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home again - diagnosed with .....

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a condition called - Status migrainosus - its a migraine that has not gone away and is in no rush to do so.
Treatment is as follows and to be honest - the next part scares the HELL outta me... I have to come off teh pain killers that I am taking as my body has become addicted to these and this will take up to a week. No pain killers in a week and I will go through full withdrawal apparently. I am told that if I think that the head pains are bad now - these are a small fraction of what they are going to be as they are gonna be massive.
Also - I have to cut my anti depressants down by half in the next week - to a month. The reason is that the anti d's are not liking the pain killers and vice versa.
In one week - I have to return back to the hospital for a new drug - amitriptelene (sp) and then begin taking these. I will then go from the hell of withdrawal to the opposite, I will be floating, the muscles in my body will relax massively and the head pain will start to ease. A week or so after this, I should start to feel better and should be able to return to work.
After a few weeks, I can then go back to full strength ant depressants and stay on the ami drug.
So, I am about to become a gnarling dragon, or so I am told, am about to put my familly through something that I dont want to. I have offered to go spend the nights in the car away from home or the caravan but Carol wont have it. Coming off the painkiller I am on is like the worst thing and to say I am terrified of the withdrawl, is an understatement.
I called my boss - shes not happy at all over this and I am to attend a meeting next Friday at 10.00am with her and a scikness attendance manager. Having spoken to a colleague in the know, its a meeting to see how I am and see if there is anything that the company can do for me to help. Its not a chewing out as I will expect and am Looking on line for courses in building confidence.
I have written everything that has happened in the last few weeks - you are all welcome to see a copy - they will have a record as I know my boss and I have also written one out (would appreciate a once over if anyone wants to see it).
So thats it, am about to go cold turkey and will possibly see you all in the middle of the night - as am not going to sleep much in the next few days.
Thanks for everything guys and apologies if I am ratty in the next few days..
Love to you all
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I am so sorry to hear about your pains.
I had severe miagrains when i was 12 because i had too much stress and i went to the doctors but i dont know how it stopped. because i dont remember if i got medication for it.

We all know that you are ill, and we will put up with your rattyness in the next few days/weeks !

WE are all here for you to help you and listen to you
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Kev, I'm sorry to hear you have to go through this. Don't worry, we are all here and won't mind your rattyness one bit. At least now you know what the problem is and have a course of action.
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Kev, I am glad that you finally know what it is! But it must be daunting looking at the route to wellness. We are all here to support you in any way we can!

I hope things go well at your meeting, but I think she will have to understand! Hey, anyway, if you are a bit fractious when you see her, you can vent any anger and provide true reasoning for it!
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We're here for ya. Vent away! Just be gentle with the computer. Hugs to the family as well.
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Oh no! That must be horrible for you... I can't even imagine having to suffer through a headache for that long! If you ever need to vent or anything, we're here for you!
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You must be glad you have finally received a diagnosis and are being treated so you will finally be relieved of this horrible severe migraine that has been so effecting your entire life. Of course you're nervous about this challenging week ahead, but you are a very strong person, and I know you will conquer this! You know we are here for you anytime at all, please share with us all of your feelings, it can help so much just to talk to caring friends!
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At least you know now what's wrong and how it can be helped. Keeping you in my thoughts for the next 2 weeks of up's and down's.
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I so glad that it isn't something else!! I know people who have taken that new drug you will be soon taken and it has worked wonders when there migraine comes on. Would a hot or cold compress help a little?? Just keep on thinking and saying you will be feeling soon. I'll say it for you too!!
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hi guys- its 15.54 here and I am flat exhausted. Last pain killer I had was at 5.30 this morning and right now my head feels like its breaking rocks without a hammer. And they say that its gonna get worse :-( and will be about a week of it before new drug can be started. Am off to bed next to lay down - I know its early but I just need to lay down and close eyes. Gonna try some serious meditation to take mind off the pain. Good night..
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Sure hope you are able to rest well, Kev.
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Aw Kev I'm so sorry to hear about the migraine - but, on the bright side, it's not something more serious. At least now you don't have to woryr about the diagnosis bit. That'll be a small weight off your shoulders. Sure, the next bit of it all will be scary and painful, but you know we don't care if you get ratty and we'll stick by you through it. If you ever want to come and vent, you can PM me and have a chat. If you like I'll leave my e-mail addy with you and you can vent there too. We'll get you through, it's what friends are for. Your wife sounds really supportive - you're a lucky man Kev, make the most of it All the very best and get well soon.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
Your wife sounds really supportive - you're a lucky man Kev, make the most of it .
Yeh I am a lucky man - I have been married nearly 9 years to Carol, and yet its like if we could do it all again, where would you all stand as the bridesmaids or can I have all of you as best "ladies" if there is such a thing?
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Kev, I'm so glad that you know now, but I will keep you in my thoughts for the next while! Feel very free to be as ratty as you like for the next bit, if anyone should be allowed to it really is you! Best wishes
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Good luck to you Kevin.....just keep telling yourself....this will all be over soon.

