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tigger sound like a loverly cat to have about and ive enjoyed reading about him and i just hope that he keeps uyou all happy whislt he has got the time with you
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Tigger is really quite the nice cat, provided certain rules are followed.

1. Don't let Tigger in the same room with Laptop and Sterling. (He doesn't like those two cats and we don't know why) He likes Charlie and Shadow.

2. Do not let the dog in the same room at the same time as Tigger.

The old problem of pulling back a stump if you scratched too close to his tail/back legs or scratching his tummy has gone away.

He is the only cat that we feed anytime he tells us he's hungry. He will only eat three or four kibbles and that it.

He is the most vocal of all the cats when he's watching kitty TV, especially when the interloper cat from next door walks back and forth on the deck or deck railing (squizzles are almost as bad) and birds are at the feeder.

He is the only cat allowed on the table, counter or on the fridge.

He seems to be the only master who has to constantly establish his DOMINENCE over the other cats. Laptop is Alpha, but he allows Tigger to think he's the boss (nice of him I think)
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You write so well and so amusingly, it's really fun to read your adventures with your Masters.

Not to mention, you have earned a lot of good karma for the kindliness you show them. Especially when you had to spend four days in the hospital. Most people would have sent Tigger back to the in-laws.
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Thank you.

I'd never considered myself to be a writer as been published as a poet. Nonetheless, it seems that I do have to fully communicate the situation as my master would be quite upset if I did not try to fully chronicle his life.

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Tigger continues to confuse and confound us slaves. Not wishing to just endure with Tigger, I've taken to perform behavior that in the past, would have resulted in scratches and bites. I've scratched his belly while he's getting a drink. That resulted in loud purrs (or was it because he once again succeded in getting a slave to turn on the water?) I give him back rubs and massages that end up at his tail. This would have resulted in growls, fangs and nails coming out. Maybe once or twice a day it does result in his tail fapping back and forth (telling me he's not happy) so I stop. I talk soothingly to him and give him attention when he's drinking. When he stops drinking I pick him up and put him on his back. Scratching and belly rub time. 95% of the time he's purring within seconds. I don't do it long... just enough time to get into the bedroom and let him jump to the bed. Getting down to his level by getting on my knees Tigger will bonk me and purr. Rubbing against me to mark me as one of his possitions occurs. (Charlie the Three Legged cat also does this. He'll jump up on my lap and put his front legs on my shoulder. Being the LONG kitty that he is he'll be able to reach my face and that's when he'll rub cheeks) Tigger will rub cheeks a smidge longer than Charlie though.

Than it's either RUN OFF to explore where his primary slave is OR collapse curl and work (curled up sleeping is working for a cat if you didn't know)

When his primary slave and I are getting ready for bed, he will walk AROUND his primary slave at least two complete circles AROUND her. When she has become supine, he will start walking in much smaller circles. He doesn't like her moving around to settle in for night. She will finally decide to settle on her right or left side. When this occurs, he will settle in for the night ON TOP of her. Nighty night everyone.

Can't figure out why he has to circle around her.

Oh well
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I just love reading these posts!! You have certainly transformed Tigger!! Bless you for giving him a second chance on life! And hurray for Tigger for making the most of that 2nd chance! This story is an inspiration for those who are undecided on taking on an animal with health issues!!
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All three of us give Tigger lots of attention. Son will get a little testy with him at times. He will also yell at him for getting on the table (although we tell him that it's ok. He's been doing it for at least a decade and he's not going to change his ways for him. We just make sure that the other cats don't perform that behavior because we don't let them on the eating table. Just Tigger)

Darling wife and I treat Tigger soothingly as much as possible (unless he's getting into a nasty mood than it's off to catatory [purgatory for normal folks] We know he was yelled at for many years so we're telling him we're different. It has paid off.

