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Hello Again

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have been enjoying the site for about 6 months but, apparently my username was lost in all that so I had to sign up again.
I have 3 wonderful girls , as you can probably tell my my username. Trouble is 4 and lives up to her name! I adopted her and her niece, Cracker, from a friend and her husband when they had to move back home about 2 1/2 year ago.
Cracker is 3 and almost all white, hence her name. (I did not chose her name!). She is somewhat shy, but a sweetheart.
Lucky is 7 months old. I rescued her at the end of July at work. A customer came through our drive-thru at the bank and we heard a cat meowing. Come to find out she was under the car's hood. It took us over an hour to coax her out and she is lucky to have survived being in there with all the moving parts, which is how she came to have her name.
I will add some pictures of my 3 wonderful girls soon!
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Hi to you and your girls! Can't wait to see any pictures of them! And wow that Lucky was found in a car's hood - that's one of my fears: to be driving around with a cat stuck there! I'm glad you saved her and are taking such good care of her!
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Thank you!! She is growing up to fast!
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Hello and welcome again!!
Can't wait to see pics of your three cuties!!

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Welcome Again to TCS!!!!!
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Hi!I'm so glad you, Trouble, Cracker, and Lucky have returned!
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Hi and welcome back to the site!
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