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So are the presents open yet?

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Mike got me a Black & Decker Home Cafe- great coffee in an instant! I was at least able to surprise him this morning with a new flannel shirt from Land's End and a new pair of slippers.
He is resting now, thank God for pain pills that actually work!

So share your Christmas here- what did you get?
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I got the "royal" AOK to get a necklace that I have been wanting for a long while - doing research now on eBay. Then it is off to compare prices at local stores.... I just LOVE shopping/looking a jewelry!

I got hubby a new computer from Dell.
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Awesome! I got a landscape design cd-rom for the computer, which I have been wanting so I can design our front and backyard. I adore designing, especially landscaping. I also got a set of bath gels that each smell like baked goods! (Smell yummy and they are calorie free! ) I got 9 pairs of chandelier earings, a cd I have been wanting, and in my stocking I got a crest spin brush, cinnamon crest toothpaste, and some m&m's with holiday greetings. I also got a cat that is very umm...risque. It is a new collection at wicks in sticks, some look like flapper girls, and all are cats. Very cute, I will take a picture when I find that dang camera!
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Well...I got 8-9 inches of snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a new black leather jacket, new purse, jeans, sweater from American Eagle, new pj's, Lite Brite Cube, the 5oth Edition of the Guiness Book of World Records, Sensa pen (pink) with matching pink cz earrings, pictionary, The 90's trivia game, heart tag bracelet, 8th Season of Friends.....the list goes on......I still have to have Christmas with my mother's family this evening!

I am in complete shock that we actually have snow--we are about 40 minutes from the Gulf--I am exhausted from playing in it all night!
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Brendan and I just opened gifts. I got Brendan a docking station for his XM radio so he can listen to it anywhere, not just in his car.

For me -- I got the digital camera and printer bundle I had been eyeing at Target!!! Here are a few pics I have already taken this morning:

Brendan and I after opening gifts (please excuse the disheveled appearace as neither one showered because we could not wait to open presents!)

Ebony trying to figure out what all that paper is doing on the floor

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Oh yeah, this is what I got mom:
A cd deck for her car (it doesn't have a cd player in it), a lemon verbena candle that she had been wanting, a cooking cd-rom where you can hold 2 billion of your own recipes, and it also includes lots of recipes, some new wine glasses, a concert ticket to Montgomery Gentry and Trace Adkins, along with lots of other stuff. Oh and the new dvd for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, we are watching it as I type! They are hilarious!
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Originally posted by caprice
I am in complete shock that we actually have snow--we are about 40 minutes from the Gulf--I am exhausted from playing in it all night!
That is soooo weird, especially since you got 8-9 inches of snow! Here is southern Minnesota, where I live, we only have a very light dusting of snow, like maybe 1/8 of an inch covering the ground.

I got a new cookbook, jeans, a pretty Christmas sweater, a nice warm sweatshirt, a book of Christmas stories, a new coffee maker, and 14K white gold earrings.
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i got from my mum 100 euros and i spent it on a new desk for the new house im moving into.
Then today i opened the presents that Sar sent me.
My dad hasnt given me anything and he still hasnt opened his present and its 8 pm

IM going to bring my mum her present now because they celebrate it on xmas eve and we got the car fixed today.
I didnt get anything from my bf yet because he is getting payed next week
this was my xmas
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No presents here to open No Christmas Dinner. I guess I'll go to Dennys and get Turkey and dressing dinner if I can. It's a very Blue Christmas for me.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
No presents here to open No Christmas Dinner. I guess I'll go to Dennys and get Turkey and dressing dinner if I can. It's a very Blue Christmas for me.
Aww..I'm so sorry that it's so blue!

We haven't even celebrated Christmas yet! We had a huge storm in Toronto on Thursday which dumped some snow in Toronto, but also dumped a huge amount north of here. My mother and stepfather were going to come down Christmas Eve but he is very sick right now after trying to dig out from the storm. He had over 4 feet of snow to dig out from and now he may have pneumonia. I just called my mom and they are taking him to the ER to get checked.

It took all day Thursday for him to clear the snow and my mom kept warning him to slow down and not do so much in one day. But of course he didn't listen.

