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Jasper's back!!! My Baby Boy is home!!!!

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Last Tuesday night I was bringing stuff in before the weather started getting bad and Jasper ran out the door. I spent the following days calling for him at all times. I was hoping he was holed up in our garage but after sis confirmed that he could get out despite the drifts I was losing my optimism and getting very depressed.

Starting today, I was clearing our walk in the hopes of getting to our Sunday paper - left at the end of our drive by our carrier since the mailbox had been knocked off the post by the snowplows. The clearing was going slow since I cannot shovel for more than 10 minutes at a time. But I would stop and call for Jasper.

At about 4:30pm I was getting ready to make one last effort for the paper and thought I heard a meow from the step. YES!! It was Jasper! I was so relieved I held him for about 30 minutes and bawled the entire time. I finally set him down and fed him (first of 2 cans) and went to get the paper (even with the track left by sis' SUV, I needed the shovel and another tool to keep my balance in the knee deep ruts). On my way back to the house, I looked and saw his tracks came from the back yard. I have no idea where he had been.

He is okay, just a couple of pounds lighter. And a bit damp from my tears of joy.
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Yay!!! I'm so glad he's back... you must be so relieved!
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Thank heavens!
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I didn't know he was missing... I am soooo glad he is back though!!!! My Myth was missing for three days, I got her back 2 days ago! I'm glad he's home.
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Oh HOORAY!!!! I'm so glad Jasper is back home where is it warm and safe!!!! Jan you must be absolutely ecstatic!!!!
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I know you're so happy!!!!! He must have just wanted to play in the snow!
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Awesome, Jan! So glad he's home unharmed.

Now, Mr Jasper! You never mind those shenanigans don't you know how worried Mum was?? You got some lovin' to catch up on, boy!
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I am so happy for you. What a wonderful end to Christmas!!
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I didn't no Jasper was missing either Jan, and ohboy do I feel terrible! Anyway I'm so glad he is home! Lotsa snuggles from me to him!
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Geez, there's been alot of "prodigal cat" situations lately! I'm so glad they are all having "happy endings" so far!

Welcome home Jasper!
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Oh my GOSH!! I am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your post brought tears to my eyes, as I have lost a pet that way, once. She came back 3 weeks later and I cried and cried and cried when she did!
What a Happy ending to your painfully sad story!!!
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Jan, you should have told us all he was gone!! We would have set the magic board vibes in motion for you! Jasper, now look here young man, no more upsetting Mommy........hey Jan, maybe he went out to get some more thongs for the upcoming vacation!??
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Jasper's home, hurray!This is so wonderful, Jan!
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Oh, no! You must have been out of your mind with worry! All that snow! I am so glad he is back. You didn't tell us he was gone, did you?
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im so glad he returned home!!
Welcome back home jasper!!
dont let mummy so worried again!
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Jasper! Give him hugs and kisses from us, and tell him not to do that again!
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Jan, glad he's back! And girls, she did tell us he had run out on her, but I'll be danged if I remember what thread it was in!
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Where in the world did he spend Christmas? With Santa, maybe? I can only imagine how out of your mind you and your mom were with worry. I bet he won't try and help unload packages from the car again any time soon!
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Yay Jasper's back.

It's wonderful he's back, I know what it's like to have a pet sneak out of the house and then not come back a few days. I'm so glad this ended well. Now give that kitty lots of lovin' to make up for lost time.

And Jasper, you is a naught kitty for running off and scareing (spelling? Sorry it's been a long weekend.) your Moewmy like that.
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He's been catching up on his sleep (with me and grandmeowmy-she turned the electric blanket on), loving, and food. After two cans and a few treats, he tried to tear open the bag of dry food.

Tuesday morning I recall seeing another cat in our yard (stalking birds behind the house). Have no idea of the sex. Maybe he holed up with this kitty. I think I have seen it before, but it is skittish and runs. It appears okay, so I have let it be.

I held off posting a separate thread about him missing and just mentioned it elsewhere - his "Meowmy is starving me" thread, Jasper's "remember me" (carolcat's Jasper), and in a couple of other places. I was afraid if I started a separate thread I'd short out my keyboard from my tears.

His absence is not the longest. Minx (1994-2002) was gone for a week and came back in time for my birthday, and the reason we got Jasper and his sister Jade was because Minx had been gone for a month and a half! Two weeks after getting the kittens, Minx returned. (He was very good with the kittens.)

Thank you to everyone who knew and sent good thoughts and to those who welcomed him back.

I may never let the little @#$&* out again!!
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Oh Jan, I am so SO happy that he came back at last. Thank God. If it were me he would be an inside only cat from now on, but I am the nervous nelly type and I know how hard it can be to keep a "manly" cat like him inside when he DEMANDS to go out. SO great to hear he is back safe and sound. Now you can relax at last and stop worrying about him. WOOHOO!!!
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I have to agree with you Carol........I"m the same way, but then again, all 3 of my babies are weenies! I think they'd be scared stiff I let them out!
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You are lucky then, cuz my Jasper would LOVE to go out there.....sigh......course I started it with the harness venture but that was when I still had my Butch and Jasper was jealous that he got to go outside....enough said. :-(
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Oh God Jan what a nightmare that must have been for you I'm so pleased he's home

Jasper don't do that again or your mum will take away your thongs for the next vacation!!!
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Bad Jasper!

Glad he's home!
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Jasper, I am so happy for you and for your mama. I KNOW she is happy to have you where you belong.
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I'm so happy he's back. You sure must have had a vision when you named him Jasper T Wildcat!
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