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you aint gonna believe this...

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All the hell I have been going through with my head and work etc, well, one part is coming to an end. Just had a telephone call from the job that I went for and gave it all so much, I got two migraines after the two interviews and the company has formally offered me the job as a complaints manager. There is one person above me and a few more below, however, I researched this job so hard and I gave it 100000% and I am absolutely over the moon. I have to decide whether to work or not work the next month - thats depending on the doc tomorrow as hes teh one that knows what my head is like. If he says no and I have to rest - then so much the better. The company is aware of my head as well and are happy as what I have is a rare condition and is being made better.
No selling, no pressure, no weekends (had over 8 years of working everyone) and they will honour my flying commitments as well. Salary slightly higher, its 40 miles away - but what the heck......I worked so hard for it, I really did.
Cant thank you enough for your thoughts for the job, just gotta kill the pain and Kevin is away from where he is now. Will be sent the official letter by email this pm, then I can get my termination of contract in.
Miracles do happen.....
On cloud 9 and staying on it
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Oh Kev that is lovely! deserve it!! Good things really DO happen! I am so happy for you!!
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I can also give my boss the notice when it gets emailed to me, no more worrying over her attitude towards me......Amen
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Congratulations Kev! I have followed your story a bit here in the last few weeks and don't know all the details, but could tell you really needed this new job for a "happiness boost". I'm so happy you got it! I hope your migraines get better soon (I get them about once a year and cannot imagine what you must feel going through them so often).
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Congratulations Kev! That is brilliant news!

I bet you are feeling extatic now! You won't have to go back to that awful boss you had and you have an excellent new job that understands all that you require!

I am so pleased for you!

How are your headaches now? I hope they are improving by the day!
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Oh Kevin that is wonderful! Isn't good news the best thing????
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Good things still happen to good people! Makes me believe in karma!
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Originally Posted by Sar

How are your headaches now? I hope they are improving by the day!
These are still bad. I went through an absolute week of demented hell with withdrawal from three different drugs. In all these times I was unable to take any other pain killing drug and thats bad when one has a migraine and it hurts. I am on a new drug now that is not a painkiller, however, its job is to cut down on the spasms in my head that is causing the infected area to dliate etc.
Am still off work and have to return tomorrow to the doc to see what they want to do. The Migranosus is still bad, it will take a long time to go and until then, I have to grin and bear with the pain.
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Originally Posted by kev
I can also give my boss the notice when it gets emailed to me, no more worrying over her attitude towards me......Amen

THAT is the important part. I can't help but think that musur is a cause of a lit of your recurring migraine (IE.. I know that stress is a trigger, and can only make you feel worse!) Good to be away from her..
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I had a fortune cookie yesterday, it said: Get ready! Good furtune comes in bunches.
I believe it was written for you. Glad that things are looking rosy for you.
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Hang in there and congratulations on the new job, I sent you a PM about some of my
findings. I do hope the headaches get a lot better.
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You so deserved a cosmic break...this is wonderful, I am very happy for you. Now...for the headaches and this condition to begin to resolve so you can enjoy life with weekends off, and this wonderful sounding new job.

Your wife and son must be very pleased at the prospect of having you home more with the new job
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Fantastic news Kev!
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Yay and congrats - that's excellent news!
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Heya kev! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply - I've been pretty tired over the past couple of days But I'm sooooo pleased you got this job!! Congratulations boyo!! OH man, I'm so thrilled for you - this is such a huge change for the better for you. It was great to talk to you the other night and it was really good to hear you sounding so chipper. You know what they say... the only way is up!!
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I am so happy for you Kevin! You deserve it!
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This is absolutly wonderful Kev! You truly deserve this job! Hang in there things are on an up swing!
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Congratulations !!!! I am so happy for you !

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Good news! I am sure that losing that stress will also help your recovery
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Cant believe the high I am on at the moment - have not got the official email, did get a second call from the recruitment consultancy to congratulate men and if my spirits were not high enough, they went up massively and even further. You will never know the amount of stress that it will relieve, also job comes with increased responsibility and a slightly larger salary- also comes distance 60 mile round trip - but what the heck huh!!!!!! Brill eh?
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Congratulations Kev

that's great news - hopefully it will help clear those migraines away too
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I am being naughty right now, despite being on the drugs, I have been out and got a four pack of beer. I am having one as we speak and its a few inches from the pc and never has a beer tasted so good, believe me, its like the nectar of the gods. I know it wont help my head, but its my only treat and to each and everyone of you, I raise a glass and thank you for everything - even the beer tastes so much sweeter than normal...nothing is more sweet than freindship though.
Heck, I even made things up with my mum, who is coming over xmas eve to stay over night - her second xmas without Clive, her first with us in our place and one where she sits and enjoys, with the two Yorkies as well and relaxes.
If I can give any of this feeling of elation to any of you, please accept this with all my love. For the first time in years, I am starting to look forward to christmas and that takes a lot of doing for me.
Have a good evening whilst kevin gets a little merry and all thanks to you lot
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Merry Christmas Kev - I can just feel the happy vibes surfing their way around the forum.
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Congratulations! Now you just have to get your migraines straightened out, and things will be grand! Enjoy Christmas!
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Aww Kev! What a neat Christmas prezzie! That is so awesome.
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Thats wonderful news!
I wish you the merriest Christmas ever, you truly deserve it
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