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My Mushpot LOVES Potato Chips

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Okay, I'm not kidding! He LOVES potato chips.

I RARELY give him any, cause I'm not sure it's good for him, but if I'm eating any kind of crunchy chip he is right there, as close as he can get to me, waiting for some.

The other night, I was laying in bed eating Munchos Chips and he was on my stomach (mind you, he's a HUGE cat) purring and trying to "swipe" a potato chip from me as I ate each one (using his paw to do so). This was funny enough...

But then I dropped 1/2 a chip on my chest, near my neck -- Kitty SPRANG into action and was immediately devouring the chip off my neck! My husband was laughing his butt off as it looked like the cat was trying to give me a hickey! LOL He was so rambunctious I thought I'd get bitten by accident, but he managed to crunch up the chip pieces and all crumbs without hurting me

Anyone else have a cat who's a chip fanatic?
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Baker's all time favorite are BBQ pringles...
He has gone to drastic measures to get them... I once forgot to put the pringles container away and Baker was furiously trying to bite/scratch his way into the cardboard before I could catch him
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hehe yes one of my cats in australia used to love it!
didnt matter which flavour though!
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Zoey will eat Ruffles too And get this, lettuce! of all things
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Sasha likes Fritos (must've been sneaked to him by Eric) and lasagna. We do stay away from bread and any yeast products. Very bad.
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Both Kuce and my dear RB Sphinx adored potato chips and .... pork rinds.
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Yeah Sasha, fritos is another of Comere's weaknesses. He'll nibble them out of my hand as if eating corn on the cob. It's the funniest thing!
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Yep another one here. Mu Mischa loves chips (or crisps in the UK). Pringles are not her favourite but she will have them if there is nothing else. Walkers Ready Salted Plain are her all time favorite though. She will steal them out of your hands if you let her. :yummy
I had a stray once that would eat chips - I think in the USA they are called fries- the best was from the chip shop as long as they still had the paper on. Must of been a hang over from before he came to us.
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Originally Posted by ComeresMom
Yeah Sasha, fritos is another of Comere's weaknesses. He'll nibble them out of my hand as if eating corn on the cob. It's the funniest thing!

Does he like cheesecake too?
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My Marvin loves French fries!
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I had a cat that would eat almost anything, including Ceasar Salad, Pizza, chips....anything he could get his hands on. If you walked away from a plate you could be certain that his face would be in it when you returned. Funny.
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Lola is obssessed with Cheetos Cheezies. She's never even had a bite, but she goes nuts when you open the package....I'll probably give her one once her stomach issues go away.
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Oh mine love pork rinds well mine will eat pretty much anything they love french toast, pancakes, danish they must take after me
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Of course my kittie loves chips!He likes Wise Original!
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Pooky we don't have Wise out here but when I lived in Maryland my favorite ones were UTZ!
I miss 'em.
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Dunno if he likes Cheesecake... he's never had any. I'm going to assume the answer is yes though because he's right in my face trying to take my spoon away when I'm eating it

He's also the type to eat anything really. No matter what we're eating for dinner he's there on the floor begging like a dog.
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Lara (my eldest) Loves get this Gherkin (like pickles!!!) GROSS OUT
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