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Hi everyone. Im a new member and would just like to introduce myself and my kitty, Geisha. She is a 'domestic shorthair', black with a white belly. She is now about 11 weeks old and i HEART her. She is the first cat I have owned personally and I think I am doing a swell job of spoiling her. If anyone has any useful information or opinions, please feel free to let me know! Thanks for your interest!
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Hi and welcome to you and Geisha! Wow she's still a little one, how sweet! You must enjoy spoiling your very own cat - my Baylee is the first cat I've ever had, like you, and it's a great feeling, isn't it?

Anyway, welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the Cat Site !!
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Yeah shes a brat! Shes the first cat Ive ever lived with that will actually sleep in the bed with me. My entire living room is overrun with kitty toys and yet she still feels the need to attack the TV and the playstation controllers. Im thinking about getting her a buddy but am a little indecisive about it. Im afraid it will ruin her and make her less interested in me over time. What does everyone think?
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Aw that's cute that she sleeps in bed with you - I let Baylee sleep with me but she doesn't do it on a regular basis.

There's a lot of opinions that say that have 2 cats is better than one - that way your little Geisha will have a playmate when you're away. Not only that, but don't be worried about her being less interested in you - instead you'll have 2 little bundles of fur to love on you instead of one. I'm sure they'll run around and do their own thing and play, but they'll still look to you for cuddles. I'm thinking of getting Baylee a little brother, however right now it isn't good timing for me.

I'm sure others will give their opinion since there are quite a few members that have multiple cat families... that's just mine! Good luck!
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Young kitties do need buddies! I don't think it will make her less interested in you but she will be less clingy and won't be bored when you aren't home.
I've a 5 yr. old and two 9 mos old and they all sleep in our bed so don't worry about that
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Welcome to the site and congratulations on your first very own kitty! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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Id love to get another kitty for Geisha but it doesnt look like its going to be anytime soon. It is winter time so its going to be slim pickins for kitties right now and it seems like such a hassle to get one from a shelter. I feel like I have to take a blood and urine sample from myself in there. I got Geisha from a pet store (yeah I know- shame on me) cos she was the only one I could find anywhere. Fortunately, shes turned out to be the coolest cat Ive ever had. My only gripe is when I took her to the vet they found her to have roundworm and tapeworm, which she has been treated for. I was a little annoyed, as the shop said they 'dewormed' her and I paid almost 50 bucks for her to begin with. Ive decided I will never buy from a pet store again so now my options are pretty slim. Ontop of all of this my apartment complex requires a $200 deposit on any pet and its an extra 20 bucks a month per animal and the limit is 2. I have paid my deposit for Geisha but do not want to pay another 200 bucks just to have a cat, who does chew or pee pee on stuff like a dog would. They even told me the deposit doesnt even offset any damages to the apt, so they are basically pocketing the money. So basically I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with the 2nd kitty situation. Any suggestions?
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Aw, I know how you feel - I'd love to get a playmate for my Baylee, but my apartment complex doesn't even allow kittens or puppies, which means my 7 month old Bay is illegal. I got her from a pet store, like you - I too felt guilty about it, but sometimes... what can you do? I'm planning on waiting til my lease is up before I get another kitten - May at the earliest. I think, unless you want to pay another $200 that might be your only option. Shame for us though, I've heard it's best to introduce kittens when they're younger.
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Welcome to you, I'm another newbie, your cat sounds very sweet.
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Yeah I have considered just getting another kitty anyway. Eventually Ill pay the deposit. I just think its ridiculous to want that much money for a CAT. If Geishas going to destroy anything, its most likely going to be something I own. If it were a dog, Id sorta would understand, even though you have to pay out of your pocket anyway if it messes something up. Id dont know if Geisha is even lonely, though. She seems to be lost in her own little world sometimes, oblivious to the fact that people live here. Maybe truly deep down I am the one that wants another kitty, and not Geisha.
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hi, welcome to TCS, to you and Geisha!So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!Your baby sounds so sweet, and we certainly understand why you love her so very much! Please feel free to ask us anyhing at all! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hello there, and welcome! One thing this community is never short on, and that is advice about kittycats! I think just about any question you could ever have can be answered by these fine folks, and if they can't, chances are they can point you to somewhere that can. Welcome again, and I hope to see more of you, and pics of your kitty of course, around!
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!
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