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Your Cat Biographies

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I did a search and couldn't find that anyone had started a thread like this. O.K. you twisted my arm. I'll go first


Miss McKenzie was a daughter of my parent's adopted stray. Her mother was quite a small cat. She had trouble with the pregnancy and had to have an emergency c-section. The kittens were premature and the vet said they would probably be too young to save and would be sickly if they did survive. Mom cat would not nurse. My sister took the babies home with her and I would run over during my lunch hour to feed them with an eyedropper. After a couple of weeks, we tried to see if Mom cat would nurse and Ebony did let them nurse this time. Then I very unexpectedly lost a cat, Mandy, at age 10 to liver failure. I went to my parents so my father could make Mandy a cross for her grave. McKenzie was a spitting image of Mandy. It was almost eerie. While the rest of the litter romped around McKenzie just sat at my feet looking up and staring at me. A week later she was in my house. She is now 14. She is my cuddler. She cannot be close enough which can be annoying at night when you are trying to sleep. She also licks and talks REALLY loud. Eventhough she is the eldest, she is the first one to play with a new toy. Her favorite spot is her cardboard box full of toys and she sleeps in it quite frequently.

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Here are the biographies for my two:

Simon -- Simon wandered into a friend's yard when he was about 3 months old. She already had 3 outside kitties and did not want to add him to the list. She asked if I wanted him and I decided to do it. I always loved kitties but swore I wouldn't get my own until I had my own place (I was living with a roommate at the time). So after we dug him out from behind her washing machine, he came home with me. He got his name because he's black and all I could see as he was huddled in the back of the cage were these huge green eyes. It reminded me of the chipmunk Simon from the Alvin and the chipmunks cartoon.

Now he is a one person kitty. He loves me with all his big kitty heart and if everyone else fell off the earth, that would be OK with him. He tolerates my husband and loves having Max as a cat friend, but he will always be my special baby.

Max: My husband (he was my boyfriend at the time) decided he wanted a cat since he worked from home and wanted another living thing in the house. We went to the humane society and he picked this little grey kitten that they said was a Russian blue. After he got Max, Max ended up living with me in my apartment (with Simon) most of the time because my husband travelled. I did everything wrong in the introductions and Max and Simon still became fast friends. When we got married it obviously mad ethings much easier since the two cats were already buddies. Now they are inseparable and they cry for each other if they can't find one another in the house. Max turned out to be more Turkish Angora than Russian Blue. He has a gorgeous silky medium length coat. He's a total loverboy. His favorite thing is to get between my husband and I at night. He's the snugglebug. And if you rub his tummy you can be his best friend!
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And here's my five:

Esse: She reached through the bars at the adoption place, snagged my jacket, and just looked at me. She came home with me the next day. She is about 5ish years old, spayed, and her favorite thing to do with herself is lounge upon my chest as we are going to sleep. She has a bit of a talker somewhere in her background, and will assert herself when she's not getting what she needs. Her favorite food is whatever I'm giving her, she is a dilute Calico, and her favorite sleep position - aside from my body - is stretched out on her back, legs splayed. She snores, and also loves to groom me, Pie, and Simon.

Charlotte: She is about 5-6 years old, a black, full coated, longhaired regal beauty. She came in the back door one night, spayed and full of worms and fleas. She hasn't left since. She thinks that catnip is ambrosia, and that is the only time I am sure to get a soft, quiet merow from her. Otherwise, she's quiet. She growls and hisses, but that's not to be taken too seriously; she just thinks warning the universe to behave is an appropriate thing. Her favorite food is kibble, fish flavor. She will not eat dry food, and does like the occasional chip or cracker. She drinks from the faucet, is persnickety regarding her litter, and her favorite place to sleep is the top of the kitty condo, about 9 feet up.

Pie: Originally named Pumpkin, she is a brilliant calico short hair. Again adopted, she was psychotic (according to the adoption people), very wild and very mean. She lay against my neck and purred, and I've never seen her do anything to give their words meaning. She flops - she behaves as if she's got no bones, draping herself over whatever she happens to want to lay down on. She loves to play with whichever toys are around (including the other cats), and her favorite place to hang out is under the living room lampshade; she will actually move it around to suit her if it's not exactly correctly. She's learning from Simon, too, about how to do things previously inconsidered. This may be an issue in years to come; however, right now it's just fun.

Penguin: A massively traumatized, abused, and abandoned cat, it took most of a year to get her trapped. It's taken nearly as long with her living under my bed to begin to accept her role and place in the house, as well as allow me within close quarters. She is a tri-color dsh, basically white with lots of brown and black. She will always have physcial issues because of the trauma and abuse, but she accommodates that well. She has learned to play, and is content to play by herself for hours on end. Her favorite place to sleep changes, and as of today, she likes the rocker seat in the bedroom (which is new...). She is a sweet, charming, lovable cat, and one I am indeed blessed with having in my world.

And then there's Simon. Simon came to be as a bottle baby, at about 3 1/2 weeks old. fitting in the palm of my hand. He's grown up so much, and so fast, but he's still my baby. He's the cat world's Albert Einstein, a brilliant snowshoe chocolate or seal point Siamese. His brilliance knows no bounds...this morning, he hid my car keys from me, making me late. He plays mailman, plumber, cook, and opera star, and has recently discovered the joys of giving me a color coordinated wardrobe. His favorite place to hang out is within arm's (or foot's) reach of me, and has a most wonderful motor. He's still a baby at 6 months, and promises to be huge. Simon thinks the best thing is when I scoop him up and love on him. He lays back in my arms, and lets me have at his belly. He gets snipped tomorrow, so we will see what happens to his personality then.

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I guess Snowball's next...

When my son was small he went to a friend's house after school every day. This family had a female cat that had been allowed to randomly breed with the neighborhood toms for many years and produce litter after litter of kittens.
My son became very attached to a little white kitten that was in the latest litter, and played with the kitten everyday. When the kittens were two months old, my son told me that the people who owned the kittens couldn't find any new homes for them. The entire litter of kittens was being taken to a relatives farm the very next day where they would live as barn cat. My son told me how attached he had gotten to this little white kitten and asked if we could adopt him...I finally said yes!

We brought the kitten home and named him Snowball. At that time we also had a four year old resident female cat named Midnight (RB). For the first few days Snowball was in our home, Midnight was absolutely terrified of him and spent all of her time sitting in a corner next to her food and water bowls. About the only time Midnight left her corner was when she needed to use the litter box. Soon Midnight adjusted, and she and Snowball started to interact and enjoy each other's company. Snowball was about six months old when he was neutered, and shortly after that, he became our alpha cat.

Snowball and Midnight were companions and playmates for ten years, and the longer they were together the more inseperable they seemed to become. Unfortunately, Midnight had to be pts when she was fourteen years old.
Snowball seemed to grieve for Midnight for a while, but he eventually adjusted to being an only cat.