Rob and I will drive up tomorrow & see how he is doing. I'm really hoping everything will turn out ok.
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We just finished, lets just say I was blown away and quite spoiled...gifts "from" the squirrels and Flickers I feed, from the crows who haunt my property and seem to follow me up the street sometimes

Partial list, I have some new Harmony Kingdom pieces, a new piece of All-Clad and a new 3 ply Cephalon stir-fry pan, new software modules for my store (sweet DH), collectable (imo) ceramics from a local artist/friend, soup bowls for my china set from my mom (plus a check!), books, lotions and potions, and my first mandolin slicer.

All the cats have dined on Active Life, Felidae and PetGuard, and are now lounging happily cleaning off whiskers and faces

and I'm off to make only the second ribeye roast of my life, and a from scratch stromboli
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Aww, Hope Sorry you're having such a "blue" day. Treat yourself to something you really like!
I got perfume (his usual gift, though he varies the scents) from my husband, "Hero" and "Hardboiled" (an old Tony Leung/Chow Yun Fat film) on DVD from Jamie (he must've had some help there), a huge fruitcake and cinchona coffee from my mom, a very generous gift of money from my in-laws (have to figure out what I really want - maybe a leather desk chair?), and two Avril Lavigne CDs from my niece and nephew.
The kids really liked their presents, though Erik was a bit overwhelmed by all the words he didn't recognize while leafing through his Webster's dictionary. Nasty person that I am, I told him he should memorize a really obscure term every day and spring it on his English teacher, whom I don't think much of.
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I hope everyone can find a bit of happiness on this Christmas Day.

I got a new wet/dry shaver thingie that I asked for, and a new purse that I desperately needed. Then I got the fun stuff. Earl got me a copy of Tommyland, the autobiography by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue that is autographed by both Tommy and his co-author! He also got me an autographed 8x10 of Motley Crue signed by all 4 members, from the Girls Girls Girls era (which is when they all looked the best IMO). And the coup de gras was an autographed photo of my own demi-god Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)! I about swooned!

Earl got quite a haul too. I hadn't realized that I got him so much stuff! LOL In addition to another 7 or so movies on DVD, he got a new DVD player and wall mount for the big TV for the computer room. He's such a huge movie buff that the little 10" TV in here wasn't going to cut it, and we have an extra 19" collecting dust. Oh yeah, and Antonio Banderas Spirit since he wanted that cologne. Right now he's happily watching the Tribute to Freddie Mercury DVD.

And the kitties are quite sure this whole day is just for them! They haven't even gotten all the toys from their stocking (which was STUFFED), and are totally tired out from playing all morning. Makes me one happy Mommy!
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I got scared to death earlier. The phone rang, and i picked it up and all I could hear was someone sobbing! I said hello several times, and all I could hear was this intense sobbing. I am freaking here, mom is 97 years old, I thought it might be mike's sister telling us mom finally passed on. So finally after saying hello for the fifth time and begging the caller to talk to me (no we don't have caller ID) I hear Mike's daughter sobbing on the phone thanking us for her scrapbook! We put together for all the kids this year, memory books with photos of their childhood and Mike included a personal letter to each of his kids. Donna was crying over the gift! I was flattered she liked it so much, but geez talk about giving me a heart attack! LOL
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What a very meaningful gift for you to give each of the kids, MA. Donna was obviously extremely moved. I'm sure you could have done without that shock, though!
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Sierra gave me my favorite pj's from Victoria's Secret. Because we have an angel card, we also received an assortment of their Signature Scents! Thank you, baby girl, it was so sweet of you to get me something you know I'll enjoy so much!
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Well... my mom didnt get to finish her shopping bcuz of the snow.. so we are going tomorrow.. and going to catch some sales!

i picked out all my stuff. and...
i got a pink sweater, a purple long sleeve shirt... uhm, a white 3/4 sleeve shirt from Abercrombie and a pink i love moose shirt from there also..*they were on sale, only reason i got them* uhm.. som really cute jeans from buckle.. a little makeup kit from VS.. that was on sale for $10... a long sleeve cowgirl shirt.. that is flowered and blue.. and whatever i get tomorrow..

also, from Josh i got a nintendo ds...

from his grandma i got.... http://www.coach.com/shop/product_no...=1&easyask_id=

she gave me the reciept.. and, i think i am goin to exchange it for a bigger one.. thats a dooney & bourke... because i cant fit anything in the one she got me.. she told me that it might be too small thats y she gave me the reciept
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It sounds like a really wonderful, thoughtful gift...but I agree, that was the last way you needed a phone call to begin!
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Besides the new engine in the van, I gave Mom a microbead neck pillow with massager (she's been using it today )and she gave me a book about Scottish tartans.

