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Originally Posted by Sanctie
I just wanted to ask if Mouse is ok now???
--Sanctie(and Conner)
actually, she's still at the vet's, recovering! i haven't had any news since sunday, but he told me that she would probably have to stay until wednesday at the earliest ($$$$ help!). anyway, i'm currently not even in the same state as she is! since i couldn't do anything by staying there, i went ahead with my original holiday plans & am in louisiana visiting family. we're going back on thursday, & i'm thinking i'll be able to pick her up then, but i'll be calling him probably before that. as of sunday, she still wasn't voluntarily eating, but the vomiting had stopped so they were force-feeding her, poor baby! otherwise, he says she's doing okay, but still not completely recovered.
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well if you can't be with mouse than she is in the best place of all, where she will get quality care-
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Originally Posted by hissy
well if you can't be with mouse than she is in the best place of all, where she will get quality care-
I'm sorry about the vet bills. I know how that is, since I spent about $1,500 (or more) on my cat, Penelope, in the past couple of months. She had Pyothorax and is still on medication.

When I wake up with my purring kitty next to me, though, I can't deny that it was worth every penny! :

I'm so glad Mouse is on the mend and that God heard our prayers!
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Well, it sounds like she's in good hands. I'm glad you were able to go ahead & visit family, and hope you don't worry too much. Hopefully she'll be much better when you get home, so she can go home with you.
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I'm sorry. I just noticed this. Hope that Mouse has a speedy recovery. I know she will be glad to be home.
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well, the vet called this morning, but i didn't hear the phone. i realized i had a missed call & called him this afternoon, & he told me Mouse had passed away last night. he said he was really hoping she'd make it, but she just finally gave up. thanks for all your prayers during this hard time - i appreciate it muchly!
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I am so sorry Rest well Mouse, and may there indeed be a special field in heaven where all cats can take afternoon naps in the sun, and do silly gavotte's with the butterflies.
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Laureen, I'm so terribly sorry for your great loss. Mouse is at the Rainbow Bridge now, completely free from pain and frolicking in the grass.

Out of respect for your grief and for sweet little Mouse, I'll move this to Crossing the Bridge.
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Laureen, my sympathies and from me and Jasper.
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I am soo sorry Laureen..... Miss Mouse is indeed at Rainbow Bridge being welcomed and playing with the other kitties. She is also looking down and watching her meowmy and brother and sister.
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So very sorry to hear about your Mouse. At least you know that you did everything you could and gave her every chance.
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Darlin', I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mouse, {{HUGS}}
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Laureen, I'm so very sorry for your loss, and my thoughts are with you at this sad time!
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I'm so sorry about Mouse I hoped everything would be fine
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Oh, Laureen!

I'm so heartbroken for you and your family. This is awful. I was praying so hard for Mouse.

Please know I'm still praying for little angel Mouse. I'm also praying for her entire family to stay strong. I think cats like Mouse must leave this earth very peacefully because they have had fulfilling lives as loved and cherished members of their families. In that way, you gave Mouse a forever gift. I hope you can find a moment of consolation in that in this time of grief.

I'm so so so sorry. This is such an unpleasant shock.
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Laureen, My Heart goes out to you, and I know Mouse is playing at Rainbow Bridge, stay strong you will see Mouse again ...I'm so
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Laureen, I'm so sorry about your loss of sweet little Mouse. She was such an important part of the cat site family.

We had wonderful times with her.
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I am so sorry that it ended badly after all your hopes. I am not sure what is worse - knowing from the start that something is terminal, or building up everything to have it dashed at the end. It is what makes me scared still for Persil. My thoughts are with you at this time.
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Laureen, I am deeply sorry to hear about Mouse's passing.
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Lauren I am so very sorry to hear of Mouses passing - also sorry that I was away during this time when Mouse was ill.

I have read through this post and write this with tears in my eyes - what a great Mum you were to Mouse you did everything possible for her - you know that

RIP sweet Mouse
play happily at the rainbow bridge free of any pain and when the time comes you will be reunited again but until then play happily our little angel we will miss you
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Oh Lauren I am so sorry you lost dear Mouse. I just checked in to read if she was okay and saw the thread had been moved. I was so sad. Dear Mouse is happy and playing at the Rainbow Bridge, looking over you, Pixel and Cable.
My thoughts are with you at this desperately sad time.
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Laureen - I missed Mouse's story until now. I'm so sorry to hear about poor Mouse . You must be feeling so sad right now. Hold your other babies close and be comforted by the knowledge that you did everything you could for Mouse and gave her the best chance. Poor poor Mouse.

My thoughts are with you at this very sad time
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I'm sorry about your loss of your Mouse
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I am so very sorry dear sweet Mouse didn't make it through this. Hopes were so high.

My heart goes out to you.

Rest in Peace over Rainbow Bridge, sweet beautiful girl
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I read about Mouse passing on in another thread but thought I'd come here as well. It's strange that a person can get so attached to an animal via a message board here I set crying as I type this. I am most sorry for your loss.

May Mouse frolick happily over Rainbow Bridge until such time that you meet again.
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I'm so terribly sorry to hear Mouse has left you. This is so heartbreaking. She was so beautiful. Mouse is now watching happily over you and Pixel and Cable. Take care during this difficult time.
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Thanks for all your sympathies. Pixel & Cable are helping me during this time. Cable's even taken over Mouse's 'washing' duties!
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Gosh i cant believe it!! miss mouse!! I hope you are happy on the other side of the rainbow bridge
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Laureen -- I have completely missed this thread until now. I'm so sorry to hear of Mouse's passing. How difficult to believe her problems had been dealt with and then to lose her. I'm glad you have Pixel and Cable to help you through this tough time. RIP Sweet Mouse
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We are so very sorry you have lost your Mouse, but in our human realm only. Laureen, you will see her soon in ways she will show her spirit to you. Your Cable & Pixel will show her love to you and will guide you through. OUr prayers are with you in this time and always,
(Freddie 11/09/03, SiSi, never forgotten)
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