At this time, Snowball is thirteen years old and still enjoying good health, and I really hope his good health will continue, and we will be able to keep on enjoying his company for a few more years.
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Awesome kitty biographies everyone Okay... My turn

Patches- She was given to me 8 years ago by a friend of a friend.... Before I got her.. I decided I wanted a cat because my other roomate at the time already had a dog and we couldnt have anymore soo... some friends of my friends were giving away cats and thats how I got Patches 8 years ago... She is still with me today.

Tiger- My housemate got her through another good friend of ours whose other friends female cats had kittens and she asked for one cause she thought Patches needed a kitty playmate so she aquired Tiger and she still has her now.
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Sasha's story is very simple. He was found by me behind the lawnmower on April 21, 1992. His young mother SiSi was a stray and had decided that my garage was the one for her. Being a resourceful and intelligent girl, she had somehow propped up a piece of cardboard against the wall to shelter her newborn, and then promptly went looking to "find" me and show me her son. They had my heart from the moment I saw them. Because he was her only one, it never ocurred to me to separate them. Sasha is now buff and active 12 and enjoys being the only one, so he can have all the heater vents to himself. He will always be very close in spirit to both his mama SiSi and his late adopted little brother Freddie up on the RB.
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Everyone's stories are great! Keep them coming!

Elizabeth - I had a boy, Toby, that laid over the heater vents!
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This is fun...ok Here I go

Emmet: Emmet is my oldest baby...his birthday is December 26th 2001...Emmet came from a not so nice home...The person who supposidly took care of him would hit him, not feed him, not change his box, and would show no affection for him...instead she lavished her other cat with toys, food and love, her little brother would stick sharpies up his nose, and feed him cat nip till he puked....Emmet was a malnurished unhappy cat...When my boyfriend and I got wind of this we were outraged...I knew this girl from work..We went to her and pleaded to take poor Emmet into a loving home...she easily agreed, and Emmet came with us....For a while Emmet was scared and always acted like he had done wrong...but after a couple of years of TLC...he has turned into the most loving and conciderate cat you could ever meet...He has recently had some problems with crystals in his urine, but luckily he has been much better..I just wish all of you could meet my sweet angel Emmet......

Doofus: One night while my boyfriend and I were watching TV...we started to hear a cat meow..we of course looked down at my Emmet...who looked at us just as confused...we realized it was comming from the door...But at the time we lived on the third floor, had the only cat in the building, and the house had a heavy locked and weighted door at the entrance....But we definitly heard a cat meow....We opened the door and to our surprise there crying his eyes out was an adorable black kitten...When the cat saw us instead of being scared he jumped to us and started purring and head butting us.....we gave it some food and brought it inside....Where Emmet and him had a 6 hour stare down...We went door to door but no one knew who the kitten was and no shealters in the area had recieved calls of a missing cat...It was so cold outside at the time..It was the dead of winter...We couldnt figure out for the life of us how he had got there and how he had survived such harsh Weather...We decided at that point that this precious and a bit dopey kitten was given to us by aliens....and he has been our little doofus ever since.......

Mabby:....well mabby had the good life..Her pregnant momma a beautiful torti with an unusual patern of peanut butter and grey spots was rescued by a kitty rescue league in the area....She was 1 of 5 in a litter of absolutly heathy kittens..(All Girls)....I on an earlier date had easily conned my boyfrind into the idea of getting a third cat...We contacted the lady who was taking care of them, and my boyfriend went down to pick a kitty out...He instantly fell in love with this brave, curious, and out going kitty who had more fur then body mass....and she as could be plannly seen adored him...After she was about 7 weeks old we brought her home...We decided to name her "Queen Mab"...after the shakesperian queen of the fairies...but eventually it just turned into Mabby...
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Originally Posted by captiva
Everyone's stories are great! Keep them coming!

Elizabeth - I had a boy, Toby, that laid over the heater vents!

I can't pry him off until March~~
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Sierra and I met outside a bookstore on a busy street my first year of college the 1st of August 1994. The moment I saw her, she stole my heart, and I've been all hers ever since!She was estimated to be a few days old, so her Birthday became July 27th. She came home with me and I bottle fed her round the clock as well as all the care that goes with such a tiny baby. Oh, I was, and am, so in love!Her name was Sierra from the start. This is the name I had planned for my first daughter, and so it became. Her middle name almost became Cricket because she had the sweetest little chirp when she was a tiny baby! Elizabeth is her middle name because that is what I had planned to go with Sierra, I've always thought that was such a lovely name!
Sierra lived with me in the dorm that year, but then we decided that wasn't the town for us. Sierra and I then moved all over the state as we grew up together, until we settled down in our hometown for me to finish Nursing School. After working long enough to become somewhat financially stable, we transferred with my job here to Emerald Isle.
Sierra has always been an only child, and is quite happy with this, thank you very much! She has made her opinion quite clear when I have attempted to adopt other kitties that promptly became fosters because she would have nothing of it! Sierra has always been nervous with other people, and especially afraid of men. Her fears of others have intensified over the past couple of years. Sierra has never been ill her entire life until this new challenge which we are overcoming thanks to all of the prayers going up to God by our dear friends!
Sierra truly is the love of my life, the sunshine and inspiration of my world. She has been with me through every major transition of my adult life, my dearest, truest friend, and my life truly revolves around her. Everything that I am and hold dear begins and ends with her. I love my sweet Sierra!
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All your kitty bios are so touching and wonderful!
Here are mine:
JOJI : A feral living with her brother (DumDum - r.i.p) in the house I am living right now. When I had her spayed she was pregnant and maybe that is why it took me more than a year to win her trust. She is my senior cat.
SKINNY : Found her pregnant and starving. She was definitely abandoned by her owner. She was wearing a collar made of string with a bell. Probably she belonged to a child and when Skinny got pregnant the parents probably got rid of her while the kid was in school. Skinny is very friendly and loving.
QT : Originally my sister's favorite cat. QT was suppose to go to Canada when my sis emigrated but due to personal problems, she gave QT to me. QT is the bully of the group but she is the only one who loves tummy rubs!
WAWA : He's been with me since October. He came to me for help. He was badly wounded from a catfight, hungry and full of fleas. I planned to release him after the neutering but he's such a joy, I couldn't part with him.
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My turn, Toes is first.

