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Whow many cats do you have?

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How many cats do you have?
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Not enough, but too many for this small place . . .
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Three, although with the five month old kitten stomping all over the house, sometimes I think I actually have two cats and fourteen elephants.
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I have 3 cats, but I wish I could have at least 15!
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I have five babies, (it would've been 7 but two are now 's..)
I NEED more!! MORE MORE MORE!!! :laughing:
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Five adults in the house and one feral outside.
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We only have 1. My husband isn't too thrilled about having any more. Sometimes I wish I had at least 2 so my Chloe wouldn't be alone all day while we both work. Although, laying in bed with her this morning and enjoying her affection and love to me, I felt so honored and to be her mommy. I don't think I'd get this attention from her if there was another kitty around.
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14 at this point. I don't plan on making it more, 14 is definately the limit, but yes, we have 14 with us. And 3 rainbow angels.
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Two here.

Vlinder, I was so worried about the same thing. And it did change things for a while. In fact, I was so upset I had posted to another board (didn't know about this one then). They told me to give it time. Well in a couple of weeks he was back to being my boy again. Now I know I am not the only one who would worry about emotional closeness to a cat.
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We have 5 cats.......
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We had two cats for the last ten years. Two cats work out really well for us, and they are good company for each other when we are gone for the day. Midnight recently became an so our little Snowball has our full attention, at least for awhile.
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I have 7!
Cagney-3 year old B&W Tuxedo female (Mommy, soon to be spayed)
LilyBelle-almost 7 month old B&W Tuxedo female (very Alpha)
Gilligan-5 month old part Russina Blue male (still trying to nurse on people...any body part will do, thank you)
4 kittens- 6 weeks old, 1 B&W Tux female, 1 silver and white Tux female, 1 lilac point part Siamese male, 1 seal (?) point part Siamese male....all beautiful and I wanna keep all 4!!!

Gilligan has found a new home, and will leave in 2 days, Cagney and Lily are "my girls" and will always be, and I am struggling to decide on which kitten I will keep...it's just too darn hard!

Its between the 2 boys, one has attached himself to me, is by far the most beautiful and affectionate (the lilac point), and also the most developed, his nickname is Louie (for Lewis and Clark 'cuz he has been the first at Everything)

The other is "the runt" he's the Seal point (I think?) he is much smaller than the others, has still not shown any interest in kitty food or the potty box, and is just not nearly as advanced as the others...but he's so darn cute! He is very loving, and cries until I pick him up, and he's just so homely you have to love him! I'm hoping he'll catch up, the vet says he's fine, but he worries me a little. He's just so sweet, you cant help but love him and want to care for him!

Anyway, I got way off track, sorry.

Thats my family,
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3 kitties here...Onyx my two year old boy, Loco my 4 month old boy, and Missy, my 5 week old kitten When we get a bigger house there will be more additions to our fur-family, you can bet on that!
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2 cats - Angus and Pepper (or angleberry and peppercorn as they are called by "grandma")....we also have two guinea pigs (baxter and zeke) and one new puppy - Sascha. Can you say hair, hair, everywhere!!!!?!?!?

I'd have more cats - but my husband is starting to think about charging admission to our "zoo" as it is!!!!!

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we have 3 cats but i would love another maine coon to keep winston company as the 2 bengals tend to stick together and ignore all wistons attempts to play,but hubby says no more!!!!!!!!
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I have 2, but I think I could easily handle 3 :flash:
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