We're in the "Treat him as we would like to be treated" catagory.
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I should point out that we have:

1 bird "Sunshine" oldest of all our masters. Cockatiel @ 14 yrs.
Tigger @ "12 yrs we think"
Laptop,Shadow Ram (brothers) 9 yrs. old
Sterling (brother or cousin of Laptop/Shadow - same dad and two girls who had all their kittens at the same time - nursed any kitted who was hungry)
Charlie - teenager kitty about 3 yrs. old
1 Alaskan Malamute Kaitu @ 13 yrs.

Tigger is the only one who does NOT like Kaitu. (we figger he was terrified by a dog when he was an abandoned kitten before wife and son "acquired" him [before my time]

We put Tigger in his room for about two hours and let all the other cats/dog up in our living area. When Tigger is out, Sterling/Laptop and Kaitu are downstairs (or outside in the case of Kaitu. He only likes to stay inside about 20 minutes before he wants back out so he's an outside dog)

Tigger/Shadow/Charlie get along rather well so they get to be upstairs lots.

Sunshine gets to visit when everyone else is downstairs or when I'm in the bedroom alone. I'm her primary slave although she likes wife and son. I'm still number one in her book (as wife is to Tigger/Sterling, Shadow Ram is to son, Kaitu, Laptop and Sunshine is to me) Charlie seems to be leaning toward wife and I.

and that's life in our zoo.
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Missed another great oportunity today. I frequent another newsgroup more often than here (a computer chat group as I'm a computer geek) when Tigger jumped up on the table. Tigger is the only master allowed on the table and he has used the laptop computers (not our master Laptop) for a bed because they are warm places to curl up and work. He chose not to walk on mine as he saw that I was working, but instead walked up my arm and stood on my shoulders surveying his domain. Imagine, if you will, master Tigger upon my shoulders. Front legs on my left shoulder and rear legs on my right. Tail flapping back and forth hitting me in the face. Tigger is in a good mood and decides to stay on my shoulders for a couple of minutes. Wife comes in and decides that this is a good moment to capture on camera. She turns on the camers, which Tigger hears the wind up of the flash so he dicides that he is done surveying his domain and waks away. Too late AGAiN

He decides that he should go bask in the son and work.
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My mother/father in laws came over to visit. Tigger welcomed them in his own fashion by taking a look, ignore them and wanted some water. I gave him some attention and cradled him in my arm. I scratched/wratched his tummy and LOUD purrs were heard. In laws were amazed. He than told me he had enough by a very gentle growl and so I put him down. I figure that he likes the attention while the water is getting cold, although he does "seem to like" a belly rub. [shrug]

I have noticed that I do have to spend more time giving him attention while he gets water also. Hmmm I'm still not number one in his book, but I'm near the top of the list.

%^ )
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Tigger decided to take advantage of me today. He complained loudly that he was hungry. That was not a big deal. I put his food on the floor (we keep his food in a kitchen cabinet so the other cats won't eat his food. Tigger does not keep eating. He just eats lots of times a day. A little bit each time.

This time he eat ONE kibble. All that complaining for ONE kibble. Hmm am I being played for a typical slave?

Tigger complains that he's in need of water. He's not had ANY water in a week. Ask him and he'll tell you that's what he said.

Tigger sticks his nose in the water for less than a millisecond. He's testing me.

That's what it has to be.

Sigh....Life with Tigger continues. %^)
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Had another fine moment today. Tigger and Charlie (three legged cat we rescued) were both in "Great Hunter" mode. Tigger hunts straws and Charlie has a plastic fork he hunts. BOTH of them will "meoraaawllll" when they have the straw or fork in his mouth. They will run around for a short time and, most likely, present the "kill" to someone in the house. Tigger "normally" presents to Nancy as she is his primary slave. Charlie will take the closest slave available. Both of them came running to me in the bedroom, dropped the prey and OFF to the races. Down the hall with a turn into the living room. Loud meows.. and a rebound off the cat chair (carpet covered chair that has two levels and a hidey hole wrap around the bottom legs) to the couch and the large scratching post and bounce around the kitchen with a sudden stop in the front hall with a lounge/laying down as if they had been there for hours. Purr

Life with the masters continue
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LOL. Your cats have such fun characters.
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Getting ready to depart for the night shift, I was held hostage by Tigger, Charlie and Shadow. Front door was open (screen door closed since we keep all our master indoors) and everyone mentioned was sprawled out sunning themselves. I ask them if they were trying to keep me home and the response I received was:

Tigger - a very BIG yawn
Charlie - additional stretching to get additional sun
Shadow - a blank look telling me that said: "This affects me how?" and laid his head back down.