I moved down to San Diego in the Spring of 1996 and ended up in a relationship with an abusive man. He was sent to Patton State Hospital in 1997 up in San Bernadino and while I was visiting him I met a former nurse at Atascadero State Hospital who had married a patient and he was transferred to Patton. She invited me to stay at her home on my weekend trips and I did. Her cat had just had kittens. Her cat was a very ugly Manx mix, but she was a good Mommy cat and very loving. From the beginning Toes would come to me and sleep with me whenever I showed up. Eventually I realized something was going on at this house. She constantly closed the back rooms, there were some really disgusting smells and I found marijuana growing in her backyard and she was very nonchalant when I told her about it. I spoke to the Corrections Officers at the hospital and found that the house was a meth house. I started working with the Corrections Officers on turning in people at the house and they warned me before the federal bust that occurred and I went to the house and stole Toes and the 3 brothers and sisters I could find. I gave one sister to the son of the Police Chief and brought the last brother and sister to San Diego and gave them away. Toes was supposed to go to a retarded young man, but he returned him to me because his other cat was scared of Toes and he asked me to keep his name. Toes' name started out at Nose because his nose was always dirty. When he learned to keep his Nose clean his toes were then always dirty so the boy renamed him Toes. Toes travelled with me back and forth between San Bernadino until the man I was visiting was released to a half way house. One day the man showed up at our house unannounced and as I came out to see who had come into the house I found him in the living room kicking Toes. I grabbed Toes, yelled at the man to get out of my house and packed a bag and was gone in 15 minutes. I went through a really bad time in my life where I was severely depressed and attempted suicide. Toes would always run up to me and push up into my face and purr and love me so I never completed those attempts. Later, when I moved to Chicago to get away from the man (he was the one who tried to kill me) Toes ended up having seizures. Even though he was an indoor cat he got out occasionally and the vet thought that he had gotten Toxoplasmosis from somewhere outside. I took care of him and when my husband asked me to marry him I told him he had to accept my cats first. My husband is not an animal lover, but he decided he could accept cats so he could have me. Our biggest problem was that his apartment complex wouldn't accept animals. He tried several times to get them to let Toes live with us, but all that happened was several people got evicted because they had animals so Toes is currently living with my parents in Wyoming. We are now in the act of buying a house and Toes will be coming out with my parents to live with us.
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This looks like fun!

Orei-The poor little fellow was found in a charity rescue foundation located in Petsmart. I was looking for another cat, a couple months after my family lost our dearest Tigger. (I can't live very long without a cat in my life) I was looking in the small row of cages, when I came upon a smallish three month old kitten and his turquise calico sister. He was so scared, he always hid behind her. He was SO beautiful, with a white face, a black triangle over the nose, and a lovely patterned coat, I had to hold him. He was so scared, he didn't want to look at me. I couldn't say he was happy to see me. But when I looked into his golden eyes, and held him close, something within me sensed he needed me. It was weird, like I could somehow help him, and no one else could. Silly, isn't it? Anyways, my mom didn't like him. "He's too scared....are you sure, Jenny?" I just said. "I wouldn't have it any other way." A week later, he came home. On my birthday to be exact. I was so happy, I carried him home in a blanket just for him. He looked around my house, and looked like he was going to cry. He wouldn't let anyone else but me touch him. He clinged onto me like a baby monkey to its mother. I watched some TV with him, and he was so content to have me protecting him, he feel asleep on my belly. The months dragged on, with me trying to get him used to people, working and working. He learned to play, and ran under my legs with joy. He was so beautiful. (Still is mind you ) He learned to love my best friend Adraine too. Today he is the best friend I have. He headbuts, cuddles, hugs, and rubs against my feet. He is a love, and certainly a keeper. What a doll! He is still pretty scared, and I don't know what got him that way as a baby, but he loves me more than anything, and always trusts me no matter what. I guess my job here is done. Mission accomplished.

This took so long, I have to do homework now, but I will come back to do Princess.
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Awsome Idea. I have well alot of mine and I will do some that have passed away

Kat played a major role in my life. She came to use full grown about a year old I think. She was a nice white-grey-black-brown striped tabby. I had gotten her several years ago. Cant remeber when. She is the great great grandmother of Babi and Hampster. After Kat had 2 litter of kitens by who knows what father we gave her up to a lady who lived out in the country. We kept a kitten from each litter. One female ,Simon, from the first and ONe male from the second. Simon looked like a simeas cat adn Trunks was dont know. He had a russain blue coat. Kats first litter didnt go to well almost all but 2 died. we belive she had them early and the kittens passed from being premi. 2nd only a few passed away. Both litters contained 5 kits born.

daughter of Kat and half sister of Trunks. Simon was born and rasied here. She was a very curious kitten. Loved to be near me and loved to eat my chicken!!!!! Well simon was about 2 years old when we gave her to a loving inside home, before she let she gave use a litter of kittens at the age of one year. Well we were unable to keep her half brother away at times and they had a litter of kittens.(at least we knew who fathwered them!!!) She had 5 kittens. One passed away. It got tangled up unger the blanket some how. We had given 2 kittens to a shelter who found a good home. the other two we kept. they were yes of course female. Winky and chocolate. THey looked like their dady trunks.

son of kat and brother of Simon. Trunks lead a short life of a year and a half. He was and out door cat and was very loving. He passed away from his kidneys swelling at a fast rate. He passed in his sleep. I belive he was poisoned. A very sweet loving cat.

Winky daughter of trunks and Simon. Winky was only 6 months old when she got pregnant. Well we were planing to have them fixed until they came up pregnant. Winky had the same coat color as her father and was very loving like him. She got pregnant a week after her sisiter, same story. She was expecting a litter of 4 but 3 didnt develope in the womb. She descided to runthrough the door just as someone was shutting it and it must have damaged the babies. The only surviving kitten was named Hampster and she gave her mom a hard time during birth. Hampster came out with her arms to her side we kept her(smuggled her in the house). Winky was given away since I couldnt keep her when we moved. She was given to aldy who would hold on to her for me until i could get her. Winky ran away from the lady and is still loose.

daughter of simon and trunks sister of winky. Chocolate was a loner, so i dont know much of her. As a kitten she was stepped onher head and was thought to die. She recoverd and had a litter of kittens a week b4 her sister. She had 4 kittens and we kept one and named her babi. Chocolate was given to the same lady and was killed by a speeding car. 2 of her kittens are dead also. 2 survived

daughter of Winky. Hampster was born alone and was very special. She was born with a tear drop on her chest which later grew to 3 marks. She also had a mark on her lower tummy. I say that since 3of her sibling died in the womb she has them close to heart. She survived so that is the mark on her tummy. 4 marks for 4 kittens. Hampster is now living with us an will be 6 months ond in dec.

