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The Joys of Catnip!

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Merry Christmas, all!

I got my cat a big bag of catnip for Christmas and put it in her stocking tonight. lol She's a big, old girl but apparently there is nothing wrong with her nose!
The catnip is sealed in a bag, in her stocking which is probably hanging atleast 10 ft. in the air. There is a step stool underneath it that she has been trying to use to get up there. And she has been playing like she got into the whole bag (which is unusual for her)! hahaha We have a kitty bed that she cannot fit in that we use for her toys which she has been hopping in and out of and taking all the toys out.
It's so fun to see her like this. I can't until tomorrow when we actually take it out of the bag !!!!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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Katie, just a tip, give her only a little bit of the catnip loose. I put it inside an old telephone book or a sock and just let them go to town. Seal the rest up tightly in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer- keeps it nice and fresh until you need to give her more of it-

Merry Christmas
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Oh, what fun!Sierra tore right into her catnip teddy bear as soon as I got it wrapped! We're having so much fun with our babies this year for Christmas, aren't we!
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Thanks for the idea. I hadn't planned to give her much because obviously she doesn't need much! lol But I didn't know you could freeze it. This will last her a life time!! (or nine!)
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That is wonderful! Just don't send it to Australia.
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Seriously, a few x-mases ago Comere almost killed himself trying to get to catnip in his stocking. I'm not exhagerating either.

We have two china cabinets with little nobs on the doors. We use the nobs to hang the stockings. Comere's stocking was on a nob about 4 feet off the ground.

A rocking chair we have was in front of the cabinet, kinda caddy-corner with the back of the chair facing the nob. It was the type of chair with a runged back. At the top the rungs are wide apart, but as they get closer to the seat, they get much closer together.

Well Comere was up on his hind legs poking his head through the rungs to get to his stocking. I wasn't home and my husband was in the bedroom. We assume he must have lost his footing because all of a sudden my husband hears this gagging/gurgling/gasping sound coming from the living room and he thinks "what the hell is that noise???"

He get up and goes into the living room and the cat has his neck wedged between the rungs. He must have slipped and fell, getting caught and then all his freaking out and attempts to get free made him fall further. He was wedged in there good and really choking. If we hadn't been home, I have no doubt he would have died.

Luckily, my husband grabbed him and pulled him up and out.

Obviously, we keep his stocking hung down on one of the lower knobs now where he can get it easily -- no furniture or anything for him to hurt himself on And it's fun to watch him play with his catnip smelling stocking in the days leading up to x-mas morning when he finally gets the real thing.

Hope your kitty has a great time! It sure sounds like she's going to love it!
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Oh boy! The things cats will do for catnip!!!
That sounds like something my mom's cat would do. We used to live in a condo and we were on the second floor. One time at about maybe 4 in the morning we all woke up when we heard this loud bang at my mom's window. By the time we got up to look out the window and see what it was.. we saw Jesse climbing up the tree.. And she then proceded to jump from the tree into the screen to try to get in the house! Not once, but twice!! Maybe she thought she was strong enough to break the screen?? *sigh* Who knows. She's a very sweet kitty.. but certainly not the brightest.

I have no idea why I am still up. Normally I'm in bed by 11 or so. I better go get some sleep so can bring me my presents.

Hope you all have a great Christmas!!!
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