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dr jekyll and mr hide syndrome

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I have the sweetest male siamese cat. Hes 6 months old and is intact. He adores me and he has never bit, scratched or hissed at me. Even playing he doesnt scratch me, and he loves to play. The other day I was going in my room and he ran out, a few minutes later my husband came in the room and both of his hands were covered in blood. It looked like he slit his wrists or something. He told me I needed to come get my cat and so, i went in there and toki was purring (maybe he was scared) but i picked him up and he was fine and wanted me to pet him, then I went in the room and sat on the bed and was petting him and all of the sudden he went crazy and started scratching me and jumped off the bed. So, I got him and put him in a small kennel we use for taking him to the vet. I didnt want him to scratch me again. When I tried to pet him he was avoiding my hand and he had a really weird look on his face like he didnt know who i was or something. Im really worried that something is wrong with him because he is such a loving pet and it is VERY unlike him to behave this way. Please will someone give me some advice on why he did this. He has been fine ever since. Would he act like that if he was spooked by something?
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Your husband could have brought in the scent of another male cat. Cats are very territorial and will fight. Have your huby wash and remove the clothes he was wearing and wash them well. If you can wash his shoes, do that too. He will continue this behavior as long as he is intact.
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oooh I didnt think about that, we were at my moms earlier that day and he was petting her male cat. But WHY did he get me?

edited to add: He also leaves the bed room window cracked during the day and I have noticed 2 stray cats hanging around our back yard a lot lately....I'll have to remember to keep that window closed.
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If he is six months old you should get him neutered. As long as he is intact, he will be at the mercy of all that testerone roaring through him, and you could be in danger of getting attacked again. If one of those strays outside are female and in heat, you could lose him, so I would again urge you to get him neutered. He will calm down considerably though it will take some time.

Also is it possible he is injured or sick? Aggression is sometimes a response to pain and a way for an animal to tell us that they are hurting-
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I agree get him neutered. I took in a pathetic looking 5 week old kitten that was 2 days from dead, me and my husband nursed him back to health and raised him. Sturgis thinks we are his parents (he likes to nurse on our ears for comfort), when I took him in to be neutered he had only one testicle, we removed it and lookied in his abdomen for an hour and could not find the other one. We hoped that he was one of the rare cases of being born with only one testicle, but he started the Jeckyl and Hyde attitude, cuddly one moment and biting and drawing blood the next. We ended finding the other testicle on the 3rd exploratory, I now keep it in a jar on my desk (in formaldahyde of course) because it is the best trophy I could hope for. I have my sweet cuddly boy back.
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