Daughter of chocolate and cousin of hampster. Babi was place with Hampster when ham ham was born. That was to help with winkys milk . Babi was born a tough little brat. She acted the part even at birth. She pushed the others around and picked no them. She grew up to a beautiful little know it all spoiled babi.

more in next post
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Gordo was a premature kitten, his mom was killed a couple of days after her babies were born. The owner let her cat go outside and the kitty was killed by a car. We were supposed to get one cat only but the lady couldn't take care of them and asked us if we could take them in. She brought 5 cats and we only took 3 Gordo, Paco and Stan. The other 2 stayed with her. My sister and I bottle fed them and took care of them. They would wake us up at 5:00 am every morning because they were hungry. Gordo always wanted to be the first one to eat. We took them to the vet and he told us that the babies eyes didn't fully developed and were going to be blind in the future. Gordo is not blind yet but as he gets older he is going to lose his vision. He is 4 years old now and has had a great life, he enjoys food, he likes to sleep and is very spoiled. He loves princess since the day that she was born, he think she is his baby sister. He is very protective of her, he also played with her and to this day he still does. I love it when he is bathing her or when another cat wants to hit her he runs to protect her. That is my booboo.

He has the same story as Gordo, but he is blind now. He bumps into objects and can't jump on the bed anymore because he can't see it. Other than his eyes his life is pretty much the same as Gordo, He loves to sleep at least 20 hours a day, he loves to eat, I always have a little buffet for him to eat (different type of foods). He loves to play when he is awake and is a sweetie pie. Very nice kitty who loves to be spoiled.
He doesn't like the other cats including his brothers.

His story is also the same as Gordo and Stan, he lost his vision first. Out of the three of them he is the sweet one. He loves all the cats and my two dogs. He took care of both them when they were puppies. He is very lovable. He might be blind but knows his way around the house. He loves to eat and loves to play with his brothers.

All three of them are indoor cats.

Patches is my little stray kitty that I took in or she moved in. I fed her because her owners didn't feed her in fact they gave her beer. Her owners were a bunch of drunks who didn't take care of her. Every time she had kitties they would put her outside with her kitties and the dogs in the street would killed them. I only know of two occasions that it happened to her. The first time she manage to save one kitty and the second time she saved two kitties. The first kitty was taken by a little kid in the neighborhood, he is now a stray that I take care of. The other two kitties were brought to me by Patches. I saw her crossing the street with one of her kitties in her mouth. She ran so fast and jump the gate and put her next to my feet's. She left and went to get another kitty and brought her to my house, while she was bringing this kitty she was putting her down on the ground to take a rest cause this kitty was a little heavy (she put her down about 4 times). When she got here with the kitty she couldn't jump the fence so I open the gate and she came in and put the kitty next to the other. She moved in because her owners moved away and left her behind and because she trust us. She was used to being out and got pregnant she had six kitties but two of them were stillborn. Princess and Pitufo were born along with two other kitties. She decided to have them on Valentine's Day 2/14/03. I helped her bring her babies into this world. Her first and last kitty were stillborn both of them looked like Pitufo. Chuckly one of the grays was born on the litterbox and than came Tom, Pitufo and my baby girl Princess. After that she got out 1 time and you guess it she got pregnant. This time she had 7 kitties and 2 were stillborn. I couldn't keep them so I found them great homes. Tom and Chuckly live next door and the two kitties she brought me live with my sister. Their names are golden girl and Minnie me. Momma is finally fixed and enjoys her life. She loves to go next door and play with her two sons and loves to go to my sister's house and play with her daughters. Out of all her babies Pitufo is the love of her life, she doesn't really care about Princess. She loves to sleep, eat and play...especially with the Christmas tree.

Sabrina was the first cat I had before all my beautiful babies became part of the family. I was in Orlando celebrating my 19th Birthday and we saw an Ad of someone selling Siamese kittens for $100. My sister told me that's your birthday gift right there. So we went and saw all the kitties and all the kitties were a little light in color and I wanted a Siamese a little darker. He father was really dark but the mommy wasn't. I was leaving disappointed when the mommy moved and right behind her was a cute little dark Siamese kitty. I told the lady that she was my kitten and that I was taking her with me. We drove down to Miami the next day and the whole time (4 hours) she was crying. She was loved by everyone in this house since she was the only cat. She is spoiled and loves to be caress. She was hit by a car one time when she got out without anyone knowing but survived. She didn't have any broken bones but needed a lot of TLC. She doesn't go out anymore, she loves to play and when Gordo, Paco and Stan came she took over as their mother. It took her 2 weeks to get close to them. She bathed them and took care of them. She still loves Stan but doesn't like Gordo or Paco.

Pitufo is my cute little goofy face. He was born on Valentine's Day and was a sick kitten. He was never around his brothers or his sister. He always wanted to be alone or with his mommy. At 3 months he was used to us and played with his brothers. When his mom had her other kitties he continue to drink his mom milk. He looked so cute drinking milk with his baby brothers and sisters. He stop when he was 8 months old and that was because we stop him. His life is great he gets everything he needs, eats all the time, loves to play with his mom and the other cats. He is also a sweetheart, he loves to lick your fingers. He is also very close with his mother.

Princess she is the love of my life, she's my baby. Like Pitufo she was born on Valentine's Day and is the youngest kitty. She is very close to Gordo. She's not close to her mother but who cares cause she got me! I take care of her and give her everything she wants, except the birds. She loves me, she doesn't want to be touch by anybody else, she's my pretty little girl. She loves to bite my fingers she loves to caress me and loves to sleep with me. She hasn't had any problems in her life so her life is pretty much good. She has a job and that is dishwashing, she loves to (wash) eat other cats leftovers and she does a pretty good job too.
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Jamsim was a stray and brought to us in august of 2004. She was found beside a store at about 4-5 months old. Babi was 7 weeks at the time. Babi and Jasmin got along great. She had a talent too. If you held your hand out and motioned for her to come here she would come. She is now a loner and stays mostly with tigger in the back room. I belive she thinks she is royalty.

I had gotten trish in sept. 2004 from a lady who had too many animals that were in bad shape. Trish was very ill with eye and respitory infection and was underweight. She was feed on a diet of table scraps and freedome out doors. When i had gotten her we took her to the vet a week of having her. She had not gained no weight from taht week at all. After the vet visit and anitibiotics she slowly or really gained weight like a pig. She grew into a big beautiful cat. She now enjoys biting you hand while you pet her and she enjoys spying on you while oyu take a shower.

gotten with trish. Tabitha was a bit hard to get use to. She wuold act out in agression and would never come out and play or be loved on. During the first week we had her she gained probly 2-4 lbs and still gaining. After we moved from my moms house Tabitha opened up and is now loving and active and no longer agressive.

sept. 2004 We had gotten gizmo as a stray abandon ferral at teh age of 5 weeks old. He was very ill and under weight, full of fleas and dirt. He was agressive to us, not physically. He just hissed at us. He had goten a bad virus and threw up and had the runs same with his sister. Gizmo finally gave into our love and is now a healthy active hyper kitten of about 3-4 months of age. Hard to keep up with age around here.

set 2004. She came with her bother Gizmo. Tigger was also in the same poor condition as her brother. Both had very white gums and ill. After a few days of bathing and food and warth and love their gums and health looked to be normal. Tigger really choose to keep to her self and not to be touched. She now is the same but is sorta vocal. I enjopy the conversations we have which is rare. She is very shy and prefers to be near Jasmin at all times.


