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Post surgical cat who ate plastic

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First, my cat had surgery for a bowel obstruction two weeks ago today. She has been recovering very well.

HOwever, last night, I realized that she had, in her infinite wisdom, decided to eat about 1-2 square inches of a plastic wrapper. This happened sometime between 1 and 8 PM.

Since that time, she has not pooped. SHe's urinated a couple of times, but no poop. Her appetite seems to be decreasing slightly; her energy level so far seems OK.

I'm freaking out, of course. We have an appointment with the vet for tomorrow afternoon, but I'm afraid of what's going to happen to her stitches, etc. if she does have another obstructio brewing.

The other problem I have is that she doesn't drink water. She only eats wet food, but won't drink water at all or eat dry food. I"m really starting to worry about this animal.

First - should I take her to the cat hospital tonight, or wait until the vet appointment?

Second - how can I get her to STOP eating things on teh floor?

Third - How can i get her to eat and drink more?
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I would call the vet and ask about the plastic and whether you need to worry yet.

I also had a cat who rarely drank water. She ended up with numerous urinary tract problems as a result. Then...I bought a drinkwell fountain. Ever since then she drinks plenty and no more urinary tract problems! I have heard from lots of other folks who have had the same problem that cleared up once the cat had 24 hour per day access to running water. So, try a fountain and see if that helps.
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How old is your cat ? Could she have something wrong with her teeth ? If she is old, gum disease etc. if she is young, getting off the baby teeth ??

You can increase her appetite with tuna fish juice or fish oil. Actually, you can try putting some tuna fish juice or fish oil on the dry food & try tricking her ?? Or you can mix the dry & wet food.

Sometimes they loose appetite when they are getting to the sexually mature age (6-7 months old). At least that's what I observed with my 2 female cats.

What does she eat from the floor ?
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I am thinking of you and your situation and hope that your baby makes out fine at the Vets.
Please let us know how she is doing?
PS - I love your 'name'
Deb M
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