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How did you and your partner meet?

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I met Marcus while I waited in line at "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". He flirted with me all evening and into the early morning. We went to coffee together and exchanged phone numbers, even after warning him that I had 5 children! Actually he gave me his home, work, pager, and fax number! LOL I paged the next day, as I couldn't afford the charges, and we talked for over an hour.

I had an ex room mate that had been stealing the money for the bills who had just left, and I had discovered the 3 day notices for the gas and electric in his room.

The PG&E guy came and turned off our gas while I was on the phone with this awesome guy. When he inquired who was at the door I told him all about the crummy room mate and how I was stuck with a bill that was more than I make in a month. He ended the call and called PG&E and paid off my gas and then electric bills for me, totaling over $600.00!

We hadn't even had our first date yet!!! Wow I still get all warm and fuzzy thinking about how sweet he is.
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Online at AOL Pet Care Forum - we were both moderators in the bird care forum area - he was in Los Angeles and I in KY. Long story short: We married, he moved from LA and we have been happily married for over 7 years!
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Wow! What a wonderful story.

I met hubby when we worked together (he was my boss) although nothing happened then. He was going through a rough time, separated and bringing up his little boy on his own. I only had a short term job there. It was about a year after I left that we made contact again. We went out as friends to a work social event and it just snowballed from there. I have to say that I knew he was the one from the first time I saw him, but it just wasn't the right time then. We've been together 22 years now, have raised hubby's son (now mine as well!!) and our own daughter in that time.
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Wow Teresa - I'd say he liked you!

Earl and I met at Goth Night at a club. Sad to say, he was the new blood. It was a really tight knit community back then and everyone knew everyone, so when someone new showed up all the singles were quick to take note. There was another guy who I really liked who had just told me he had made a decision about who he wanted for a girlfriend...while nibbling on my neck, mind you...but she wasn't there yet. So I was kinda flirting with Earl as much to "just show him!" (the other guy) as to meet Earl. But it worked out in the end.
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I met my husband at a Holloween party. We were both with somebody else and his girlfriend made a move on my guy. I confronted her and my "future husband" and he ended it with her right there. From then on, he watched me from afar. I had no intentions of leaving my current boyfriend and was very happy. Unfortutnately, he passed away not too long after that.

My husband and I crossed paths again and were re-introduced through a mutual friend. On our first date, he told me he was going to marry me. I thought he was nuts!! He told me that he always wanted to ask me on a date but didn't b/c I was seeing someone. Well, we ended up getting married about 15 months later. He was right!
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I forgot to add that we also have a son together and will be married 8 years this coming June and will have known each other 10 years this Feb!
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Originally Posted by DragonLady
I met Marcus while I waited in line at "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
Thats awesome...though I would say that anyone you meet in line for Rocky is already someone you have a lot in common with

I met my husband doing a community theater production of Tommy. I was only 16 and he was 19, and that felt too young for him even though we had a connection. When we met up again a year later, 17/20 didn't seem so bad and we started dating He was worth the wait

and we just got married 11/6/04!
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Aw great stories. I met my bf when I moved down here for a job. Turns out that he had been offered the job I currently hold, and refused it, sticking to a lesser position... so I took the job and so we ended up working together. Think what would've happened if he would've taken the job... I could have never moved here!

Oh and a bunch of the guys that I worked with were real punks, for lack of a meaner word... they treated me like nothing because I was a female doing better than them (still do actually)... so when my now-boyfriend tried to be nice to me, I was quick to insult him... after a month of insulting each other we started going out and now, here we are.
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My boyfriend and i met while working at Target while in HS. I was 17 and he was 18. We were friends for about 3 years and maintained contact via the internet while I was away at college and he continued to work at Target.

One terrible semester in 2001 brought us alot closer. It was nice having someone from home to talk to about everything on my mind. When I came home that Christmas we got together and the plan was to drink and order a pizza and just watch a few movies. He wanted to get my mind off of school. Well after a few drinks...(well a lot of drinks actually) our feelings got out and the truth was revealed that we should be more than friends.

3 years later and we're still together, living together, and planning to get married sometime in the near future.
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We met at a punk rock concert. A friend yelled out the window she thought the guy with a mowhawk was hot as we drove by him. We walked by each other a few more times. Eventually we were introduced through mutual friends. And that was it. We started dating even though we lived an hour away and sometimes only saw each other once a week if even that. We've been together over two years and have a daughter.

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I met my boyfriend at his band's first show. It's funny because at first he had liked my best friend at the time. And his best friend liked me. Whilst trying to talk me into going out with his best friend he ended up asking me out!
That will have been 4 years ago in June.
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John and I met when a good friend of mine married his best friend. At that time he was dating someone else and I was interested in someone else so we became friends. When our mutual friends had a little girl I nannied for them in the same townhouse complex where he lived. He would come over everyday after work to play with the baby and then we would go out after. He had by this time broken up with his girl friend. We started spending all of our spare time together and next thing you know, we are engaged! We have been married now for over 8 years and are expecting our 1st baby. Unfortunately, we are no longer friends with the couple who introduced us due to a lying 3rd party - but I won't get into that!
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We met at Taco Bell where he worked as a highschool senior and I as a college sophomore. I worked there a few months before he did and the day he was hired he sauntered into the room and i grabbed the manager on duty and told her that I loved him.. hehe.. I looooooved him, I think I fell on the ground for added emphasis. We were both dating other people at the time and even my bf was getting upset that I was soooo into this other guy.

