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we got stitch for free from some people who we dont think were nice to him because he was a hyper kitten. and we got ozzy as a feral from a lady who found him outside in the woods behind her where there are alot of feral cats that she is trying to t.n.r but ozzy was tame enought that she put a ad up in our local pet store for a free kitten, to a good home that will be patient with a skiddish feral kitten. im so glad i got him he is the best cat i have ever had hehe
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I got Princess from the SPCA. Actually she was in a foster home after being abandoned by her mother when she was 3 weeks old.

Patsy was abused then abandoned at Pets Mart. She was placed in a foster home from a rescue group. I adopted her about a month after she was abandoned.

Sweetie (a feral) was born in a shed at my grandpa's house. Her mother was killed by a coyote when she was pretty young. She has been with us for about 12-14 years now. She FINALLY will allow us to pet her after about 6 years of trying.

George was a stray that showed up about 18 months ago. He came over and jumped in our lap while we were outside and never left. He is the sweetest cat (a big chicken, but sweet). He is so chicken that he uses the feral cats for protection.

Blackie was feral that just showed up. She's only been here for about 6 months but is already allowing me to pet her. She actually demands it now. She thinks she has to be petted the whole time she eats. She loves to crawl in my lap and take a nap.
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Shelter/NYC city pound. We got him (or rather he found us) on the eve of Independence Day. We were just visiting the pound and dropping off pet supplies for donation, had NO intention of adopting whatsoever, well i wanted to but Johnny refused. Then we saw Hobbes, and we haven't been able to part with him since
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Three weeks ago, I found Hunter and Cougar through the Pets section on the DC Craigslist. Typical "Free to a Good Home" ad. I picked the two boys from a litter of six.
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Well all of their stories are on my website but quikly..

Dutchy was found at the side of the road when she was just a little bit..
Loki was gotten from a not so responsible breeder...
Jellie and Bellie the sisters were taken in from a farm, their momma got run over by a tractor...when they were just tiny. and their owner went through the efforts of finding a new home.
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Orei was adopted from a rescue organization. Petsmart Charity Rescue, which has another name in which I have forgotten. I rescued him months after Tigger left our lives.

Princess found me by fate. I was at Hebrew school, (getting ready to be Bat Mitzvahed) and a fellow student was trying odviously hard to find a home for a litter of 8 kittens. The mother cat was a stray that gave birth at their house, and they were caring for her. I brought they idea up with my mom, and she said if I proved I was responsible enough to care for her mainly by myself, I could "adopt" her. 4 weeks later, the kittens had been born, and I was ready. I met Princess, and she was the sweetest, calm, loving, patient, not to mention cute, kitten of the entire litter. So, 4 weeks later, she came home with us.

(Princess's story was more complicated, so I had to explain.)
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Well, i got Miss Lena and Orie from a bengal Breeder that i found in a newspaper.. They are awesome people by the way!!

uhm.. We found 4 cats at our house when we moved here... and then, we found a feral here also, and after about a year she warmed up to us..

in our barn.. thats where about 8 cats live, they are great! One of our cats had kittens, so thats where we got some of them!
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Chester and Piper both came from the same pet store (we got them the same day). I hadn't planned on getting a kitty from a store, but the second I laid eyes on Chester I knew he'd be coming home. My aunt picked Piper out, she stood out among all the others (they were all tuxedos). Although I feel bad they came from a pet store, I don't regret it because they are such little loves, I couldn't ask for better kittes. Plus Chester ended up getting sick 10 days after we got him, and spent a night at the vets. He had some sort of bacterial infection. He was on meds for a week then two weeks after that he got sick again, so he went on the meds for two weeks and it cleared up. Who knows what would have happened to him if someone else had taken him. I'm just so glad that I could help him, and now he's so loving towards all of us, since we all helped nurse him back to health.

Ariel came from a friend of ours cat that had kittens. I went over there the day after they were born and fell in love with her. She was the only one that hadn't been spoken for, so I know it was meant to be.

