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Originally Posted by Kittywarden
A diamond ring to replace engagement ring that finally wore out. Gotta Love that Hubby of mine.
Aw yay! What a great husband you have - how fabulous!
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It's so much fun seeing what everyone recieved!
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Mark and Sam FREAKED, when they saw how much stuff,that I'd bought for the twins. I've been picking up things, since August and I didn't realize how much, until I started wrapping.

The rocking Harleys were an immediate hit. The girls jumped right on them and started rocking away! I taught them to say "VROOOM, VROOOM". They also loved the toy cars. Sam loved the clothes and cowboy boots, that I bought for the girls. I have some cute pix of the twins "reading" the little books that I got. Will post pix, later. I also got a lot of wet and snotty kisses. (Feliza and Isabel have a case of the sniffles).

Bill got me that purple suede jacket and the kids gave me handmade amethyst earrings. I gave Bill a book about NASCAR legends, one about Manzanita Raceway (its full of pictures of the old-timers,that he used to race with) and Willie Nelson's new CD. The kids gave Bill some of Sam's Nana's homeade salsa.

Bill bought us a DVD player but, his old TV doesn't have the jacks, to hook it up. We're buying a new TV, today.

Not a bad Christmas.
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I got video camera, portable photo printer, a snowman rug and fishbowl (my youngest made at school) heart pendant necklace, a picture collage of my boys from babies to now, jeans, sweaters, gloves, bath and body works stuff, a new cat calendar and a book full of funny pictures of cats with captions.

As soon as Jon hurries up and gets ready we are going shopping for a new computer desk!
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We started Friday night and are still going today. We did immediate family Friday night, his moms side yesterday and today we are doing his dads side of the family. we don't do them together because there are just so many of them on each side, so we separate them. LOL!
I got a new computer chair. I've been wanting one forever! I also got the animal dyson and now I can vacum my house again.( I only did it once in awhile because I hated my vacum). I also got talking Eeyore his ears flap when you press his paws. I got a coin book(I love collecting coins), a gift card to Walmart, cat socks, a little cat statue, a cat necklace, a gift card to Target, some Victoria Secret bath stuff, the Matrix collection DVD, a collection of old childrens christmas shows, and an American Express gift card.

Brad got a new ladle, a bowling ball, a bowling bag(it's huge! holds four bowling balls, shoes and anything else he wants to put in it!),a cookbook, a Target gift card, DVD's, Cd-r's, a new small spatula, (can anyone tell he's the cook in the family?) pistachios, a best buy gift card, money,and a gift card to a restaurant here in town.

I love being spoiled!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!
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-sounds like most people had a nice Christmas day so far, presents or not. Let's see what I got... I got some tools, chopsticks, practice balls for softball, an Xbox game, a retro Atari TV game thing complete with Circus Atari, (that game is hilarious!) and a calendar. Most of the fun was had watching everyone open their gifts.
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We were prepared for the best Christmas ever.

My boyfriend got me the new pink mini ipod with a message engraved, a voucher for tea for two at the Ritz and a day at a health spa.

I got him a voucher to be a fireman for a day, a football shirt, back to the future soundtrack cd, t shirt, an the new ricky gervais book.

But then tragedy struck, my kitten escaped and we haven’t seen her since. Have spent all Christmas crying and looking for her. Read countless articles and followed all the advice I can to no avail.

My neighbourhood is covered in posters for her and all I can do is hope and pray she comes back ok.

Please pray for Maverick’s safe return.
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Prayers being said...keep us posted.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
No presents here to open No Christmas Dinner. I guess I'll go to Dennys and get Turkey and dressing dinner if I can. It's a very Blue Christmas for me.

So sorry to hear your Christmas was so blue! Hopefully your New Year will be better!

I didn't have much to open this year either, a few gifts from my mom and dad, and from a few relatives.

My boyfriend and I volunteer at the animal shelter so we decided on making a new Christmas tradition. Instead of worrying about buying each other presents we bought presents for the animals at the shelter that would really appreciate it.

We bought lots of Kongs for the dogs (chew toys that help with aggression and depression) and you fill them with treats, peanut butter for these guys, and the dogs were in heaven! We also bought some other chew toys for the smaller dogs and puppies! The cats got little mice and lots of balls and treats!

