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Submissive behavior?

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Zoe and Miss Kitty are brats. Well, no, Zoe is a brat. lol Miss Kitty is a most well-bahaved kitty (unless Zoe is instigating, of course).
Zoe is almost 9 months old, and was spayed about 6 weeks ago, so she's calmed down a bit. Miss Kitty is an over-weight (but trying to loose) 4-year-old spay. They play sometimes, and I can't figure out which one is dominant. It seems sometimes like Zoe is, since she will tower over MK as best she can and whip up on her (for which she gets yelled at). She's done this since she was 2 months old. The friend I got her from says her mom is quite a dominant little cat, and will actually beat up his other cats if they're sitting in a place she wants to sit.
But then, sometimes Zoe will go up to MK, do a summersault onto her back, show her belly, look up with the sweetest little kitten face and bat at MK's head with no claws out. This seems like submissive kitten play-with-me behavior. Wierd thing is, it's from a nearly-grown cat who will pounce on and chase the bigger, full-grown cat around the apartment. Is my young cat just an instigagting little snot, or is she confused as to her place?
I don't know what to think!
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In any confrontation, the submissive one is the first to leave the scene (or try to)
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I've always read that the older one will be the most dominant one. In my experience that is the furthest from the truth. Most of my dominant cats have been the youngest. I think because no one has the energy to put up with the challenges
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