When I was growing up we had a cat, Samantha, that we got from friends of ours. Someone had left her outside of their door (they lived in an apartment building). Since they couldn't keep her, my aunt took her. She's since passed over the Bridge, but we think part of her spirit is in Piper because they have similar personalities.
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Sierra and I met outside a bookstore on a busy street when she was only a few days old.Love at first sight!
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Nancy, Philip and I were visiting a good friend out in the country. He had two female cats who went into season together and had the same boyfriend. They delivered the same day also.... Country cat living and Gary asked if we wanted any of the latest "mob". Nancy and Philip, having just moved into my house within the last three months were somewhat apprehensive and asked me if they could get some cats and did I know what the consequences of having kittens. Makes no difference to me as I love cats... just didn't have any at the time since the previous wife didn't like them.
They asked about declawing... and I said that it was like taking the fingernails off a human and didn't approve. That's all it took. Philip went and sat with the "mob" of kittens and only one chose him. He double checked by placing the kitten on the other side of the room and went to sit down again. Within the time it takes a just weaned kitten to cross the room and climb his leg he was back. [ Shadow Ram] The new slave had been selected. Nancy chose hers... [ Laptop ] I decided to wait. The next year a cat that fell into a vat of gasoline needed help and I was selected. Oh well....[ Stirling ] Stirling moved in decided that Nancy was a better slave. Laptop decided I was the choice slave and changed his allegience. Three people... three masters. Two dogs and two birds rounded out life in our zoo. Alas... one of the birds died of a tumor. They were both bonded to me and I was crushed. sigh.... Both dogs are afraid of the cats. Alaskan Malamutes... 10 times the size of the cats. Shadow is not afraid of them and walks on them and just ignores them. The rest run away.... Charlie the Three legged teenage has since moved in. As has Tigger [ who is at or near the end of his life since he has kidney problems starting ] 1 bird, two dogs, 5 cats and a vet clinic that gives us a group discount. That's my story and I'm sticking too it.
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Emmet ...well his original owner was a monster......i fell in love with Emmet the first time I saw him, and I managed to get the monster to give him to me....we have been best buds ever since

Doofus....He showed up at my door one day when he was about 3 months old.....it was like 10 degrees outside...and he was so adorable..We were gonna find him a new home....but....well..yeah you know where this ones going...

Mabby...We got her from a cat rescue place in gloucester....she was 1 of five healthy kittens (all girls)...from a beautiful torti stray...When john went down to look at the kittens....little mabby only 2 weeks old then walked right over to john and claimed him as her own...they are inseprable.....
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I got Pawz froma shelter. ^.~
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Twig we got from Brads cousin's farm cat.
Rocket we got from a cat show (a breeder was selling Abby kittens there)
Isis and Luna were ferals that I was feeding outside and finally got them inside and they've been with me ever since. Neither one wants to go any farther then the inclosed porch, Twig if he gets outside will go to our tree and then come right back inside.
Otherwise they are all indoor only, spoiled wonderful cats!!!
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Baylee was a Pet Shop girl, I'm afraid. Couldn't resist her... but look at her! Could you?!
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George, Milly, Milo, Treacle, Tigs, Sandy were all adopted from various local shelters

Bramble was trapped as a feral kitten in a local garden.

Annie was also trapped as a feral kitten in USA, she could not find a home in USA. So we flew her to England as a young adult in October 04 and we are slowly introducing her to our herd.
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My friend had gotten Malakai from a friend of hers whose cat had a litter... She called me one night and said 'You have to see my kitten!! He's adorable!'... The moment I layed eyes on that little 2-week-old face I fell in love ... I said 'OH, I want him! He's sooo cute... but, my dad would kill me!'... she just looked at me and said 'Take him home! If your dad doesnt let you keep him, I'll take him back'... I knew I had been set up! LoL She had known for a while that I wanted a kitten and she counted on the fact that I wouldnt be able to resist him... My dad just gave up when he saw how much I loved that little ball of fur! He even paid for his hospital visit when he was 4 weeks and his neuter/declaw last week... And, before you all scold me about declawing him, believe me, I feel TERRIBLE! but, I really felt like I had NO choice! He was clawing EVERYTHING! including my face, legs & hands and I gave him ample time (about 3 months) to see if he would learn to stop and he was just getting worse!... I feel horrible but, I had to... and he seems like he's doing just fine... So, that's good, right??
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both of our babies came from the pet store...afterall they need home too
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Current cats:

