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We've taken on a new cat - Tigger  

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Found another thread:

Tigger, abandonded many years ago, was taken in by my wife [before we were married and was a single parent (dratted husband didn't provide support) ] when she lived with her parents. When she moved out, her parents kept Tigger. No wishing to have an argument with them she allowed this to happen.

Many years later:

Enter Felton, marriage and LARGE house. Four cats, two dogs and one cockatiel.

Tigger is in early stage kidney failure by this time of his life. My in-laws want Tiiger put down as they don't want to have him suffer. Nancy takes Tigger to vet and an IV is used to give him fluids. Nancy is a nurse and know I don't object to any expense where it relates to health and welfare of our masters. We chose the burden by letting them make us slaves.

Tigger is now at home. Drinking more and getting used to the additional needs that will support him till he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Tigger may stay with us till he crosses. MIL and FIL have not yet decided

but we will provide what we can and hope he accepts the additional four cats into his world (since he thinks he's Alpha cat)

Charlie has become a member in good standing in our clan and life goes on.
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You are doing a wonderful thing for Tigger. Having a Tiggy ourselves, I understand. But then again, none of us ever wants our babies to suffer.......God bless you for watching out for him until it's his time.........
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Glad to hear Tigger is in good hands with you now. I hope he has quite a bit of more time to share with you and your family. Bless you.
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What a wonderful life you are giving Tiggy! Welcome to the family, little boy!
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I hope it all works out for you's
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Tigger Update:

Tigger accepts Shadow Ram as Alpha and they have fun RUNNING around the house doing bounce turns [a bounce turn is using an object or person to stop their forward momentum so they can bounce off and make a 90 degree or more turn in direction] and sudden stops somewhere and look like they are "resting" or assuming the meatloaf position [forward legs folded under body and they look like a meatloaf]

Tigger drinks lots of water, but no other problems. He has become a much more mellow cat and life is good. [he would never allow a tummy scratch or tail scratch (at the base of the tail) or having a foot rub] When mother in law and father in law visit (they only live 30 miles away) they are amazed at his change to become a mellow cat.

Tigger still not allow interaction with any of the other cats though. He will not tolerate the dogs, except through the window. Oh well.... we still love him lots.
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Glad to hear Tigger is doing well and running around, enjoying himself. You've done a wonderful thing for him.....
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Thank you so much for helping dear Tigger during a time of great need. This is a great thing you are doing for him. I myself had a Tigger as well before....( )

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Another update: We have found out that Tigger will practically OOZE from your feet to your head and cry when he spots you eating a Little Debbie fancy cake. He doesn't react to catnip.... but those little cakes will cause quite the reaction
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Aw Tigger sounds like such a charactor! Thanks for taking him in!
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Tigger is in a foul mood today. Attacking everyone.....

and Shadow Ram the alpha is NOT taking any nonsense. Put Tigger in his bedroom for a time out.

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Tigger went ... VERY CRANKY... I now have about 6 scratches I received while putting a towel over his head so we could put him into TIME OUT. It seems he does not like Laptop so he will occasionally attack him. Laptop is the biggest cat (and a scardy cat) When we got him into his room, when we uncovered his head, he started purring and panting / meowing (we think he was sorry but not sure)

Oh well.... cranky OLD cats is an experience I'd rather not have but we knew that going in he was cranky at times.
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Sorry but not sure, that's cute. At least it wasn't a suprise when he got cranky. Hope Laptop and you are okay!
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Felton, nevertheless, you are doing such a noble thing and with so much love. He'll see.
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You're doing a great job taking care of Tigger, and he can feel how much love you have for him. Everyone has cranky days, and he will settle in soon.
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Good luck! He is blessed to be part of your family!
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I've been admitted to the hospital because of the bite/scratch %^(
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I spent four days in the hospital because of the infection that Tigger gave me.
IV antibiotics every 6 hours and PAINFUL reactions. Zowie...

Painkillers and getting poked with needles by techs who wouldn't listen where to poke me in the arm to get blood.

Home now and Tigger has been rather loving of late. I think he knows that I was sick because of him.

Oh well... life with cats.
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Oh poor you - I hope you're feeling better now. It can be so tough introducing another cat - paticularly if they're same sex. I hope things settle down for you. It's so wonderful of your to care for Tigger.
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Well... Tigger, Three Legged Charlie and Shadow all lounge on the bed with Laptop and Stirling under the bed. Seems Laptop and Stirling just don't like Charlie or Tigger. Sigh...
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Update: My wife Nancy gets up this morning (I had the night watch 8pm - 8am) to feed the motley crew of cats and finds that not one single one of them is coming over to demand breakfast. Hmmmm... this is strange since they get fed 3 times daily and overnight they seem to be famished. Looking around we find that Tiggers food bag has been broken into (not a mean feat in and of it self since it was on the top of a bookcase that only one of the cats is capable of getting to (alpha cat Shadow ) since it's behind a large box. Hmmm it's been chewed open AND one of them figured out how to get the rather sturdy clothes pin off the folded over open end.