Again sept 2004. Piccolo was my sisiters and she found him inside of a childs back pack. He was drinched in sweat and was very very shaken. She was able to nurse him to health. Well she got pregnant and wanted to ave Piccolo as an out door cat. I offered to take him. A few days later she wanted hm back. I lied and said he got sick from my other cats since they were all getting a bad bug which caused the runs. I wasnt gonna let her take anouther animal and just end up getting rid of it later like all the others she had gotten in the past. Piccolo is now 5 months old and gona be fixed soon. He has a very bad foot fetish adn loves me to death. He's a hunk, hearth throb and my lover boy. If only he were human. lol.
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Sam was born to an outdoor cat of my mom's. She had 5 babies and he was the only tabby male. I had to have him and eventually bribed my landlord into letting me bring him home.


My landlord brought her to me after he found her abandoned outside another tenants apartment. We have had her almost a year and after a few scares with her health, she has gained quite alot and weighs in at 12 pounds. Her back leg is crooked from being broken and never having any vet care for it. She is still very skittish and prefers to be left alone. However, she has taken a liking to my youngest and sleeps in his bed at night-well after he is asleep!


The neighbor grabbed her from some kids who were planning on throwing her in the sewer and brought her to me after discovering she had a really ugly case of diarrhea and her entire back half was covered in it. She's been here since spring and has bonded with my oldest who she follows around insisting that he sit down and hold her.


I found her out in the middle of nowhere, cold wet and hungry! She has adopted me as her momma, is always around me and only purrs when I hold her. Except for right now, she is sitting in the top of the Christmas tree Since we have had her, she has actually grown a tail. When I brought her home she had little to no tail at all. Jon and I argued over what to name her so I call her Emma and he insists on calling her fluff because she has poofy gray hair.
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Next is Tailer:

I got Tailer because Toes was inviting all the other cats into the house. I'd leave the door open and Toes would sit by the screen door yowing and next thing I'd know there'd be 4 or 5 cats on the stoop asking to come in. So I started looking for an orange male cat for a companion. I had the idea because Toes had loved a little male kitten I had rescued, but every cat I called on had already been given a home when one of them said she had some friends that needed to get rid of a cat and gave me their number. This turned out to be a family that did not neuter their cats and they had 3 recent litters they were trying to get rid of. I saw a beautiful little DSH orange and white female from the 2nd litter and chose her. Her name was Polka because of white dots on her orange back. I renamed her Tail (to go with Toes) and she and Toes got along wonderfully. Tail deliberately chose to change her name to Tailer (a diminutive I used like I use the name Toeser) because she stopped responding to Tail. I think she thought it wasn't sophisticated enough for her. She is the smartest cat I've ever met. She can open anything (even trashcans that you wire shut) and she always knows where the food is (even now at my parents' house). She also tried to flush the toilet in the beginning, but it was too stiff so she gave up on it. She also got into the habit of telling on Toes whenever he did something wrong and she talked all the time. There was even a Thanksgiving where she chewed me out and all my guests could even tell what she was saying and they didn't have cats. Tailer is scared of all men and most people in general. When she moved to my parents with Toes she got to know my Dad and fell in love with him. Because she is scared of my husband (and I know he won't try to get along with her) and because she loves my Dad so much I am leaving her with them even after we get our house. I love her too much to take her away from a place where she is so happy.
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This is a cool thread

Jasper -: Well Jasper came in the way of a con job lol my daughter coned me into getting her a kitten as her easter presant so off we went to the pet shop and in this cage with a hole heap of black kittens was this little ginger and white bundle of joy well I had already told my daughter the kitty she got would have to be ginger I have always had a thing for ginger kittys so he was the one so I bundled him up under my jumper and we took him home he was asleep when we got home nothing fases my JJ and from that moment on he has been my kitty he sleeps with me he sits on me he bites me my poor daughter never stood a chance so we gave her her easter money and she went and brought some clothes poor kid his fav food is cinamon dounuts closley folowed by tuna he was really ill a few years back he had UTI he had to have a really nasty op and has been a little funny since but he is still his mummys hunny bunny but he has had no other illness and is a very happy over fed pigglet discised as a kitty so that is the story of how the person who had sworn off kittys for life got a new kitty .

Sam (RIP) -: Well Sam was my mothers kitty I'm not sure where he came from but I grew up with Sam and he was my best friend for a long time he was a ginger moggy but he was so cute he slept with me watch TV with me he even had baths with me he was a strange kitty he liked the water we had to be carefull not to leave water in the tub he was a nutter unfortunatly we were moveing house when this happened some horried person had picked him up and smaked him into a tree and the blow killed him it took me a long time to get over that I was the one who found him but to end on a nice note he was the most wounderful friend a kid could ever have .