Tristan - brown tabby dsh wandered in as an unneutered 10/11 month old tom one cold December 10 years ago - friendly stray with no response to newspaper ads so he stayed;

Abbie and Freija - bl + wh dsh born feral to feral mother who I had been feeding; mother brought her litter to my porch when they were 9 weeks old so I could help feed them too. Took another 4 weeks to get the three kittens inside. Rehomed the mother and littermate; Freija wouldn't socialize so couldn't rehome her - kept her along with her sister; Freija socialized at around 6 months (and is now a cuddle bunny); 4 1/2 years old

Lion and Bear - brown tabby dlh orphaned along with their sister Tiger Lily at 10 days old and brought to me by neighbourhood children (their dog killed the mother); hand-raised and all doing beautifully; Tiger Lily adopted by a friend in Minnesota; now 2 1/2 years old


Kirsty - agouti tabby female rescued at 5 weeks as only survivor of barn litter - lived to 15 years old and died this past July;

Silver - 16 week old hungry skinny, silver tabby kitten who followed "Robbie" home one cold December night and wasn't leaving if he could help it! - no response to newspaper ads so adopted him;

Spooky - black, purebred spayed and declawed Persian with copper coloured eyes - owner had died and wife had no time for cats - was going to put her to sleep because of indiscriminate urination (she had a bladder infection!) so I said I would take her;

Robbie - black long-hair neutered 1 or 2 year old male with bad limp, possibly thrown from car or hit shortly before showing up at my landlady's apartment - no response to ads so I adopted him;

We had a plethora of cats while growing up that came from a variety of sources - farms, the humane society, neighbours who moved away and the cat kept coming back to the old neighbourhood, the vets, strays, friends moving to England, and a neighbour's litter of kittens.
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Sphinx we got from the local humane society. She was "give-up" and about a year old. Been with us for the last 14 years and going strong.

Oppenheimer was also a 1 yo "give-up" we got from another humane society. He's been with us 12 years and is our lap monster.

Serafina Pekalla is 5 yo and we got her 4 mo ago from a rescue group (4 Paws). Her previous owner apparently was a "collecter" and when she died there were 30 or so cats needing new homes. She's settling in fairly well.
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Pixel & Mouse were littermates, i got them from a local person's litter.
Cable was found in the road outside of our school, so she was a stray.
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When my son was 10-11 he wanted a pet bad, and we live in an apt, so dogs where out of the question, we had fish and they croaked, I am not into keeping animal in cages so birds where out and couldn't see myself with a roadant, so I decided on a cat(which I have always loved), I didn't know where to get a cat where I am, and was looking in the papers and saw an ad free to a good home( I know the risks, so please don't tell) kitten, I took a chance and called the number and women on the phone was real nice and said she worked at a vets office and rescued this kitten who was going to be put down because he had a cold. I said I was interested and she said she could bring him over right now if I wanted. She brought him over and said if I didn't want him I could him back, how could I give this litte grey thing back. He looked a little like a russian blue with a big stomach. We kept him to make a long story short it will be 3 yrs this feb. and my female was adopted as a friend for the first and she was from a rescue group that my son volunteered at. I love them both , and wouldn't trade them for any pedigree cat.
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Snickers was a stray who we found in the garage, he was about 6 months old and had a broken leg which had re-grown into the broken position. We had it re-broken and fixed - 13 yrs later, he's still spritely, wild, and you cannot tell he ever had a broken leg! Snickers lived with my ex-husband until last year, Sweetest Day, when he didn't want Snick anymore so he gave him up to me.

Dusty was adopted from the animal shelter. She was a cast-off from someone else. She was so beautiful, shy, and tiny, solid gray and puffy with big green eyes. Dusty is around 13 years old. Dusty also came to me from my ex-husband, who I remained friends with after our divorce (I think for the sole reason of getting my two favorite cats back!).

Miss Jessie was also adopted from the animal shelter. She was only 12 weeks old and in the same cage with her brothers, who were all solid tabbies... she's a tabby/white mix with pretty green eyes. Jess will be 12 in August.