Sis dropped off a couple of gifts yesterday (she has a 4-wheel drive SUV) including a DVD-VCR unit and tapes and DVDs, some chocolate , fuzzy house socks, and I got some puzzle books (which I usually keep in the van while Mom is shopping or in appointments).

The rest of the gifts will be next weekend when we gather at niece's house. Our family can celebrate Christmas whenever we can!
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Gosh, reading what everyone got is much more fun than explaining it all from our house!! Hey Steph, can ya take of pic of the Victoria's Secret PJ's and hold Sierra? Now that is what should be on their catalog! My Dad sent a tribal necklace from Namibia, of all places, for Eric to go with the tribal bracelet that he sent from the Congo last year. He and his wife travel a lot. I just hope the tribal decorations are compatible and we haven't created bad voodoo by having Eric wear them together WITH the cartoon flannel PJ's all his little neices and nephews sent to him. Can't wait to post a pic of that one. I got a beautiful kitty from Mexico and will post later so Rigel can see it, and a kitty book and and another book and some wonderful homemade trinkets that mean the world to me. The biggest gift, however, is in a separate thread.
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I got a groovy soft nightgown from my dad & his girlfriend. I also got a cool shirt. A beautiful Tiger oil burner... I opened the box, and sat there. I lookd it over, and saw the eyes on the big tiger, and it reminded me of seeing the tiger at the aquarium this summer in Denver. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it.

I also got a scooby doo chia pet... I hope he grows an afro!!! That was from my sister in law and her hubby. From my mamainlaw and papainlaw I got a Professional Home Design suite platinum. It's a program that I can design houses and landscapes, and I guess make cabinets??? It says I can print it out and make a 3D model. That will be cool... I also got the first two Harry Potter movies at our work Christmas party.

Our cats got a Hair magnet, it's a wirebrush like thingy that cats can rub on with a scratchable base. I wanted it for Myth, and she claimed it right off. We also got the 8ft cat tree with 3 platforms. Rage n Shade love that. We got them a bunch of canned foods, and treats. And tons of mice and wierd little toys.

And I got my Myth back in my house!!

Merry Christmas everyone, I'm sorry Hope there is nobody there, but we are here

Everyone stay safe
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Merry Christmas everybody! Sounds like everybody got lots of great gifts! Gary and I promised we weren't getting presents for each other, because we moved into the house and had to buy so much stuff for it this year. So - I got a house and furniture for Christmas! But he did cheat - and bought me a piggy bank (appropriate) - but instead of being a piggy bank, it's a kitty bank . I cheated too, and bought him an Atlas of World History he'd wanted.

Kitties got some new catnip toys - which they're loving. Of course, for them, the best part of the day was playing "hide and chase" with all the boxes full of tissue or paper. Or ripping apart the wrapping paper.... we were, of course, extremely careful not to let them play with the bows.

Happy day, all!
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Merry christmas for yesterday everybody!

I got lots of presents. From Mum I got a Camera/Flip $400 cellphone, and a Dickies Wallet and $100, and from Mums boyfriend I got a manicure set.

From my Dad I got a Paul Frank T-shirt, An incense kit with a cat holder and some wine glasses.

From my Nana I got this funky moving clock, a wall clock, sun block, a necklace, a ring, and a "little black bag" filled with all sorts of goodies.

From my Aunty & Uncle I got a $30 music voucher & some lollies

From my other Aunty & Uncle I got a bright pink beach bag, a bright pink towel and pink body spray!

and from my mums X boyfriend he is buying me a stereo next week!

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From my Dad, I got something I have wanted for eons...The entire set of The Oxford English Dictionary! He found it used...new it would be over $1000.00. It's in excellent shape. BTW, if anyone wants to read about the origins of the Oxford English Dictionary...may I recomend a wonderful book..."The Professor and the Madman" by Simon Winchester. Part history, part grisly murderous madman!
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My daughters and I had Christmas last night. The oldest had to work today and Emily went up north to her friend's family home.

