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Feeding Kittens

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My one female cat had the most gorgious little boy, but she doesn't have milk, so I need to feed him. I need to change to more solid food now. What advise can you give me regarding this change to solid food. What is the best thing to feed him, and what should I feed him and how much. And how must I introduce him to the litter tray?

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I see you have had no responses to this thread and wonder if you should move your question to Behaviour and/or Health and Nutrition. It may have gotten overlooked in this area.

I cannot help you but there are some folks here with tons of experience to help you out.
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I'll move this to Health & Nutrition.
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How old is this kitten? Was he nursing previous and mommy's milk has dried up early? The first solid he should be eating is high-quality wet kitten food; often mixing it with warm water to make a 'soup' is a good way to start.
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I'm beside myself wondering how this kitten is doing. It's been five days - I hope he's been eating something! I would love an update so I can sleep better.
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