Sun bath continues without interruption and I am ignored.

Nancy takes pity and calls Tigger from the kitchen. ZOOOOM like shot Tigger is expecting a snack. Charlie follows. Shadow just continues laying there but I'm able to step over him (he's used to that and doesn't get upset since he trusts me not to step on him) and continue off to work.

Life with my masters continues..... %^)
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Those masters of yours know that they're onto a good thing at your home!
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Tigger was very abusive last night. I got home @ 8:20pm having worked the 8sm-8pm day watch. Said hello to everyone. Sunshine was first since she was about to go to bed. She needs about 12 hours sleep or she gets cranky (common with cockatiels) Visit with Kaitu. Go to the family room to watch some history channel. Get settled in and Tigger runs to door and waits. Off like a shot to the bathroom. I go turn on the water. He walks back and forth getting attention. Runs to the family room. I sit down again..... off to the bathroom for water. Didn't we just do this I ask?

Tigger: Your point? getting attention

Tigger runs off with no drink. I follow. Pick him up and pet pet pet pet pet pet. I figure he's had enough.

OFF to the bathroom.

Repeat all the above.

Repeat all the above.

Finally I tell him he's had enough attention.

Tigger responds with: Ok.. I'm done with water. How about you feed me?

He does eat though.

and gets a drink of water.

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Tigger was very nice to me this afternoon. I sleep from about 9am to 5pm if I have the night shift. I was under a light blanket and Tigger was standing on me giving me a massage. Shadow Ram was laying beside me and giving my legs a massage. Very nice of them I think.

Does anyone else get the fleece blanket massage from their nice masters?

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Tigger had me laughing some today. I was getting ready to go to work and I just happened to look toward the door of the bedroom as he was walking out. The little thief was taking my wristwatch!

I'd no idea he could tell time. %^)
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Maybe he figured if he hid it you wouldn't know it was time to go to work...instead you could stay and cater to his every whim!! :P
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That's what he tried to do tonight. Started to climb my leg in the kitchen...so I picked him up.... and than he curled up in my arm and wanted to be petted and petted and petted and petted and petted till I thought my arms were going fall off. He looks up at me, with a smile, and stands up (difficult to do when being held by a slave) stretches and jumps to the floor.

That's all for now slave. You may go about your business till I want more attention.

and he saunters off to sun himself by the front door.
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I have discovered that it seems I'm the only person that my master Tigger allows to give him a belly scratch on a regular basis. His primary slave (my wife) is allowed to scratch his belly (sometimes) and handle his feet. I'm not allowed to do that.

My master Sterling (the cat who is now a diabetic) is starting to spend more than 30 seconds on the bed if I'm there watching TV. If his brother Laptop is on the bed he'll stay for maybe 10 minutes or longer provided I don't move.
Normally I'm only safe if I'm in the kitchen or sitting at the table. Sigh...

life goes on with my masters. %^)
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Tigger has started a new behavior in that he now wants to be picked up (only in the kitchen for some reason) so that he can look around (I think it's so he can spy any food available that he can beg for)

He will sit in my crooked arm with paws on shoulder. Demanding being petted.

ALL of his slaves (cats are masters and people are slaves) must comply or suffer loud meows.

All of the other masters have yet to demonstrate this trait. I'm sure Tigger will pass this information.
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I just read this straight through - what a wonderful chronicle!