Animals are so innocent and appreciative, This was by far my favorite Christmas ever!

P.S- I am praying for Mavericks safe return
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Happy Holidays everyone! Well I guess you could say we got a puppy for Christmas! We were driving around last Wednesday night looking at the Christmas lights before we picked up our daughter from her band trip to the Champs Sports Bowl and a puppy ran out in front of us, I almost hit him. I stopped and got out and he had a collar on and was checking for a tag, but no i.d. tag and the collar was really tight. I asked at some nearby houses and no one had seen him before so we took him home with us and posted flyers at every post and stop sign in the subdivision where we found him the next morning. No calls, so I guess someone dumped him or either no one cares. He looks to be about 3 months old, is brindle and the cutest thing. He is going to the vet this week for a checkup and see what the vet has to say about him. We are calling him Jack, so looks like he will be here with us now, if no one calls for him.
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Welcome to the family Jack!
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I will say a prayer that Maverick returns, as I'm sure that would be the best Christmas present for you to receive

I got gift certificates from Waldenbooks, Victoria's Secret and The Olive Garden, money, a watch, a bedspread, pajamas, candy and some other little goodies. I had a very nice Christmas.
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On Friday, Bill bought us a DVD player but, his old TV doesn't have the jacks to hook it up. Today, Best Buy had a good TV on sale and we were there, right after they opened. Everything is hooked up and works.

Bill's sister made up a DVD of old family pictures, set to Creedence Clearwater Revival. The thirty-year-old picture of Bill, with red hair and bangs gave me quite a giggle.
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Oh I hope Maverick returns soon!
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We had a nice quiet christmas this year. We did the gift thing at midnight (ha ha couldn't wait) and I got: My perfume Happy from Clinique, Happy body lotion, Lemony Snickett books, a nice tank top (that we had to return because it was defected and there weren't any left so I got some make up lol) and the Shrek 2 dvd.

I got him: a lazer level, golf 'stuff' (club covers, putter cover, ball monogramer)... a picnic for 2 cooler with a radio and it had plastic wine glasses, a little cutting board, knife, itty bitty s&p shakers, plates, napkins, flatware... it was so neat. I also got him a mirror with coat hooks on it for his army stuff and hats.

From my dad: Chantal cookware and bakeware

His parents: A nice batter bowl and vermont pancake mix with syrup

dads ex: soaps, jewlery, sandals, sweater....

That's about it. Mom and Pop got us the digital camera at Turkey time so that was take care of early

We had a great dinner and played some scrabble with the neighbors. It's been a busy few days.
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I'm praying for the safe return of Maverick.
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Oh Beth, I wish I owned the LS collection. I got quite a bit of christmas money so I went out looking for them but they average at $30 each! I can't wait to see the movie tomorrow!
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Christmas was great this year.

From my Mom and Dad, I got the electric blanket I have been wanting. Some pieces of the glass that I collect, a cook book, some bath towels, and some misc. kitchen stuff. I love to cook so I get kitchen stuff a lot. And of course the bedding set that I got before Christmas.

From my cousin DD and her boyfriend Jason, I got a Nintendo DS. I had been drooling over DDs. (Infact all three of us got a Nintendo DS, DD just got hers early. So we'll be dorking out all year playing games with each other.) Then being the Harry Potter fan that I am they went all out and got me some neat Harry Potter stuff, first the DVD of the third Movie, a Slytherin tie, an I Malfoy shirt, a Malfoy key chain, and some ink pens that are Harry Potter related. Then as the topping on the Harry Potter "cake" they got me a collectable Time Turner Replica that I had been drooling over as well. The big dork I am I actually wore the thing on Christmas night but now it's in it display case.

And the best gift I got was my Best Friends are in town, I got to spend time with both Ryan and Jennifer and Scott. They live out of town so it's nice to see them all.

My cousin got the best gift though, her cat had kittens about eight weeks ago and her mother told her that they would have to drop them all off at the shelter (yes the Momma cat has an appointment to get fixed this Friday), but DD was very attached to one of the kittens. So Aunt Joni packed up all the kittens and headed off to the shelter leaving my cousin in tears. But DD and I had some running to do so off we went. Then Aunt Joni calls and say that DD will have to pay $50 dollars to drop the kittens off which sent DD back into tears. Then Aunt Joni calls and tells DD that she needs to pick up Cat Food and Cat Litter and that they need to food soon. So we run to Walmart and pick up food and litter and head back to Aunt Joni's house...and what was sleeping on the couch when we got there? Tookie the kitten that DD was so attached to.