Jasper (RIP) -: Jasper he was also my mothers cat a red point siomise I have never known a cat like him before and probable never will again he came to us in a strange way my mother was at trash and treauser a market and it was a stinking hot day and there was this guy with a cage full of kittys and my mothers husband at this time wanted to buy her a Kitty as she had just lost her fav kitty but she did not wan't a new kitty well before they went home he took her back past the cage and JJ was the only one left and my mother felt so sorry for him she brought him home well he was the naughtyest kitty you could get he hated my mother it was so funny he would sit in her seat and hiss at her if she tryed to move him she had to shut her bedroom door at night or she would wake to find he had peed on her bed or was destroying her clothes oh how he hated her this carmed down after awile and he was loved by all but he was the love of my life he passed on at the ripe old age of 26 years and to this day not a day goes by were I don't think about him and if you had not guessed my Jasper was named after him and one really cool fact about Jasper was he used to use the toilet to do his buisness this could be very freaky in the early hours of the morning this is the gods honest truth I have never seen a kitty do it before him or since it was freaky but cool
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I love this thread too!
Mine will be a long one, considering I have 8 cats and have been known to be a little long winded......... I will start with the one I have now that I got first, which is:
I had just move out from a horrible marriage that finally (Thank GOD!) ended in late Nov. 1997. I saw Jo as a baby in a cage at the pet store not far from my new apt. I had no money, but an old friend, name Joe, bought her for me. She was only $30. Best $30. The first night I got her my son had some friends over and we had a small wooden balcony. As some of them had gone out to the balcony I guess she followed them, but no one noticed. I went to bed and noticed she was missing when I got up. After looking everywhere and could NOT figure out what had happened, I remembered them having the patio doors open. We were on the 2nd floor!! I walked outside and looked in the neighbors yard and there she was! It was cold and she was so little!! I felt so awful, but I knocked on the neighbors door and got her back and the rest is history. She never had a litter and has been spayed.
#2 Mitzi is from my long time friend Sonya. Her cat Baby, had kittens and I picked her out when they were about a week old. They were all black and some with a little white in spots. Mitz had the tuxedo markings with 4 white paws. On one of the feet she had 1 single black toe. That's the one I wanted. She is a great cat! And a very good hunter! No mice around here for sure. She got pregnant, had a litter of 5, I think. We found homes for them all but one. She is spayed now. A man my husband works with has 2 of them, named Mickey and Minnie and sent us a Christmas picture a few years back. They were so cute, in a little red wagon!!
#3 B.B. is Mitzi's son. He got the name from Mitzi coming home with a bb in her back end soon after they were born, and since he is all black, B.B. as in King, and B.B. as in Big *****, considering we thought he was a girl and later "saw" that he was not. He is also neutered.
#4 Molly came from a rescue in the hills of Tennessee in March of 2001. A beautiful calico persian. She has some serious issues with people. I don't know what she went through where she was, but I'd like to have 5 minutes alone with the woman who kept her before!! The rescue team found 20-25 persians in an 8x10 room with no food/water/cat litter. They supposedly had food/water at some time, but rarely. This woman had gotten sick and was a "prominent" member of the local society and there were no charges filed. We adopted 2 of them, after they were shaved, spayed/neutered, and gotten back to reasonable health. Sarah was the other, she died of cancer earlier this year. She was amazing!!!
#5 Lily is my Babydoll!!!! I got her after having to put Sarah down in Jan. this year, and then the persian kitten I got for Valentine's Day, Willow, got sick after I had her for only 5 weeks and died of FIP. Lily was my angel that helped me through some of the darkest days ever. I love my Lily SO MUCH!!! Along with being such a tiny sweetheart she helped me out of that. There's such a strong bond with her it seems to me. She is spayed now also.
#6 KoKo is a cat I got from a lady who works with persian rescue here in town. The same lady I got Lily from. Lily was not a rescue, but from breeding she had done with $$$$ cats. I had gotten another persian from her to help that was very aggressive and had to give him back and she asked if I would want another. She had paid $350. for KoKo but couldn't keep up after all she had. She has a house full of mostly persian rescues, that are all gorgeous!! So of course I took him. He's still a stinker! He won't let you near him, but that's ok. Him and Lily are buds!!
#7 & #8 are Harley and Smokey. I found them through my daughter. A girl that someone she works with knows was going to drop them off at the Humane Society because she couldnt take them with her and she was moving. I offered to take them. This girl had them from kittens with first shots for 3 yrs. with NO vet trips, no papers filed, which I now have. I am sorry to say the situation there is about to change suddenly. Harley just attacked Smokey!! It happened earlier this week, but I thought it was KoKo or Mitzi that had attacked Smokey. I didn't see or hear it. I woke up to fur laying across the floor, and could tell right away it was Smokey's. I thought KoKo or Mitzi did it because they are the only 2 that may have the possiblity to have been aggressive. As I was typing this it happened again!! Poor Smokey!! No wonder he won't come out!!!
This is becoming all too clear! This person I got them from should have told me something about this! It does not look like this is a first time offense!! So it is highly likely I will be down to 7 cats tomorrow, or take Harley to the vet to be neutered ASAP!! Poor Smokey is scared to death of Harley, that's at least partially why he won't come out.
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ROSIE: She was my first baby from the age of 6 weeks! My then boyfriend and i tried all over to find a kitten without any luck The i started ringing pet shops in the directory, again without any luck apart from one!

I rang them and she was the only girl along with her two brothers. Without even knowing what she looked like i said "I want her!", and the girl said "Don't you want to see her first?", but i didn't, i knew no matter what she looked like i would love her no matter what!

We drove over straight from work and both my boyfriend and i were all Awwwwwwww's as soon as we saw her .

We bought her food, a couple of toys and some litter to see her through the night until we went out the following day to get everything she needed from the large pet store.

She was and is a joy from the minute we brought her home

SOPHIE: After thinking so many times "will i, wont i?" on getting another baby so as to be company for Rosie. Emma (my vet nurse pal) talked me into taking on another kitten from her surgery because Sophies mum Jasmine had been abandoned there when she was pregnant

Like Rosie, Sophie was 6 weeks old when she came to me, and it took Rosie only 2 weeks to accept her but they love each others company and it's brilliant seeing them chase after each other!
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I only have two cats, but here's their story:
We first met Milly and Daisy only four days after the very sudden death of our old cat Winnie. We were both feeling lost and alone, so went to the cat fosterer's house full of hope. Milly was three at the time. She is black all over and rather round. Daisy was only six months old. She is a tabby with a white chin. The two of them had been rehomed twice already, and were thoroughly fed up with being back in the shelter. To cut a long story short, we had our home check, passed it, and the cats were ours!
Both cats are quite insecure, but show it in different ways. Milly needs constant reassurance (i.e.cuddles) and will demand it from anyone who happens to be in the house. Daisy needs love too but won't accept it from anyone but me or Doug. They are both amazingly greedy, and will steal food if they can. Daisy has other problems; although she is now six, I think that in her head she is still six weeks old. Everything is done at top speed - moving around, digesting, eating etc. I suspect that she wasn't with her mother for long enough as her behaviour is definitely not grown up at all.
Well, they both seem happy at our house now. We have a woodburning stove, and when that is going, I have to fight them for a space on the sofa. They have enough toys for a whole army of cats, and lots of comfy beds in every room! There is even a bed above the spare room radiator that has a fine view of the bird table outside - that's a popular one.
I could go on about them for hours, but......

Merry Christmas!

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Maverick was my kitten before she was even born. A friend of mine had two pregnant cats and offered me a kitten from either litter when she heard I was considering getting a kitten.

Sadly, out of 8 kittens born in total only 2 survived, maverick and her brother Charlie.

Maverick cried solidly when we got her come until she was tired and snuggled up in bed between my boyfriend and me. To get her to go to sleep we both stroked her, the four-handed stroking quickly became a trick she now demands at 6 am every morning!

Maverick is an adorable scraggly moggy who has only just started to grow into her fur! Her long haired coat has turned sleek and smooth with a he fluffy tail.