Miss K.C., Kitty Cat, was also a stray. She was only 3 pounds, she was so malnourished, and covered in fleas, mites, and she had worms. She's 6 pounds now, kind of a runt but very sweet and shy. K.C. will be 12 this year.

Zorro was only 5 weeks old when I picked him from the litter for a friend of mine. The friend didn't want him anymore after about 4 months; he said Zorro was too rambunctious and wanted to play too much. So instead of seeing Zorro go to the pound, I took him in. Zorro will turn 7 in May.

Hammie came from the Humane Society; he was 12 weeks old. He's by far the most sociable and talkative cat I've ever known. Real playful, loving, and a hoarder; he came from a foster home with about 20 other cats. He'll be 3 in May.
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I voted for all of them but pet store because I get my cats from EVERYWHERE! Some of them came from the Humane Society, some of them came from a rescue (I also used to rescue cats and some of them have medical conditions and require daily meds, they are unadoptable because people don't want to take a "defective" cat), my show cats came from breeders, though I didn't breed them, some came from the previous owner (when I was rescuing them), and we have a lot of previously feral cats that are now big teddy bears. I also voted for found as a stray, my neighborhood doesn't have any strays running around but on tuesday morning I left the house at 5:30 to go to the hospital for surgery, outside under the street lamp was a big blue mac tabby boy. I called him over and he was very sweet. I came back later that day and he was on my porch again so I gave him some food. He has been coming back every day since then but I don't want to take him in because I don't know if he has a home or not, he is neutered but doesn't have a collar. We'll see what becomes of Mister Quadpod.
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Lily we adopted from a shelter.

For Princess, I chose "we bred her" although it was more like we owned her mother, who became pregnant by a stray, and we kept one of the kittens.
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I got CJ and Billy when their feral mom had kittens in our barn.
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I got my Limerick from the animal hosiptal where my sister worked. It was a truggle. The women who was fostering him was not a very pleseant person to deal with. She finally wised up to the idea of me taking him after the vet who owned the hospital threatened to put the kittens down, and the employees lobbbied on my behalf. The kittens were at the hospital for 3 months, and they could not afford to take care of them AND the clients at the same time. She owed a large vet bill for housing him and 2 other kittens there. They were taking up cage spaces too so he really didn't like that. But at the same time the vet is a very moody guy who needs to remove the pole from his butt.

But I got my kitten and we both are very happy!!
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I got Meeko from the Humane Society when he was 6 months old. We got him the day before he was about to be put down.
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Originally Posted by katman14
I got Meeko from the Humane Society when he was 6 months old. We got him the day before he was about to be put down.
The same thing happened with my puppy, Thunder
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I got Eviecat from the RSPCA in the uk. Thats a recue organisation and they have many animals there. I am so glad i rescued evie as I hated to see her being all alone. I still can't believe why anyone wouldn't want this gorgeous cat. I love her to bits and wouldn't change her for the world. She was our very first cat so she'll always have a special place in our hearts.

Then a while later we got a kitten. As i had never had a kitten and really fancied the idea of looking after her and seeing her grow up as I missed that with Eviecat. We decided not to look at any rescue organisations/shelters but to find one from a breeder because it was easier as we'd had a lot of hassel from the RSPCA with Eviecat. Not that that would stop be from getting another cat from there in the future. But with Molly our kitten we were so lucky because the day after we realised she was very poorly and rushed her to the vets. They told us a few more hours and she could of been dead so I am glad we rescued her from the lady who had her.

Well thats my cats story, Oh and my new cat that is coming home in a months time is from a breeder too. Its because we really wanted a ragdoll kitten and there so rare on there feet in the Uk.

Love Eva, Eviecat and Molly xxx
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Lizzy we got at a Farm in Iowa, she had been one of the first litter born to their outdoor cat. She was 4 months old and the only freindly one of the bunch.

Chloe I got from a woman that rescued her from being dumped in a wooded area by a bunch of kids. She kept her for 2 months and was trying to find a different home for her because she felt she had too many cats and dogs as it was. I was contacted by someone at the Bengal Cat Rescue Group in case I was interested in her because I lived closer to her and I had been looking for a Bengal or Bengal mix. For Chloe and I it was love at first sight. She has been by my side since the night we met.
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