DD and I are planning on moving in together in July and between the two of us it looks like we're going to have five cats... I hope we can find a place to rent with out too much trouble.
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Sierra and I wish to thank Susan (rosiemac) for our wonderful Christmas presents! There was a special present Susan wanted us to save, and wow, was it special! Susan, I was absolutely shocked when I opened this, it's just so beautiful, and I will wear it close to my heart always.
Here is my new silver necklace with a lovely heart pendant!

Susan also sent a fun catnip sack for Sierra which she has enjoyed even more since I told her that it is Rosie's favorite toy!Also, Sierra received some yummy treats from Rosie and Sophie! Susan sent me some adorable pink socks with kitties on them, and they are officially my sleep socks now! I'm wearing them as I type this, and their just so comfy! Another wonderful gift is my new Cats and Kittens wall calendar! Having not mentioned at all that I've been looking all over for the perfect 2005 calendar, Susan found it!Everyone will drool over this one, my special yummy treats is a box of Cadbury Dairy Milk bars made in the UK and a Santa Clause lollypop!Thank you so much, Susan, for all of our wonderful pressies!

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Oooh how exciting! Those socks are good... and Cadbury Dairy Milk bars?! Wow you must've been a good girl! Yum!
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It's been so much fun reading what everyone got for Christmas.

Dori and I would first like to thank Stephanie for our presents. Dori got a pink collar with her name and phone number on it , we also got a little beanie duckie and some chocolates

I got a gameboy advance for Christmas with the old Mario games, Frogger, and Final Fantasy. I got a pink ipod mini, Ralph Lauren Romance perfume, a new hoodie, gift certificate to a nice restaurant, Starbucks gift certificate, plenty of candles, a really cute dragonfly thingie (my mind just drew a blank, it heats up the oil in the pot above it with a candle and smells good, can't believe I can't think of the name right now ), lots of Peterbrook chocolate, pots and pans, a big bottle of Baileys, and scratch off lottery tickets in my stocking that I won $100 on!

Along with Stephanies present, Dori got some wildside salmon (ordered from Plain Brown Tabby, which Dori absolutely LOVES!), she also got their honeysuckle to go set, some of the new Barbie cat toys from Petsmart, and a few other toys.
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I found my necklace on eBay! It was shipped yesterday - should be here tomorrow or Thursday!
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Looks like Stephanie was her Super Elf Self. WOW. Yesterday night (cuz we are considered "rural" so it's the pony express out here I guess ) a box came from Emerald Isle NC with home made cookies -- not just any cookies, mind you but these super cookies with coconut, chocolate, walnuts, butter, yummy yummy cookies, and a desk mobile, and a huge bag of bonito from Sierra to cousin Sasha, and some local fudge. Man! We are heavier just looking at salivating over all the items. THANK YOU!!!!! Eric is not allowed to touch my fudge. At all
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What great pressies everyone got!

i'm a lil late on the Christmas threads but here's my share hehe...
Johnny got me this cashmere sweater in ivy green. i LOVE it!!!!! Also season 5 & 8 of the Friends DVD set, added to my collection. i'm such a 'Friends' dork. i was estatic, because when we had a pact and said no Christmas gifts for each other this year especially after getting our new place. But then we surprised each other

i got him a pair of leather gloves and a messenger bag for work, his old one was getting really beat up. And he just lost his old gloves, so the new ones will keep his hands toasty for a while

His brother and wife got me a pink kitchenaid blender to match my pink mixer and his mom gave us $50 gift certificates to gap. More shopping...YAY! Oh and Johnny also got himself a 32" wega tv from Sony. We didn't do anything much for Christmas, we've just been couch potatoes and spending more time with the kiddo Hobbes.
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I was perfectly happy with a pair of slippers (with cats on of course) and a pair of gloves - mum spoiled me to a bottle of "Echo" perfume... that's really really nice! I did also have the fortune to be put on a course of St. Johns Wort for depression and iron tablets for anaemia. but I got my beef stew and dumplings for lunch in the end. Looks like a lot of you were well and truly spoiled
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