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Soooooooo... what is everyone up to this holiday weekend?

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I hope that I get out of work early tonight, but I may have to work a full day. Then I have to rush home and make dip for a party tonight at my aunt's house. Also have to make the crust for my pie I am making tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, get up, clean, bake, (hubby is cooking), have the in-laws over, eat, open pressies, clean, sleep. Sunday will be a trip to visit my mom, dad, sis and her family (over 1 hour drive). At least I have Monday and Tuesday off. Then I will do some laundry, go to the OB for week 34 check up and visit my grandmother in the senior's centre. Then maybe I will rest. I wouldn't count on it.

Anyone else going to be this busy?
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I thought this was to be a HOLIDAY weekend - so when does your holiday start?

Hubby will collect son early tomorrow morning (about 8 pm), he always comes home to open pressies!! Then we all sit down to open pressies together. Have Christmas dinner. Relax. If the weather isn't too bad, we'll go for a walk on Boxing Day and find a village pub somewhere. Then have a relaxing week. Except Thursday when we're taking our FERAL to the VET to get her checked over - oh-oh. Getting her in the carrier's going to be great fun
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Sleeping. I managed to catch a cold earlier in the week, and then drove from Ohio to Maryland in all the horrible weather yesterday. The cold is now kicking my butt but I'm at Dad's and he's spoling me rotten.
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I was mixing up some more Christmas cookie dough this morning and Snowball tried to help! Thank goodness cats take a lot of naps and he finally fell asleep on the counter! We'll be celebrating Christmas (and opening some presents) with family this evening and going to Midnight services at church. Tomorrow we will be home all day, opening more presents and having Christmas dinner!
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Today has been wrapping presents and doing stockings for me. That's all done, with the exception of the final wrapping and decorating of the basket of goodies we always do for Rob's Mum.

After this small airing of the brain, I shall return to my Christmas Eve duties, and make a couple of apple pies for tomorrow's dinner. We'll go to church late, and when we come home, we'll have the gifts that don't involve parents or kids, then off to bed.

Tomorrow, we'll be up early preparing to catch a 3 pm ferry to Vancouver Island for dinner at Rob's Mum's. But before we get to the ferry, we will stop by my Dad and spend some time with him.

We'll stay at Rob's Mum's for a couple of days, and then come home and hang out for the rest of the week. Back to work on the 3rd.
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I headed to WalMart, at 7:00 a.m. and bought cat food, litter and money cards. Got out of there within 1/2 hour and only spent $23.00. If they had had those cute shoes in any color, other than pink, it would have been more.

From there, I swung into the supermarket, for a pumpkin pie, chocolate pudding cake and a meat and cheese tray, for my parents. The 99-cent Store opened early and I nipped into there, for wine gift bags.

Dropping my purchases at home, Bill and I went our seperate ways. We both hit the bank (him to deposit, me to withdraw). On a whim, I hit the nearly-empty El Con Mall. Somebody told me that they had a new shoe store - no such luck! Robinsons-May DID have a shoe sale but, they were still too high-priced. Payless was totally picked over.

I had better luck next door, at Target: black baby-doll high-heeled pumps and a cute kitty T-shirt.

Around 4:00, we headed up to my parents'. They are both happy, with their presents. Mom tried to steal my new jacket and my purple chandelier earrings. Thank goodness, her piercings have closed up.

Finally met my brother's new wife. She said "hello" and shut herself in their bedroom. Real sociable gal, that.

Bill and I went out and played with Mom's dogs (actually, I needed a cigarette). Brewster, the Great Dane nearly knocked Bill over. Brewster outweighs Bill. We were both thoroughly sniffed and given reproachful looks, when we got home.

At the moment, Bill is buried in the racing books, that I gave him.

Tomorrow, we're off to Benson and Christmas with the kids and grandkids. Mm-mmm - homeade tamales!
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Just spending quiet time with Mike. I rented a ton of videos to keep him entertained. Laughed all the way through Stepford Wives and Danny Deckchair. Even got desperate enough to rent Anacondas and Python vs Boa- those movies are for Mike to enjoy Not my cup of tea at all-
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We had Christmas with my family tonight, and as per our tradition, hub and I swapped gifts when we came home......I got him some cookbooks, and he got me a new memory foam pillow that I wouldn't buy for myself! Tomorrow, we REST!!!! Just a really good day to eat, sleep and recharge our spiritual and physical batteries before we go and do Christmas with his crew Sunday.
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Today was the big shindig at my in-laws house. All my inlaws were there and a few close friends of the family.

Lots of food, fun, music... big dinner around 6:30 (pork, rice and beans, yucca, salad, bread, fish, stuffed crab)... then desert (pastries, individual cheesecakes, cookies, fruitcake, pie)... and then exchanging presents.

We were there until about 11... we drove my stepson back to his mom's and headed home. Now I'm waiting for husband and daughter to fall asleep so I can get her presents under the tree and sneak his surprise gift under there too. He was feeling exhausted so I just told him to go to bed and I'd get our daughter's gifts out... and I get to be sneaky

Tomorrow we stay home. Open-door policy, our friends and family are welcome to stop by and join us if they like. We have coffee and donuts out all day for anyone who does. We stay in our pajamas all day My mom comes over around 1-ish and we spend the whole day taking our time exchanging our little piles of gifts for one another, and just relaxing.

