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The kits will get a crinkle tunnel and kitty stockings (& turkey) off Jason and I, New bowls off my Dad and his Gf, Two treat packs off my Mum and her Bf and treats and blankets off Jason's Mum and her Bf. They are spoiled rotten!!!
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Originally Posted by laureen227
i found it online here: http://www.go-cat.com/
and here: http://www.woofandmeowshoppe.com/dabirdcattoy.html
hope that helps Baylee get her toy!
Thanks for the links, however right now I can't order stuff for Baylee online because of the return address - seeing as how she's an illegal resident, I wouldn't want the management to see the package (whenever I get a package, they rarely come and give it to me, they just give it to the office and leave a note in my box) and realize that she was here.

Plus the last time I sent something to my boyfriend's, I never saw it - dunno what happened to it. But tuxedokitties sent me a link to a store here in town so I'll see if I can find it there!
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Comere will be getting some catnip toys (he prefers the ones made by the company FatCatInc.com) and he always gets a nice dosing of catnip x-mas morning after everyone else has opened their gifts.

Mind you, once I put the new toys in his stocking, he'll have the stocking on the floor by the time we get up in the morning. He almost killed himself (no joke!) one year trying to get to the stocking, so now we have it huge real low and clear of anything he can hurt himself on!
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No presents for our kitties. The two older ones rarely play with the ones they have and the "youngster" Serafina has the ones we bought since we got her in September. Plus the rarely express any interest in the things we buy for them - unless the things are edible
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Tibby and Molly receive lots of presents and send a lot too!! This year, they are getting a stocking filled with treats and toys, a spring mouse thingy, a tent, some teaser type toys, a feather duster, things from my parents and sister!!

I just, today, sent a package from the cats to my best friend's parents' animals!! (the lady in the Post Office must think i'm mad!! ) Lots of treats!! They also give presents to me, my Mum, Dad, sister and my Auntie's dog!!

I love sharing Christmas with them!!
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Of course my furrbaby gets a preasent. =^.~=

I dont know how many yet,but last year he got : 1 bag of Cat Nip,2 balls,and some yarn. ^_^
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They will get a bag of dry cat food for sure, maybe canned food too. They may not get it until after Christmas. It will depend on the weather and how my arm is healing.
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
Not only do the cats get a little present, they also GIVE gifts. It really fun to get a gift from a cat.
You bring back such wonderful memories. When my Mom was alive I would give her a gift from me and one from my cats AND my mares! Makes me cry when I see a tag saying to Mom from ??? or to Minnie from Mom or to Uncle Schatzi from ? AS I have lost all three of them.
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Of course my baby girl is getting Christmas presents!I'm so excited! Sierra will be getting this elevated dish , this embroidered collar ,this new tag , a Boogie Mat , Salmon Liv-A-Littles , and a new catnip teddy bear and Swat and Play, since hers are on their last threads, and that's all we have so far. Don't tell Sierra, please, it's a surprise!
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Yes, they are definitely getting presents!
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Santa Paws got my cats:

a feathery birdie-type toy

a bag full of fishy treats

a catnip filled sock (made by mommy-elf)

small furry mice with removeable tails

this crunchy 'frog' toy that supposedly will be fun?

discarded wrapping paper from the humans gifts

discarded bows to stick on the heads of cats who are game for it

cream from the Christmas morning coffee (special occasion; causes the runs something terrible in Snickers!)

and oodles & oodles & oodles of love from the humans who share the house with my furbabies!
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Of course - I have some special treats and toys stashed away, though I'm sure the Christmas tree ornaments (wooden) and a cardboard box full of discarded wrapping paper will be bigger hits!
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