Well eventually we stopped working there and moved on although my best friend kept in contact with him as a friend as most of us that worked there at the time did.. So one day 3 years later we run into each other at a friends house, both newly single, and the rest is history.. Been only one year together now but I have faith that many more will follow. He really gets to me in every way and I didn't think that was possible
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OMg.. Don't take this the wrong way, but in this area, all us dark and creepies (or lovelies, depending on which half of the group you're with) have a rule "don't let friends date rocky chicks" lol oh well ...

a girl I was helping through some rough times moved back into a house where jason was living, and that's when we met, and then he promptly left for a business trip to sweden... before I even saw him, the girl and one of her friends kept telling me how awesome he was, and as a joke, I asked "does he need a wife?!" ... Well you know the rest of the story.
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I was playing the piano and singing with a local gospel group in April of 1989, when we sang at the church where Charlie attended, I struck up a conversation about his chicken dressing that he had cooked, and we've been together ever since! (Never mind the fact that his sister and the lady who sang alto for us had been trying to set us up on a blind date for over a year, and we both refused!) Funny thing is, I'm terribly shy, and almost never initiated conversations, especially when I was younger, oh and I don't eat dressing much anymore! And for the record, we were married in May of 1990.............geez, has it been 15 years already??!!!
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[quote=turtlecat says
OMg.. Don't take this the wrong way, but in this area, all us dark and creepies (or lovelies, depending on which half of the group you're with) have a rule "don't let friends date rocky chicks" lol oh well ... QUOTE]

Most RHPS relationships don't last it's true. Just depends on the folks that get together, and what kind of relationship they want, I guess I was REALLY lucky to have this guy pick me.
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lol the odds were against you congrats though
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I was working an odd job at Sonic and was his carhop. He was with a bunch of guys and all of them were flirting horrendously with me,,,all except him. Needless to say I was intrigued and took initiative to flirt with him. We became great friends and started dated about 3 mos later and have been together for over 4 yrs now.
Sanctie(and Conner)
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We met initially when I answered his personal ad on a dare from my friends. He had put the ad in a few years after his divorce on a dare from his friends. He got boxes of replies, I was one of four women he decided (with his kids input) to write to. We wrote for four years, met twice (he lived in Alaska and I lived in Southern California) After the second vacation, he called me the minute I got home and proposed over the phone. My ring was expressed mailed that day. It was one he made for me, gold nuggets and his birthstone. The wedding band is my birthstone and a diamond. The symbolism is we are together united by God (God is represented by the diamond) Soon we will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary
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Jerry and I met thru AOL online too! I was so skeptical at first, and made him wait 3 months to meet me for lunch! Our first date lasted 9 hours!!
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Jeremy and I met when we were in the 7th grade...I had a crush on him for about a year and a half and then he asked me out and we've been together ever since (although we've had some trouble lately) and we've been engaged for a year.
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Aww lovely stories everybody!

Well my boyfriend who I've been with since Feb, I met at primary school... yip and now we go to college! He's a nice guy and an animal lover.
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Wow Sam you two have an anniversary coming up soon! Congrats
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i met my bf when i worked in a club, we became good mates at first, now wevw been together for 2 years.
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I love these stories!

One of my work colleagues and I had to find and hire a band for the company spring dance. My colleague had a friend who was a guitar player in this band and suggested we go out to see them as they were playing locally. Turns out we hired the band and my husband was their bass player. My roommate and I went to see the band a couple of times and he came to sit with us during their breaks. She (my roommate) was really putting the make on him and I was barely paying attention, but the more he talked the more I thought "hmm, he's really nice". I usually didn't like guys that were good-looking because my experience had been they were too wrapped up in themselves to care about someone else. To make a long story short, I started cutting in on her territory, she said "hands off", I said, "all's fair in love and war" and she said "I've known you 10 years and this isn't like you to do this - you must really like him". I said, "I think so", and she said "Fine, go for it", and the rest is history. BTW she and I are still good friends.
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I think we should put pix of ourselves in our post or for our icon so we know what the person looks like. I always thought the pix in Yosemite we the person writing! LOL
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
...... I struck up a conversation about his chicken dressing that he had cooked, and we've been together ever since!....

Chicken Dressing! man! Where have I been?????
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Originally Posted by DragonLady
I think we should put pix of ourselves in our post or for our icon so we know what the person looks like. I always thought the pix in Yosemite we the person writing! LOL
Fooled ya! No seriously, my "boys" are much cuter than me so I wanted to share them!

BTW - I didn't mention that our 27th wedding anniversary is coming up on January 6, 2005.
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My husband and I met at the Coffee Shoppe where I worked. My mother was the head waitress and I worked midnight shift during the summer and I was 17. Eric came in with a bunch of friends and they had worked on his car so they were pretty dirty. He order a cheeseburger and fries. When I placed his plate down in front of him, I asked if he was going to wash his hands cause they were covered in grim from his car. He said that, he had washed but if I wanted him too he would wash them again just for me. I slipped him my phone number while my mom was working another area and the rest is history.
That will be 18yrs ago this March.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421

Chicken Dressing! man! Where have I been?????
Heh, leave it to me to be attracted to a man because he's a great cook!
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