Hmmmm All of them looked at Nancy as if to say: "Good morning my slave, did you come down to give us attention? We're not hungry so go away [smug look on faces] so that's all we need"
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You had better watch out...once they learn how to get & pay for their own food, they may dismiss you and your wife altogether!

Or perhaps they will chain you to the furniture so you can provide belly rubs and scritches, and are at their 24/7 disposal. I'd keep a sharp eye!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
You had better watch out...once they learn how to get & pay for their own food, they may dismiss you and your wife altogether!

I think they like to much to get rid of us.

Or perhaps they will chain you to the furniture so you can provide belly rubs and scritches, and are at their 24/7 disposal. I'd keep a sharp eye!
They've not figured out the lock to the drawer so we're safe.
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Update on Tigger:

While Tigger lived with my father/mother in law, he LOVED lounging on top of the fridge so he could observe what's going on in the kitchen and make comments on what they were cooking for dinner (and if it met his requirements for dinner)

I came home after the day watch (8AM-8PM) and when I walked into the kitchen I almost lost it. Tigger was trying his best to slither under the cabinet so he could assume the position he was used to at the other house. The space between the top of the fridge and the bottom of the cabinet is just a smidgen TOO SMALL. Tigger could get into the space if he were laying on his side but he wanted to crawl/slither as was his wont from previous life. He complained MIGHTILY while wriggling and it was quite humorous to see his backside moving back and forth and no place to go.

Tigger just kind of glared at me and when I walked up to the fridge he walked onto my shoulder and put his tail into my face (hmm did he just tell me what he thought of my laughter??) and than told me to let him down to the floor.

Yes master... I'll get a snack for you and give you a through petting.
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It seems they like to take my socks and carry them around the house of late. We call it fetch kitty mode. When they get really flaky it's not uncommon to find the toilet paper rolls unwound.
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Tigger and Charlie have become buddies. Both being orange tabby (Charlie does have white though) is why we think they've done so. They also like Shadow Ram (alpha)
They both seem to enjoy terrorizing Sterling and Laptop. Sigh... so we have to rotate they're being upstairs with us to give them opportunity to interact with the slaves.

The running and chasing each other (among those who like each other is fun) and using the kitchen cabinets for bounce turns will occur. The LOUD complaints that the guest bathroom sink faucet is not on letting them drink (followed by going to the master bathroom and deja vu complaints of course) still persist.

Three legged Charlie has taken great enjoyment watching kitty TV (large window overlooking bird feeder, bird bath and deck railing that squizzles/birds perch/run upon. The neighborhood cats seem to take pleasure basking on the rail and taunting the indoor cats (and our two Alaskan Malamutes who remain outside most of the day)

We have found that Three Legged Charlie has also taken to gazing upon Sunshine, our Cockatiel cage beside the kitty TV window, with some longing. He has been caught trying to reach the cage from the window sill, to which we object loudly. We DON'T EAT FAMILY Charlie!! and chase him away. So he gets banished to the basement when we're not home or at night when all cats but Tigger are downstairs with our son.

Tigger will spend the night with us, walking over my head to get to my darling wife. Tigger gazes upon my darling wife with adoration. He follows her around the house. Sleeps curled up on her all night. He'll risk slipping into the bathtub when she's taking a bath (he's done that once, much to his chagrine and LOUD complaints) I'm only tolerated provided I give him attention while he waits for the water to get cold (or he decides that all he wanted was attention and runs away from the bathroom, not an uncommon act he does - - the other cats will drink 99% of the time)

ALL of them have figured out how to get to the quilting stash and use it as a fine pillow. Wonderful new smells abound. They also like to help on the cutting board, holding down the fabric, rulers and objects placed there. Ah... it's nice to have helper kitties.

Bed making is just as fun. 4 cats help (Sterling takes no notice of bed making) to make the bed. Jumping, pouncing and running back and forth on the bed is amusing beyond belief it seems.

All the cats will be under the bed when a thunder clap comes to visit and they will be very quiet till the thunder passes.

Life goes on with so many Masters. %^ )
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I've been remiss in posting an update about Tigger.

A couple of weeks ago we took Tigger in for a followup on his kidney disease and we got the word from the vet that his condition is much improved. The only outward problem is that he will drink lots of water. We have no problem living with this, but it does get humorous when he begs for us to turn on the sink water 20 seconds after he's had a L O N G drink. He'll require lots of petting and positive words most of the time (we think that's why he does it %^ )

He's also become quite laid back. (except for Laptop and Kaitu the dog)
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Thanks for the update. I love reading about Tigger.
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Tigger somehow managed to get outside today (I most likely left a screen door open before I went to work) It was twilight and Nancy said she looked out on the deck and there he was. Huddled up in the corner..... nervous little kitty he was.

I should point out that Tigger was NEVER an outside kat. Methinks he wanted to investigate the kitty TV and when it got dark AND windy (he has never liked the wind) it stopped him in his tracks.

She called to him and faster than a speeding bullet, in he came to bonk her on the leg... PURRING very loud.

Ah... you rescued.. ah I mean you let me explore the deck. THANK YOU my slave.

now get me some food.
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