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Funny pic

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Bodlover sent this to me so I could put it up for her!
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Thanks Tigger!!! I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I thought a little lightheartedness might be fun!! Apologies if anyone finds this offensive...... It's meant to give you a chuckle!

Tigger, thanks again hun! Much appreciated! (of course if I get flamed for this - I'll blame you!! :laughing: )

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It's extremely strange and creepy......
...just like the real bin Laden I have seen a picture of the REAL bin Laden with a similiar expression.
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Oh dear, I just thought, I don't know if the USA know who Mr Bean is?!!! oh dear....this is supposed to be funny because here in the UK there is a well known show called Mr Bean....its pretty funny and the guy is such an idiot..... ah well I guess my attempt at humor is bodged!!! duh!! Guess I should've thought of that before.... oh well for any of you who do know of Mr Bean, funny isn't it?!!

:homer: :laughing:
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I have seen the Mr. Been show several times. Did you see the Mr. Been movie when it came out? The movie focuses on the painting of Whisler's Mother. I thought it was pretty funny.
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Hi bodlover, I think most of us here in the US know who Mr. Been is. I know his movies are all here for rent, and his show is on TV sometimes. My husband and I think he is so funny, and I think the photo is hilarious!!:laughing:
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Hiya Sfell, Yup I saw the movie but I have to say - I prefer the show!! It was pretty funny though!! Have you ever seen any of the "Black Adder" shows? - He's in them and they are even funnier!! (especially the military ones!! - as opposed to the ones with Queen Elisabeth in!, though that is quite funny too...)

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Dtolle!!!! Hoooraaah!! Im glad the pic wasn't wasted!!! I wasn't sure if he was very popular in the USA! Glad you like the pic, -it gets funnier every time you look at it!
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Bodlover, I have a favorite Mr. Been scene....its an old one and I don't even know if it was from a movie or a show or what. Its when he is in an indoor swimming pool alone and loses his swimming trunks. Then the girls swim team comes in and he has to get out. Oooooh, its hilarious. I saw it a long time ago, and every time I hear or see him I think of that scene. Have you seen that one yourself??
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Yes I have seen it!! Ooo it was funny! - is that the one where he ends up running through a hotel with a towel or peice of cardboard covering himself? - Or is that a completely different one?!!:laughing:
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Thats the same one!! I loved it, even though I haven't seen it in years! Thanks for a bit of "remembrance" for me.
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I don't know who he is, but if you tell me the names of some of the movies, I'll see if I can find some movies at the video store
and rent them.
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I don't remember any of the names ( I am sure Bodlover does ), but any Blockbuster will know who Mr. Been is and they usually have his movies in the "comedy" section. Go take a look. I've even seen copies at Walmart where they sell videos. Its worth a look!!! Have yourself a good clean laugh!
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Hi Rhea, :angel2:

I don't know who Mr.Been is either...LOL...but I just started a new thread and trust me, I think you'll find it pretty funny...naturally, please don't take the dang thing seriously...I can't imagine anyone would, but...if so???? well,
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Hi guys!! Thanks for all your replies! Glad you found the pic funny!! , Cat, I haven't seen your thread yet love, but I'll go have a peek in a sec!! Nena10, I actually can't remember any of the titles of the videos, but the film is just called "Mr Bean, the movie" I think.... as Dtolle said, I think the video store will be able to help you if you can't find any!! just a warning....the humour is STUPID!!! - some people find him really annoying!!, and , just some advice, the tv series is better than the film, so if you can find any videos of the series, watch them first!! By the way, his real name is Rowan Atkinson....just incase anyone was wondering!

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If the films are as stupidly funny as the Naked Guns series, Hot Shots movies, Police Academy, and other movies like that, I can handle it. Have any of you seen Naked Gun? I can't remember which one, but he's in the boat and they put a dead man's outline in the water. i want to rent them and see them so that I can remember. Oh, I forgot Airport.
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I've seen all those films Nena10!! I love tham too, but Mr Bean is kinda different....you'll have to see it for yourself!! I think I remember that bit you said about with the dead man in the water attached to the back of a boat!! ha ha ha - but I thought it was the film called "Weekend at Bernies" ...... maybe Im thinking of the wrong thing though!!
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