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Mouse is sick - help!

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Mouse is currently at the vet's. he says she has bladder stones, & kidney stones in her left kidney. he's taking another xray to determine whether the right kidney is clear. i'm thinking if it is, he should operate & just remove the involved kidney & the bladder stones. any suggestions - has anyone else's cat had this problem?
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Laureen, I don't have any experience to share, but I would like to share my good thoughts and positive energy with you and Mouse.
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Laureen, I would go with what your vet recommends. The kidneys help to clear toxins out of the cat's system. I am not sure what the life cycle is for a cat with one kidney? If this is just a one time illness, then I would hope that the stones can be dissolved and Mouse will be okay?
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he says she'll have to be on a special diet, but once the stones are gone that's all i have to do...
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I am so sorry I have not had a cat with kidney stones, but I have had one with bladder stones - my Tyler - who had calcium oxalate stones which we had removed recently.

He's now on a wet food only diet (struvite stones are easier to deal with in terms of diet), and I am hoping he does not develop any further stones. He's an oldster, and I just want him comfortable for these last few years.
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My Eddie is one week out from having bladder stones removed. So far so good, he is on his new special diet and the only problems so far is that when he came home he would "leak" outside his box. This problem has slowly corrected and he hasn't had any accidents for 24 hrs. My Vet told me that once a cat gets these stones, they are more prone to them but with care and a good diet he has a good chance of staying healthy.
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Laureen....big hugs going out to you and Mouse.

I haven't had any experience with any of my kitties having kidney stones before......but my Sheltie had problems with them when he was about a year old. The vet actually told me that he probably wouldn't live very long and it made me mad. I said, "Just tell me what I need to do." So I had him on a special diet that I could only get at certain pet stores and vets and it was very expensive. I kept him on it for about 3 years and then slowly began weaning him off of it. Eventually, I had him on regular food and he never had another problem with the stones. He lived to be 14 years old and was healthy and happy. I finally had to have him PTS a couple of years ago due to other health problems because of his age.

Just don't give up.....do the special diet for as long as you need to. Hopefully, Mouse will recover from this just fine and get back to being herself.

Take care and my thoughts are with you guys.
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Oh no poor Mouse Just wanted to send some good healing vibes your way!!
Did the vet tell you how she got the stones?
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Little Alexander had bladder stones but his young age and size would have made living with them very hard. Lots of love and wishes that Mouse will do well!
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Poor Mouse!

I've never had a cat with kidney stones, but Oreo had surgery this summer to remove bladder stones, and came out from it just fine.

Here's an article, if it helps to read about it:
Nephrolithiasis (Kidney Stones)

Sending healing prayers for your sweet girl and hugs to you
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well, altho she definitely has stones in both bladder & kidney, he's also thinking she has some sort of bowel obstruction, which is what i've thought all along... so he's doing surgery today (even as we speak!) & if it's fixable, he'll fix it. he says there's less than a 50% chance that it's something inoperable, like cancer - if it is that, i've already told him to have her PTS. otherwise i'll pick her up this afternoon & take her home. i'll write back when i can - can't get online except at Mom's, so that kind of limits when i can write. i'll definitely write on christmas day with final results, if not sooner... depending on whether i take her home, i may be able to write tomorrow or later today. thanks for all the good wishes & prayers - i appreciate it muchly!
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Here's hoping you get only the best news!
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Praying that the results are good and that you and Mouse have a good Christmas
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Thanks for the update.

Thinking of you, and praying for Mouse to have a successful surgery and a quick recovery.
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I'll be thinking of you both today, and hope to read good news later today. Be well Mouse and be home soon!
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Sending *Healing Vibes* for your Mouse and hoping for a fast recovery.
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ok, Mouse is out of surgery! she had several things wrong, but the vet seems to think he fixed everything except the kidney stones. they actually don't seem to be causing her any pain, & i was most concerned about the continuous vomiting, so if that's fixed, we can work on the stones later, IMO. anyway, he'll be calling back later today to tell me whether i'm taking her home tonight or if she has to stay there - i'm hoping i can take her home, where she's comfortable, but i'm so glad she's come thru the surgery, either would be fine with me. please keep praying for her, tho - he says she's not out of the woods yet, & i'm going to have to force feed her for a while. i never thought, of all my kitties, that Mouse would be the one to turn down food!
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Thanks for the update. I'm so glad she made it through the surgery allright! I hope that she recovers quickly so she can go home with you, and that she starts feeling better soon.
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I'm glad Mouse made it through surgery! I hope everything goes ok
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awe, best of luck to you.. and i hope that mouse is better asap
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That is good news and I hope you soon have her home with you
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I'm glad she made it through the surgery allright and hopfully Mouse can come home soon.
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I'm so happy to hear she made it through surgery, wishing her a swift recovery.
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Thanks to all of you!
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So glad to hear she's made it though the surgery and that most of the issues are fixed. I hope Mouse can come home with you, where both of you will be most comfortable.

Merry Christmas Laureen and Mouse - you'll be OK Mouse! That's the best Christmas present ever for your mommy!!
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Hugs and prayers and healing vibes also will be going out to Miss mouse from me and Patches and Tiger and calming vibes also to You Laureen
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hi everybody! the vet told me that Mouse would probably not come home until wednesday or thursday, but he's going to call before monday to let me know when i can take her home. on another note - yesterday Pixel washed Cable's face - wile they were sitting on my lap! this also made me very happy! thanks to all my friends who were praying & thinking good thoughts for Mouse!

Merry Christmas!
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Hi Laureen,

Glad to hear Pixel & Cable are starting to become affectionate towards each other

How is Mouse? I hope she's getting better & can come home soon!
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I just wanted to ask if Mouse is ok now???
--Sanctie(and Conner)
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