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Any suggestions for a 19 hour car ride???

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Hey y'all, I haven't been on for a few months since I've been studying in London, but I'm back now. I just had a few questions and wanted some opinions on them. Not completely sure where to post this though, so feel free to move it to the correct location if needed.

Sheba and I have to make a 19 hour car ride back down to Florida for school. She has always done fine in the car, but I was wondering if there were any special precautions I should take since this will be such a long drive. Do y'all think it's ok to just let her have her run of the car, or should I put her in a carrier? I hate the thought of doing that, but I'm more concerned with her safety than anything else.

Also, one of my roomies has a mini pincer who loves cats. The only problem is that Sheba doesn't so much love dogs. Any suggestions on how I should go about introducing the two of them? Could I go about it the same as if I were introducing two new cats to each other? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks a lot for the article. It looks to be very helpful. Any suggestions about the dog?
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I have traveled with my cats too much! If I am going long distances like you are I always put them in a pet porter in the back seat safley and snugly! They get upset at first but they settle down after awhile and just go to sleep. If you do let them loose for a min or to, dont let them in the front near the air bag, my friend let her dog sit on her lap a couple months ago while driving and she got in a little fender bender and the airbags went off and killed the little guy! It was so sad.

There are also pills you can get from your vet if your cat doesnt travel well, it calms them down, or there is pills that make them sleepy to.

But yes make there they are in a pet porter!!!!! Saftey first!!!
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I've never had to introduce cat to a dog or vice versa.

I would assume that it is similiar but something to keep in mind. The body language of a cat and that of a dog are vastly different. Sort of what causes things to fall apart I suppose, miscommunication between the two.

Am sure that there are some around here who have done it.
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I would always put a cat or any pet into a strong container, just in case you have to brake hard at any time, or god forbid, have a crash. That way, your cat will not be hurled from one side of the car to another. I also strap the container in using a seatbelt so they are nice and secure, usually on the front passenger seat so I can see & talk to them on the way.

Oh, one other thing: if your cat is a howler, take some earplugs!!

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CJ isn't exactly a dog cat as well, but when my grandma brought her Yorkie over, I just let them be, and kept an eye on them. The cat can jump places the dog can't, and that's what I kept in mind. They were fine after CJ could just sit up in a high place and watch her. Then, she jumped down, and sniffed Angel, and they were fine.
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