She was named after tom cruises character in topgun, a film I detest. I let my boyfriend name her so he’d feel more involved. I was even more upset when we discovered she was not a ‘he’ as we had first thought and cringe every time the vet calls out her name in the vets!
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Gandalf is my specail order kitty. My cousin's cat got out one afternoon before they could get her fixed and sure as sun, she came back pregnant. When she was near her due date, I was cuddling with her and asked her if she was going to give me a grey baby. I had already agreed to take a kitten and the day they were born, my cousin called me up and said. "There's a grey kitten here for you." When I saw him it was love at first sight. That little mousy looking kitten stole my heart in an instant with his little white paws and chin. I visited him everyday and watched him grow from a tiny mouse like creature into a fluffy kitten, to a fluffy fat kitten. (The entire litter looked like little Ewoks at one point so Gandalf's really last name is Ewok) The boy never had any problems with his appetite. I count it as one of the best days of my life when I brought him home. First we had to stop by my parent's though and my Mom fell in love with him too and has on more than one occassion offered to take him in. He is my lap cat and my let's keep Traci up at night cat still but his very loving.


After I had Gandalf a couple of weeks, I figured out that kittens are hard work and that working all day and him wanting to play all night was a little more than I could take on my own. It was around that time, that I began considering getting another cat to keep him company during the day. I had nearly talked myself out of getting another cat when my cousin called and said, "You like grey kittys right?" Needless to say I said. "Yeah." She proceeded to tell me that there was a grey kitten that had shown up on her porch that morning. I was planning on going over to visit anyway so I said I'd see that cat but I couldn't promise anything. I should have know better. He was a tiny little thing, obviously he had been dumped the poor little thing was skinny, covered with fleas and wanted to suck at anything he could get his mouth on. He came home with me the next day. First stop was the vet, next stop was my parent's house again, well let's just say I worry that one of these days I'm going to come home and find my Mom has cat napped my cats. After a very short, like two hour, adjustment period Gandalf and Samwise were buddies. Samwise isn't much for cuddling except at night and everyonce in while he'll demand a good rubb down. He also likes to be picked up and will lean against my chest and purr.

I could go on and on about my boys.
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Great thread!

Meeko: When I was 11 my one-year-old black and white cat, Berlioz, was either killed or taken by someone, I never found out which, he just didn't come home one day and couldn't be found (my parents believed in letting cats outside). I was going through a pretty rough time at the time, my parents had just divorced, had lost all of their money, so we'd moved, to a tiny house, compared to the huge house we'd had before, my six-year-old cousin had just passed away, and then I'd lost Berlioz, so when I pleaded for a kitten (I wanted another black and white kitten) my mother gave in, and I got Meeko. He'd been found living in a shed, with one sibling but no mother, and taken in by a local cat rescue. I didn't get to pick him out, my parents arranged it as a surprise. My father brought him over one day and I instantly fell in love with him - he was the tiniest little kitten, only six weeks old, he'd fit in the palm of your hand. Right away he cuddled with me, rubbing his face against mine and purring. I named him Meeko, after the raccoon in the Disney movie 'Pocahontas' because his tail is ringed like a raccoon's. I got a little harness and leash and took him everywhere with me that summer - he even rode with me in my bike basket when I went somewhere on my bike (not the safest idea, in retrospect, but I didn't know better at 11), and at night he slept with me on my pillow. He helped me through a very rough time, and we formed a very close blind that we still have - he runs to the door to see me when I come home, and still sleeps with me every night. He's nine years old now, and partly because he was raised by humans from such a young age, I think, Meeko has always seemed to think that he's a person instead of a cat! He actually has 'conversations', requesting food or the blind to be pulled up so he can sit in the window, or whatever it is he wants. He loves to cuddle, with me or the other kitties, and to play, and he LOVES food - he's always the first one at the bowl when I feed them, and pleads for my food as well. I love him to death, he's my baby.

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I think this is a pretty neat idea!!! So, of course, I have to tell how I became "adopted" by my furbabies!!

#1 cat--Emmy. After six long years of apartment living, my husband and I were finally in a position to buy our first home. As soon as we gave our notice to the landlord that we'd be moving out, we went to the Humane League to get a cat. Emmy was listed as a stray, but I think someone had her in their home, and decided to get rid of her, since she was already familiar with the sound of the can opener. She was very scrawny when we got her, and she is now my fattest. She was only about 6 mos. old when we got her, and now she is 4 years old. Her name was Emmy in the shelter, and my then 4 year old son, didn't understand about naming cats, so the name just stayed with her. And I'm glad, 'cause she's an Emmy- award winner cat in affection! Emmy was meant for my son to be his cat, but she took to me, so she's my cat.

#2 cat--Samson. We got Samson a week after getting Emmy, and 2 weeks before we moved out of the apartment. He was another Humane League rescue. His mom came into the shelter pregnant, so obviously, he was born in the shelter. He had a twin, and their names in the shelter were "Amos" & "Andy". We got "Amos" and my son couldn't quite pronounce "Amos", it came out sounding like "Amson", so my hubby suggested calling the cat Samson. Little did we know just how correct that name would fit him. He is very vain of his tail, (it's very poofy) and all of his "strength" is in his long tail. (Just like Samson from the Bible, except, obviously, his strength was located at the other end) He is very playful and a little strange. He has Obsessive/Compulvise issues, so he is our sensitive kitty. (He started sleeping in the litter box when my mom-in-law stayed with us all last summer, and he couldn't cope with her staying that long, so he slept there to feel safe? to hide from her? We still don't know why, but he finally got over it about a month after she left.) He was 3 months old when we got him.
And now he is also 4 years old. Samson took to my son right away, so he's my son's cat.

#3 cat Ranger: Ranger was the only cat that I didn't get from the Humane League. He was a "Free to Good Home" cat. He is also the youngest cat I've ever gotten. He was only 4 weeks old when we got him. Ranger was a compromise between my hubby and my son.....hubby wanted a dog, my son wanted another cat.....Ranger is a cat that thinks he's a dog! He begs like a dog, (he'll sit and act like he's not interested in what you're eating, but the first move you make to offer him something, he's right there, and he will catch the food before it even hits the ground), sits like a dog, eats like a dog (head in the food dish like it's going to go away, and very noisy and messy), and lays like a dog (all sprawled out and rather ungraceful looking. He is my "weird sleeping positions" kitty, and have lots of pictures to prove it). With his black and white markings, he looked like he was wearing a mask, so his actual name is the Lone Ranger. He is now a year and half old. Ranger is Samson's "pet". He and Ranger play as though they've been together always.

