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Humane Trap

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Hello. I have been trying to figure out where I can get a humane trap and I checked ebay but I always see humane mouse traps or really really expensive cat traps. So I figured I would ask here. So if anyone has a used one laying around that they don't need...Just tell me how much you want for it and I will see if I can afford it, heh. I am a little poor but I really really need one. I have sooo many cats dumped off in my neighborhood and I have been borrowing one from the shelter on and off. But it would be so much easier if I had one of my own and I don't have to keep relying on them and asking all the time. Thanks!
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Contact your local animal shelter, veterinarian or a feed store. Oftentimes they have traps you can put down a rental fee for and when you give it back, they return some, or all of your money. They are expensive, but well worth the price. If you were close to me, I would lend you some of my traps.
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Thanks Hissy, like I said I already borrow the one that belongs to the shelter that I work at but I do it so much that I figured I should just find one of my own. The last time I asked to borrow it she seemed annoyed but maybe I was just imagining things.
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Jen...there is an ecomony feral cat trap that is only $36.50:


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I believe Havaheart or Havahart also makes Humane traps. Check with your vet - sometimes they have them.
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ok thank you everyone, I will check with a vet. I didnt think of that. Do you think they will sell me one? I wonder.
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I bought mine at a feed store. It was $40. My vet has one, too, that they rent. Becky
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