddler
2. Sitting in my backyard in the summer on my hammock with a good book and a glass of iced tea
3. Snuggling with my SO under a comforter on a cold night
4. A baby's first step.
5. The all too infrequent hugs from my 13 yr old nephew.
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The feeling of warm sheets just out of the drier when you climb in bed, especially with they smell great.

Turning on the radio just in time to hear your favorite song or the TV just in time to see your favorite movie is coming on.

Having two kitties curl up on either side of you and fall asleep

That sweet little mwrep that the cats make when they wake up.

Running into a friend you haven't seen a while and catching up.
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a phone call from my friend in VA
my cats lying next to me, purring
seeing my cats play with one another
walking outside
seeing my seeds sprout
funny things kids at school say
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Waking up on a weekend morning with sunshine on my face, my boyfriend cuddled up to me on one side, and our 2 cats cuddled up on the other.

Listening to my boyfriend say about the new robe I got him for Christmas "I love this robe so much I just want to hug myself."

holding hands
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what a great thread! Let's see here:

~miss ebony snuggled up next to me giving my kisses at 7am
~my boyfriend tucking me in for bed each night and watching me fall asleep
~weekly coffee nights at Starbucks with my 2 best friends from HS
~compliments and hugs from my kindergarten classes
~looking through old photos and reminiscing

That's my list
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seeing the horses gallop across the field toward me when I call them in
getting a warm hug from Mike
a phone call from an old friend
reading the scriptures in the morning
a warm horse hug
smelling new mown hay
the smell of the earth before a heavy rain storm
walking on a windy day
puppy breath
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~ unexpected phone call from a long lost friend
~ SO taking you out to dinner on a whim
~ watching a child innocently sleep
~ sounds of children laughing and playing in the neighborhood
~ watching the sun set
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-When Orei all of the sudden gets on my lap, and rubs his cheeks against mine before a hug

-Hugs from children I babysit

-When my baby brother says "I love you, Jenny."

-When my dad and I spend time together, just us (same with mom)

-When Princess runs to my side when I need her

-Caeser's joyful welcome when I come home
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When teufel comes to sleep next to me, or when i find him laying curled up in my chest or next to my head.
When he comes to sit on my lap for a nice purr
WHen he tries to come into the bath with me because he likes to taste those bubble things.

When my bf gives me compliments

When i feel loved from my mum.

when i get nice bunny kisses from my rabbit.
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Tigs being cuddly and lovey-dovey first thing in the morning.

Hub cooking for me, even when he feels bad.

TCS, and its members, you're all like family to me.
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Perfect, Noni!!!

Mist and fog through the tall firs on our property, with the moonlight filtering through. It looks quite medieval.
Sasha humming to himself on the dryer.
A day with no phones, no email, no calendars, no noise, and no plans.
My grandmother's ballet shoes.
Eric, smiling, his black hair shining in the sun.
Listening to Ave Maria with full chorale.
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A big smile from my 5 month old nephew.
Seeing my own baby on an ultrasound
Hearing my husband say "I love you"
Listening to my kitties purr when I rub their bellies.
Cozy pajamas
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My shadow Jasper who loves me so much he MUST keep me in sight at all times....
Knowing my oldest son is back in US and won't have to go back to Iraq...
Knowing that my husband loves me and loving him back just as much.
Having all of my family in good health.
Having my youngest graduating college this year.
Counting my many blessings daily.
This forum and the friends I have made on it.
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-Conner laying on my chest and reaching out with his paws and holding my face in a special bonding moment that makes me want to cry and squeeze him to death
-Being interupted while reading a good book or doing tedious bill work by a cat who lies on your work and demands attention
-Hearing my boyfriend saying something endearing with out being prompted
-Holding the door open for the grumpy old man at the bank and making him smile
-Driving on a quiet sunny days and enjoying all of the trees and sunshine
-having thise days were you just feel like smiling all the time and making other people happy
-the sweet smell of a baby and the way it makes you feel when the cuddle up to you and want you to hold them tight
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i also wanted to add that reading some of the things others have written has made me smile,,like 'grandmother's ballet shoes','ultrasound', "and kitty humming on dryer" the are all so sweet!!
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- 5 smiley kitten faces looking at me from their pen

- the afternoon sun shining in my room

- receiveing compliments on my furbabies

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... Waking up and finding Shade sleeping beside me
... When ever hubby smiles at me, he has this 'look'
... When I read replies to my posts Small things in life make me
... Having any of my 4 girls on my lap
... Seeing Merri N Pippin for the first time in a couple months yesterday... They were all over me, smelling, snuggling. Pippin wanted me to pet him, and pet him, and pet him, while Merri smelled, and rubbed on me. She really didn't want me to pet her, but just sit by me. That made me feel REALLY loved and happy They remembered me after all this time. And I am sure the fact that I smelled of their mom and sister helped
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-When I'm laying in bed in the mornings and David is up making coffee and I hear him and the cat chatting together.

-When David doesn't think I'm looking and he gives the cat kisses.
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Great idea, Michele!

Waking up at the usual time, and realizing I don't have to get up right away, but can sleep in.
Sunshine in December, and having the time to take a long walk in it.
Curling up with a good book, with Jamie lying on top of me and purring.
When hubby surprises me with something small, but that I've been looking for for a while, like a little holder for bird feed balls.
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Originally Posted by Sanctie
i also wanted to add that reading some of the things others have written has made me smile,,like 'grandmother's ballet shoes','ultrasound', "and kitty humming on dryer" the are all so sweet!!

Well, same to you sweet Sanctie
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Originally Posted by Ali012281

-When David doesn't think I'm looking and he gives the cat kisses.
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
-When David doesn't think I'm looking and he gives the cat kisses.
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When I'm engrossed in something, and feel Rob's hand start to scratch my back

A companionable kitty sleeping next to me as I type

A different companionable kitty herding me to a favourite lap/cuddle place

Licks from Sooz - who is not demonstrative at all

When I've had a tough day, and Rob says, unprompted, "Should I be taking you out to dinner?"

The friendship and compassion on this site.

I'll probably think of more, but for now that's it. Thanks, Michele.
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There are so many things.

- A pretty sunrise or sunset.

- The way the air smells after it rains

- The smell of the air in the fall

- Crawling into the tub full of bubbles when you've had a long day

- Getting the kitten out of the tub so I can fill the tub with bubbles

- Turquoise blue water and sugar white sand

- Snuggled in a blanket watching an old movie on a snowy day.

- Walking around and looking at my flowers in the summer
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Thanks, Michele.
No problem....I needed this very much today. And reading through these things just makes my soul relax.

The little things - those things which we don't often pay too much attention to but which light our life up - it's important to remember them and to think of them.

Keep it going, guys!

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