Thank you so much for sharing.
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I don't know if I'd call it wonderful when Tigger walks up and down my body and meows loudly in my ear to wake me up so he can get out of the bedroom for a drink in HIS bathroom but he has become much more mild mannered. Thank you though. %^)
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Tigger appears to be the guilty party, albeit unwittingly, who turns off my cpap/bipap machine. I have the machine on a box so that it is lower than my
recumbent form when sleeping. It forms a natural stairstep to the bed. Floor to box to cpap/bipap to nightstand. This way he does not have to jump the entire distance, is he so choses. Stepping up he will sometimes turn off the cpap/bipap. The cpap/bipap has a sensor that turn on the machine if it detects breathing so I just keep sleeping. HOWEVER, the heater for the humidifier gets turned off and that means I awaken with a very dry mouth. I highly recommend having a desert mouth. It produces many new sensations and allows horrid breath to build so that darling wife will not approach closer than 5 feet.

Tigger and my other masters (cats are masters and humans are slave - just ask them and they will tell you all about it - if it pleases them to tell you) seem to think that it rivals their kibble breath and don't mind.

Tigger has chosen to ignore the hose and noisy machine. It's just part of the background noise now and is beneath his attention.

Life with my masters goes on.
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Tigger was in fine fettle this morning. Standing on the guest bathroom sink, tail quivering (he does this on a fairly frequent basis) and rubbing his head against the mirror frame. We call him Mr. Quivertail during these occasions. He's not angry or in a cranky mood. Just quivers his tail.

That was followed by "Might Straw Hunter" mode. A deep throated meroowwlll will be heard throughout the house and everyone knows that he has successfully hunted down and killed a straw. Tigger will sometimes race around the house with the straw and finally present his kill to one of his slaves. (humans are slaves to cats; cats are masters - Ask them they'll tell you) I'm in the kitchen, almost ready to do to work, when he walks in and demands that he be picked up. He is now laying on my arm, rear legs supported by my hand, and his head near my shoulder looking around. He has discovered that a new higher perch will allow a different view of his domain and he likes to look around. He also requires that I pet him. Darling wife is about to make my lunch sandwich and he spies the lunch meat. DOWN like a flash and TELLING / demanding that he be fed with part of my lunch. A small portion was delivered, thus satisfying the demands so he walks over to his food bowl and eats a couple of kibbles. Tigger is the type cat who only eats what he needs to eat and no more. He's not overweight. The other four masters will all eat as much as they can and will gain weight so we feed them three times a day.

Than off to the races through every upstairs room with a sudden throw myself on the floor stop. Looking around, as if to say "What are you looking at? I'm resting so don't bother me!"

Life with my masters goes on.
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Tigger was "working" last night, on the bed ("normal" people would call it sleeping, but we cat slaves know that our masters are actually working) when he decided to stretch. A very LONG stretch which resulted in his sliding off the bed. (This particular behavior is what my darling wife and I call: "I meant to do that")

His look to us indicated that "I meant to do that" to show you that I am fully capable of extra ordinary gymnastic displays of physical accumen. It really was a fine display of the agility that our master Tigger is capable.

(we started laughing when he exited the room) Hope he doesn't think we were laughing at him. %^)
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At least you waited till he left the room to laugh at him! I'm afraid I'm not so sensitive to my kittie's fragile egos.
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Darling wife and I have discovered that we MUST not laugh at them else they get cranky. Cranky cats are not nice to have around when in multiple numbers.
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Originally Posted by felton
Tigger was "working" last night, on the bed ("normal" people would call it sleeping, but we cat slaves know that our masters are actually working) when he decided to stretch. A very LONG stretch which resulted in his sliding off the bed. (This particular behavior is what my darling wife and I call: "I meant to do that")

His look to us indicated that "I meant to do that" to show you that I am fully capable of extra ordinary gymnastic displays of physical accumen. It really was a fine display of the agility that our master Tigger is capable.

(we started laughing when he exited the room) Hope he doesn't think we were laughing at him. %^)

I hope he doesn't read this and see me laughing. I may get a self-taken photo of a cat giving me the evil eye in the mail.
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