But last night daughter (Rachel) made roast "beast" dinner with red potatoes, carrots, salad, green bean casserole, apple cobbler and ice cream. Then we opened gifts. I got a photo printer, a nice sweater, some perfume and a scarf set. Oh yeah, I also got some nice bath gels and lotions from Bath and Body Works.

I gave Emily a video CD that I made of her life in pictures. It has about 180 pictures from when I had an ultrasound when I was pregnant for her to now. I put it together with some cool music and effects and it turned out pretty darn good. Her and my other daughter both cried. Yeah ok I did too. I also got Emily a flash drive for use at college, a cool CD case that holds 125 CDs, and some sterling silver earings and a bracelet. Then both girls got a homemade bag with a bunch of Avon stuff in it from me. And Emily got a check to help with college.

I got Rachel a digital camera, the Avon stuff, a memory card for her camera and some really cool socks and slippers. Both girls were very happy.

Today it has been just me and my kitties, a blanket and a bunch of movies. Oh and I did talk to my son in Michigan. My grandson's seemed to like the gifts I sent them. The youngest one just had to sleep in the superman set I got him. It is a superman Tshirt, sweat pants and hooded jacket. And the oldest boy is driving dad nuts with the handheld pac man game I got for him. I guess the noise was getting on my son's nerves...... ahhhhhh paybacks! Anyway, I got them both a lot more but I won't get into all that! I'll spare ya'll.
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I was spoiled!!

From my boyfriend: some diamond earrings and matching necklace, a book, a calendar, some Bath & Body works stuff and a mini jewelry box with my initial on it.

From my parents: a Swiffer, some sweaters, and some cash. Oh and some gorgeous hand painted wine glasses my mother didn't want.

From my boyfriend's parents: a fancy scarf, some yummy soap, some scented glittery spray, some peppermints and a bracelet.
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every one is gettin awesome gifts!!
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Sounds like some quite wonderful hauls!!

We started Christmas last night, in anticipation of being on the run this morning getting ready to go over to Vancouver Island today. Also, my stepson was able to join us for dinner last night, so it was a prime opportunity to have a little time and a bit of Christmas with him.

He spoils us every year with a bottle of Port -- usually something in the 20-year range. He apologised for the fact that this year's was only 13 years old -- gee wiz! It's upstairs, or I would give the name, which I didn't recognize this time -- sometimes I do -- always it's lovely.

My prezzie from Rob is (one of the times it's OK to combine birthday and Christmas ) my computer. Although there were some kitchen gadgets, too. Even when we agree not to "do" gifts, there's got to be something to open.

We left the part of the prezzies that includes Dad, so we could do all of that with him today. As it happened, Rob stayed home nursing his back -- the reason we didn't go to his Mum's.

Now I'm going back upstairs to turn the game hen (diavola) and prepare the accompaniments.

Merry Christmas, All.
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So far I've received:
From my boyfriend, Mike: LOTS of Grateful Dead stuff: the two best: a set of bootleg tapes dating back to 1966 in San Fransisco AND tickets to Ratdog in April (Bob Weir's band) along with a cd (The Dead playing Bob Dylan songs) and record (Blues for Allah) and some other cute things.
At my mom's house: a very nice peacoat, back to the future dvd set and a george forman grill.
At my Mike's parents house: lots of gift certificates and more grateful dead stuff!
At my Nan's house: a littermaid!! (which I just set up and I'm actually excited for my cat to use the litterbox haha!!), a sewing machine, lots of nice turtle and kitty figurines (from lenox, etc.) and some gift certificates

We still have yet to see his grandmother and my aunt and uncle.
It seems as though I have been a good girl this year. hehe

I hope everyone had a great day!!!
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The presents are open and the Christmas madness is gone. The presents are piled everywhere. Lets see a stuffed snowman, 3 wall plaques, a lipstick Red Sweater and a unicorn waterball statue. Plus some money thanks sis love it. Also some pictures of family I don't get to see often. Have I forgotten something let me look A diamond ring to replace engagement ring that finally wore out. Gotta Love that Hubby of mine.
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