I've given all of my cats holidays as their birthdays, so I can keep track of just when they are now consider a year older. Emmy's is Mother's Day, and that suits, 'cause she is rather like a mom to the 2 boys.....she will groom them, but not take any of their nonsense for very long.
Samson's is July 4th, because he is like a firecracker. Ranger's is Memorial Day for real. And it's a good thing, 'cause he's hard to forget!
All 3 of my cats are spayed or neutered......if I get any more cats, I'll take one of the unwanted kitties that are already out there. And all of them are indoor cats ONLY.
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Jamie's mother, Snow White, was abandoned by her owners when they moved, and spent some time out on the streets. She was trapped by the Katzenhilfe Stuttgart and placed in a foster home while awaiting adoption. Her foster mother was also the mother of one of the students at school. Snow White gave birth to five kittens, a tabby female, three black and white males, and a tiny gray and white male. The day the kittens were born, A. came to school late and excitedly told us about the kittens. My spontaneous response was, "I'll take one or two!" I visited the kittens before they were weaned, and planned on taking the "runt" of the litter and the "least cute" kitten, figuring they would have the most trouble finding a home. Jamie, the largest kitten with the most regular markings, was having none of that, so he was the kitten who came home with me, where he proceeded to terrorize our older cat, since deceased, and worm his way into my husband's heart. He'll be six in April, isn't fond of cats, children or strangers, but is very lovable with family members and any dogs he meets. His best buddy is an 11-year-old greyhound who lives right next door.
At the moment he is (not) dealing with another cat in the house, 4 1/2-year-old Zsa Zsa, a neighbor's cat who has been trying to move in with us for years. Her owner is in the hospital, and won't be coming home, so Zsa Zsa has been with us for a few months now. Unfortunately, Jamie will only allow her in the spare bedroom, hallway and laundry room, so she will probably move in with another neighbor whose aged cat is on her way to the Rainbow Bridge after a very long life. That way, Mrs. R. won't be alone, and Zsa Zsa can remain in her territory, and visit here whenever she wants.
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Baylee was living in a pet store (yeah I know, there are better places to get cats) when I first met her, 3 months ago. When I opened her cage, she reached out to me and let me hold her like a baby. As I walked around the store, all the employees told me what a calm cat she was - obviously they didn't spend THAT much time with her.

I've been wanting a cat since I was a child but have never been in the market for one - still am not seeing as how my apartment doesn't allow kittens... but I thought of her all day long and picked out her name, and so I had to go back and take her home with me! After a vet visit we found out that she was not a he, as we had been told, and she was a few months older than we were told.

Baylee is now 6 months old, getting sweeter and more comfortable with us every day... She likes to sleep on the bed with me but not right away - she'll come in the middle of the night and take up all the space. She likes to flop down somewhere rather than sit down - I love it the most when she does it against me, like "I *guess* I'll sit here"... flop! She has a wide vocabulary and unfortunately I haven't deciphered half of her words yet! I'd love to get her a baby brother but he hasn't found me yet, so I'll wait a while.
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The Story of Comere

When I was 18 and living in my first official apartment with my boyfriend at the time, we wanted a pet. Not a dog though -- too much maintenance and not very "apartment friendly".

A person I was working with had an 8 month old cat she needed to get rid of because she was moving to a place that didn't allow pets. I overheard her talking about it and asked about the cat.

Declawed, nuetered, and very friendly. His name: "Stinky" but they also called him "Smelly".

I agreed to take the cat, site-unseen.

I went to meet him on a Friday night. He was lovable and friendly, an immediate mushpot. I scooped him up and he rode in my lap all the way back to my apartment where he proceeded to hide under the bed (other than to eat and use the facilities) for three days. I would talk to him every day and finally on day four he came out.

And he's been in my lap ever since
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Tiptoe (Tippy)We adopted our first two cats because of sad events with ferals/strays who came to us in their time of need. The first - a little black and white cat - used to appear at the bottom end of our garden; but would never come anywhere near us. Her back was bowed in the middle as if she had a heavy weight sitting on her and her fur was matted. We used to leave food for her and hoped she would come home - we planned to adopt her. One night she came into our conservatory - we'd left the door open, she looked at us for a while but fled when we got close. We waited for her to come back - hoping that she would but she didn't. Our neighbours were also "cat people" and we'd told them before that we were planning to adopt this stray. They called us the next morning to say they found her in their garden - she had died overnight. In the few weeks that she visited us, we had called her Tiptoe.

Our son had just moved out of home and taken his cat with him - so with our daughter, we decided to adopt an abandoned cat from the RSPCA shelter. Our daughter wanted to adopt a black and white cat like Tiptoe.

When we got to the shelter the only black and white one there was the one we eventually brought home (she's named Tiptoe (Tippy) as well). The shelter weren't keen on us adopting her because she'd had a troubled life so far. She was 12 weeks old and had been found at the bottom of a garbage chute in a block of flats (apartments). It wasn't clear how she got to be there - but she either had not seen many people in her life or had been abused. The RSPCA said she may not be suitable for a home with children as she was so nervous. Our daughter is very calm and, reluctantly, the RSPCA let her hold Tippy. Tippy shot up her shoulder and hit under her shoulder-length hair and refused to let go . It was love at first sight. . We had to wait 7 days before we were allowed to take her home. But 4 days later, daughte wanted to visit Tippy to make sure she was ok. When we got there, they couldn't find her anywhere and thought an owner might have claimed her. But as it happened, she was so terrified of the other cats, she was hiding under an upturned cat bed . Daughter and cat clung to each other again - and the RSPCA decided our home was probably the best place for her - we were allowed to bring her home that day. She's 8 years old now - she and daughter are inseparable. Tippy's fiercely protective of our daughter, once when she stubbed her toe and hubby was comforting her, Tippy leapt on hubby's back - she thought he was the one who'd made daughter cry and Tippy clung on til he let go


Felicity is my fur-baby and she's gorgeous - I love her to bits. She also came to us after we'd tried to provide a home for a feral/stray who found our garden. His story is told in the thread "A tribute to "ugly"". Sadly, when we took him to the vet, he had to be euthanized as he was simply to ill to recover. So we decided to offer another abandoned kitty a home - our tribute to Mr. Rusty. We found Felicity at the RSPCA shelter - it was love at first sight for me this time - I walked in and saw her immediately and refused to leave her side until I'd held her. Well, to be honest, I made hubby stand by her side whilst I went to fetch the assistant. He told everyone that Felicity was ours . Her name in the shelter was Felicity and when daughter came to see her she gave her an extra name, so her full name is Felicity Faith. She's 3 years old now and quickly became established as Alpha Cat. She wanted to be Tippy's best friend, but Tippy wasn't too keen!!


Adelaide has been with us for one month now. She accepts a small amount of stroking, has learned to purr and play and would follow Felicity to the ends of the earth! Tippy, however, is insignificant as far as Adelaide's concerned . She is called Adelaide because our houses were built by a building company called Canberra. They named the styles of the houses after Australian places, Perth, Victoria - ours was an Adelaide. As this little kitty chose our house to show up in, we thought we would give her that name as hers, she chose it after all (and it's pretty). We think she's about a year old, but when we get her to the vet I'm sure we'll know more.
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