Hugs to you and your wife!!

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Where would we all stand? Good grief Kev, we'd all be at the back in the cheerleaders outfits, waving the pom-poms and cheering you on! Don't all supporters do that? Or is it just me?
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Bummer day for you Kev.
But I've been on Amitriptline and it helped me somewhat for my headaches but the dose they gave me was very low, 10mg I think.
I hope you feel better. to you and your family. I know you're going to be a bear but think of it this way, when that snotty little brat comes to see you, I bet she'll be sorry she did! (did I say that out loud?? my bad! LOL!)
cool compresses might help and lots of quiet. just lock yourself in a room and hide from the world, for a few days, that ought to help, if not, scream into a pillow, that helps me when I have a headache.
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Kev, am just now catching this, I'm very relieved to hear that its not anything more serious, but sounds like you're in for a rough ride for a bit! You're still in my prayers my friend, just remember that we all love you!
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jKev, you're in my prayers. I hope that pain is a thing of the past, soon. Have you tried accupuncture (sp)? I've heard that accupuncture and accupressure have been able to help migranes when medicine couldn't.
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Originally Posted by kev
Thanks for everything guys and apologies if I am ratty in the next few days..
Love to you all

Don not apologize for anything, Kev. Don't you know that cats would love you to be ratty?
I really hope the treatments are working and you have some relief really soon!
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Dear Kev, best of luck with the ordeal coming up, I have migraines but I don't think mine are as bad as yours. I feel for you, but hopefully the new meds will get it under control. Don't know if you have looked into this but some foods and drinks are migraine starters so you might want to check into that and modify your diet also, just an thought, good luck, and hugs to you and your family.
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Oh Kev, I am SO sorry you have to go through all this. I hope the time goes by, WAY faster and WAY worse, than you are anticipating. Migraines are such a horrible thing. I think, so often, that people just sort of dismiss them, (UNLESS they have experienced them!!) Because there are so many commercials etc. regarding them--and after awhile, people just become used to hearing the word, and begin to not pay attention to it... My husband has HORRIFIC headaches that last 24 hours, usually and occur about every 3 days or so. His life is TOTALLY defined by them (and by my living here with him, on another level, my life is, too...Just that *I* don't have the pain ,this poor man of mine has!) His are not exactly like yours, but close. My DH is quadriplegic and his are neurologically based, and occur because of painful stimuli, or even if his stomach is bothering him! I think it is wonderful, that your wife is so supportive, and I think as SOON as you feel better, you won't be feeling "ratty" as you say! And she will have a great husband back!!
Thinking of you both--and know you ARE in a lot of people's thoughts and prayers! GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You'll be in my thoughts this week, Kev.
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I'm glad you have an answer, and can now take steps to fix this...even though the steps are scary.

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers during this upcoming week or two,
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I'm just catching up with this thread Kev and relieved that the news is relatively good. All the things that must have been going through your mind before the appointment - at least you know it's nothing to be too worried about.

but the next few days aren't going to be pleasant - but your family will understand - they know there's a reason why you're ratty and that it will end soon. Very best wishes to you - hoping that you get to the end of this next week without too much discomfort.

Just think of your big support group here on TCS - behind you all the way
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