Sunday will be play day. We'll go to the store and spend our gift cards and exchange any presents that are duplicates or don't fit. Then we'll head home to play with our new toys

Hub works on Monday... I'm off.

Hope you all had a great x-mas eve and have a wonderful x-mas day!
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Cindy only spent $23 at Wal-Mart??? No. Impossible!

Tonight I'm making a cherry-rhubarb pie and preparing Prime Rib for the holiday dinner tomorrow. He comes home at 2 a.m. so we'll sleep and then tomorrow exchange gifts and go to see The Aviator with friends. I hope we can play chess by the fire tomorrow night, that would be nice.....even better if Sasha could keep his big paws to himself. He likes my Queen.
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I know what you're getting!!

LOL (MA being a brat~)
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Well it's now chriustmas morning here, so merry christmas!!!.

I'm playing hostess and my sister is coming over for the day. It's her first christmas without her beloved German Shepherd Benji who she lost just this year so i'm trying to make it extra special for her.

This will be the first time she's seen Rosie and Sophie in person because when she had Benji he was so protective over her she couldn't leave him or have anyone at the house!, so i'm quite looking forward to that

Then later on i have a few friends popping in for some drinks and a buffet
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Susan that sounds so splendid! I've always, always wanted to experience Christmas in England. I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Well, I woke up feeling pretty rotten Friday morning with temp over 101 and barely able to make it to the potty and back. I've had a cough all week, but believe I now have quite a case of bronchitis. So, Sierra and I celebrated Christmas Eve in bed! My little sweet comforting baby slept right on my neck the entire time! Now, I've really accomplished something to get to my computer chair to enjoy part of Christmas with our friends here!
Now, I really need to get it together, because we're supposed to go back home to spend Christmas evening with our family, a 3 hour drive. It's very special to me that I get there in time!
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I worked last night, and today I have to work from 11am-11pm...those babies don't birth themselves, the selfish little boogers!

Someone have some "Christmas cheer" for me!
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I woke up WAY too early - 4:00 a.m. Opie opened one eye, as if to say WHAT do you think you're doing? and went back to sleep. I let Rowdy out of her crate, she hit the litter box and food bowl. The next thing, that I knew, SHE was in bed with Bill and Opie. Buddy ate his breakfast and flopped on the living room sofa. Ike refused to get off of "his" sofa and go outside. Even the sound of food hitting the pan didn't get him up. Finally, at about 7:00, I dragged him out. This was Buddy's cue to take over the sofa and afghan.

Bill is in the kitchen, frying bacon and sausages. He's taken the loaf of Texas toast out of the freezer. I take this as a hint that he wants French toast, for breakfast.

Opie and Buddy have gone back to bed, the dogs are basking in the sun and Rowdy is trotting around, with the new kitty toy in her mouth. We'll head for the kids', at around noon. The memory card is in the camera and I have spare batteries so, I'll have beaucoup pix to post.

Merry Christmas to all!
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Stephanie, with a fever, you shouldn't be going anywhere but to bed! I am sure that is where you mom will put you when she sees you show up!
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I've been really struggling with that, MA, but I've just been thinking how sad I'll be if I miss Christmas.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I've been really struggling with that, MA, but I've just been thinking how sad I'll be if I miss Christmas.
Well, you could just postpone it!?! That's what we do when my husband has to work (he's a nurse, too, as is my sister). I don't know - a three-hour dirve with a fever doesn't sound good (or safe), and you might infect your family.
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It's kinda funny, Tricia, as soon as I posted that the phone rang with with a mix of yours and MA's posts from my Mom!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
It's kinda funny, Tricia, as soon as I posted that the phone rang with with a mix of yours and MA's posts from my Mom!
Mother knows best!
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I hope you all have had a great xmas!
Tomorrow i will be cooking chicken!! i hope it turns out good and it might be just like a xmas dinner.
My mother told me i didnt have to go into the hospital tomorrow.
Then for the rest of the week and weekend i am packing and cleaning.
Right now my room has only paper :claps: Because Teufel has knocked over and ripped up lots of paper and even the sugar bowl so there is a lot of cleaning to do here!
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Sierra and I will now be going back to bed as we enjoy our quiet Christmas evening together.
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Well my weekends almost over -

Saturday was of course christmas day and I got up at 6:30 AM and done all my chores and then got dressed for the day and then Mum & I at 8:30 AM went to her boyfriends for a lovely breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Hashbrowns, Toast & Fruit Juice. Also we exchanged presents.

Then at 11:30 AM I went to my Aunty & Uncles for lunch - with my Dad & Nana & Cousins.

Then at 4:00 PM my Mums ex boyfriend who I am very close to picked me up and I went and had christmas with his family. I stayed the night there and came home at 8:30 this morning.

Mum & I cleaned the house until 12:30 this afternoon and then we went and checked out some Boxing Day Sales. Now I'm relaxing a bit before I go to Nanas and have leftovers with her.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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