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A very merry Christmas to you all!!!

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I just wanted to wish each and every one of you a very happy Christmas and all the very best for the new year. I won't be online again for a little while - I'm going to put my feet up and pig out on all the good things in life - so until I'm thin enough to stand and get to the pc again, I hope you all have a wonderful time. Here's a couple of things that I want to pass on... little snippets of wisdom

Remember, the material things in life don't matter, the love of your friends and family do - so if you do happen to be one of the unfortunates who gets the hand-knitted scratchy jumper from grandma - you don't have to wear it. Just wear the smile and remember how much time and love went into making it just for you. Even if it's three sizes too big.

Spare a thought and a prayer for those out there who don't have the things we do and be grateful for everything around you.

Enjoy it.

With all the love in the world coming your way from me.
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Emma, this is so touching! Sierra and I wish you and very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom which we will all do well to remember this holiday season!
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A very merry Christmas to you Emma and your little boy and furbabies too. Do you have any plans - or just a gentle time?
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there will only be me, mum and my little man this year. It'll be quiet. I hope.... mind you, the 4am wake-up call should be interesting!!
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For us it will be hubby, daughter and me. Daughter's old enough to open her stocking and go back to sleep without waking us up!!! Then son will come to our's when he's woken up. MIL is with hubby's older sister this year, my parents will call round during the morning.

I hope you have a lovely day with your little boy.
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Good advice - thanks for sharing! And Happy Holidays to you!
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A very happy holiday to you!
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Merry Christmas Emma!!!!
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Happy Holidays to you too!
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Happy Holidays... Stay safe.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Weekend to you too Emma.
I'm very glad you're part of the TCS family. Very glad indeed.
((((BIG FAT HUG))))
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Awe... Merry Christmas to you

heres a (((HUG)))
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Happy holidays emma!!!
Dont pig out so much that you wont be able to move!!!
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Merry Christmas to All of You

Love Lauren and Baby Skylar..

Christmas Hint: Eat a lot of cookies!
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Very well put Emma!. I'm always grateful whatever i get because it's the thought thats been put into it!.

Merry christmas everyone!!
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Same to you Emma, and very true what you said!
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Happy Holidays, Emma, and thank you for the reminder about what this time of year is all about!
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