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i just found a bump on sid!

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sid cuddled up to me for a snuggle as i was waking up, and i found a very hard raised bump under his fur on his side, near his back legs. it was NOT there a day or so ago. anyone have any idea what it could be, or where it came from? my panicked brain jumped to 'oh my god, my cat has cancer!' but i'm hoping for calmer minds to provide me some insight.
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Lumps are very frightening to find on our furbabies, it's best to get them checked by the vet. Keep a check on it to see if it gets any bigger.

Chuckie had a lump the other month at the top of his front leg but it was soft and moved a bit when I felt it. I couldn't get a vet appointment until about 5 days later but it kept shrinking a bit everyday and by the time I got him to his appointment the lump was gone.The vet said it was a cyst the might come back again but it'd be alright.
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Hi Kristi - I'm with Diane on this - best to get it checked out (the sooner the better for your peace of mind) with the vet.

Did Sid get shots recently? Sometimes cats develop allergic reactions at the injection site.

You're a very observant mom to find the lump so quickly. Let us know what the vet says.
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he got a rabies shot last week- but i believe it was actually on his hip... the thought of a cyst hadn't come to mind... thanks... i don't think i'll be able to get him back to the vet soon- we just spent the rest of our money after last week's vet trip! but i will keep an eye on it.
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Ooops, never mind!! I misread the note from KTLynn
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Kristi - Since there's a possibility that this lump did in fact result from the rabies shot, you really do need to take Sid back to the vet for a look.

I don't want to scare you, but sometimes these lumps do develop into cancer - they're called injection site sarcomas. Sometimes they're just allergic reactions. The only way to know for sure is to let the vet examine it, and take a biopsy if necessary.

Please don't wait to do this. I know you said he was just in, but you should call for an appointment and explain your concern. The vet, if he charges at all, should only charge for a brief re-check visit since all he needs to do is check out the lump. Lumps are not an uncommon occurance and any good vet would encourage you to bring him right back in, especially if the lump feels hard.
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It really should not cost much to get it checked and it could be serious. You can discuss treatment options with the vet, but at least have him check it so he knows what it looks like and feels like now, so he can compare if it doesn't go away later. That is really important, the comparison by a professional. If it is related to his immunization, chances are it is not serious since it developed so soon and so suddenly, but you really should have the vet give it a feel. Maybe they would let you just hand him over the counter and have the vet check it and not charge you for a visit? My vet would. Becky
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*starting to regain the panic* then i will call dr morris and do so. thank you all very much.
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Yes, getting it check out with the vet is the best way to reassure yourself.

Both Abbie and Freija habitually developed bumps after their vaccinations. We monitored each time and over the next few weeks, the bumps resolved themselves and went away. We were aware of the possibility for more serious repercussions, but as my vet also said, 90% of post vaccination bumps go away on their own, and even of the 10% that don't only a fraction of those turn out to be serious. Still, your vet is the best person to advise you what to look out for, and if you should consider a biopsy. Since the vaccinations were just last week, this does fall into the normal range of experiences.

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okay. i feel better with every comment ya'll are making... sub-question, since sid isn't acting any differently or meowing or anything, if it goes away on its own before we're able to get him to the vet, should i still take him in?
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No, I wouldn't. If it goes away it was probably nothing. But if it is still there on Monday, I would get it checked. Becky
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okie then
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just to let ya'll know-
when jim came home later that day, he asked to see the bump, and when i showed him, the position he was holding sid in was nearly identical to when we held him down for the shot, and the bump was right where the shot was. also, i've been keeping an eye on the bump and sid in general, and it's not really going away, but it's not gotten any bigger, and he'll let me finger it when i pet him... i don't think he even notices it, let alone is bothered by it. i will still get him in as soon as i can; i tried, however sid doesn't seem to relish the idea of going outside right now- seems he doesn't like playing in snow. hmm. boy, i tell ya, i wish i had a camera when that cold air hit him lol... i'll keep ya'll posted.
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