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Originally Posted by GrayKittenLove
I don't know how you all get such great shots...maybe I need a faster camera whenever I try to take an action shot they never turn out.

I usually end up with this when I try to take photos of fast action:
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Here are a few old pics of my kids

A five minute toy that lated 5 minutes,lol

Babi jumping off the side table

Hampster standing up for a goofy pose

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that one of Hampster is so cute!
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Laureen is just have to keep pushing the button and hope for the best! I'll sometimes take 40-50 pictures just to get a few decent ones. And sometimes, you can anticipate your cat about to do something and push the button beforehand. Sometimes you catch the shot...and sometimes you don't.
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Originally Posted by clixpix
This proud foster momma has to post at least one more:

Checking out the neighbor's dog:

I love this pic!
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I love these pics
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The Zoey and Saki shots are really cool -- you got some high-action kitties there! and what BEAUTIFUL cats they are. When I adopt my next feline, I'm definitely going to go for a blue one!
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Those pictures are great. Sicycat, I love your cats... wierd positions... LOL

I deleted all my action photos out of my photobucket because they went to pay, I thought all my links would be broke. I found out I was wrong, and I can't put those pics back in

This was what I wanted for my 5th anniversary... LOL A TURBO SCRATCHER... geeeze, also I got the kittens some other toys. Hubby and I each got $20 to choose what ever we wanted (we were kinda saving for our vacation at the time, so we were cheap). That's what I got, turbo scratcher, and cat toys....... HMPH!! LOL

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww when ever I look at the pics of my kittens, my heart melts... again, and again, and again. I always wish I could go back and hold their little tiny soft fuzzy warm little bodies again..... AAAWWWWW

One of my faves

When Shade was a very hyper young kitten

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I love your pics MyRage!
Cute kittens!
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Anyone know who this is???

More coming...
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More still...
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Originally Posted by babygirl
I love your pics MyRage!
Cute kittens!
Thankyou, all those kittens are 7 months old now!!!
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Found some more, not quite Airborn, but cute actions shots

Attacking daddy's pant leg

more coming
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...Still more...
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All of those pics were taken in September last year (2004)
Merri n Pippin
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A much more recent pic, taken THIS year
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