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Paige and Ghibli.. Odd.

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We bought Ghibli with the idea that he would, once all the scaredness wore off (on him) he'd have a buddy to play with, and they'd run and wrassle and just have a good old time.

Instead, Ghibli came in the house, was plunked down in his room, and after two days of telling us he loved us, he decided that it was a GREAT idea to go out into the big bad world of the apartment and find those other kitties to play with. He escaped out to visit. Paige was Terrified of him. And until 2 days ago, she hissed at him and ran away at every interception. Well and so. We would wait to see her warm up to him, slowly.

And suddenly, she bopped him, and ran off, Ghibli chasing her like a little boy being chased by sharkie-sharkies. Was that play, or fighting..? We decided we would have to wait and see.

The Cat Tree, the great equalizer, we call it, as there's some obstacle to the cat tree. Ghibli is very good at the upward part of the cat tree.. but the down.....not so much. Paige is good at neither the ascent or decline, and generally abstains from use of said tree. She watches him fall off the cat tree, and then, in some weird comraderie .. baps him.
She baps him when he's playing with the feathery toy we have that he likes.. it's almost.. motherly...I'm waiting to see bath time... I never pegged her as much of a mommy.
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That is kinda neat... I guess it's just a wait and see kinda thing, like you said. Keep us updated, they both sound cute!
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Looks to me that Paige is telling Ghibli to quit showing off!
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