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Boys are 4 Months Old Now!

I happened to catch Shelby and Cooper sleeping like this.

Ooops! Woke them up.

Thomas found my daughter’s koosh ball and wouldn’t let anyone near it.

And Cooper found a piece of yarn.

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“Don’t take my picture before I’ve had my coffee!â€

Shelby always likes to cuddle with someone when she sleeps.

“I wish she’d move. She’s crowding me!â€

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You just have such great little guys there! So sweet... and they look so sweet with your daughter! They're such photogenic little guys!
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Here's "Fat Boy" aka Leo.

And here's Abby.

Shelby always throws her arms in the air for a big stretch whenever I pick her up.

Giving sweet Cooper a big hug.

Thomas has learned the joys of stretching when I pick him up too!

Giving Thomas a big kiss.

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Thomas and Cooper had a ball helping us decorate the Christmas tree. (well actually….they had more fun trying to tear everything down as soon as we got it up) They were totally fascinated with all the new stuff, bright lights, and shiny bows. The boys are now almost 5 months old and are excited about their first Christmas. Look how big they've gotten!

Cooper was especially fascinated by the lights.

Enjoying the view from beneath the tree.

Abby trying to straighten one of the bows.

Thomas really loves to stretch out under the tree.

Cooper trying to check the lights.

Making sure they are ALL nice and straight.

Thomas is just taking it all in.

Here is our “kitten safe†tree. I bought a tree with the lights already attached and we only used bows and a string of gold beads to decorate it. There are no ornaments that could fall off and break or hurt the boys. I think it turned out pretty good for having no ornaments.

And after we finished decorating the tree…..everyone was tired and decided to take a nap.

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Well I finally finished updating the thread with all the newest pictures and adding back in those that were lost.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures!
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Oh Robin, thank you for the pictures! What a beautiful family you have--with fur and without!
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Last week, (when the site was down) I had another scare with Cooper. It wasn't as scary as the refrigerator incident.....but it still worried me. On Thursday, I had noticed that when I picked up Cooper, he yowled as if he was in pain.

I always pick him up like you would a kid....under the arms....and it seemed as if he was hurting somewhere in his ribs. I put him down and watched him walk to see if he was limping...but he wasn't....so I just thought maybe I had picked him up too hard or something. Later that night, he was snuggling in the bed with me and as I was petting him, I felt a large lump on his side over his ribs. It was about the size of a marble and I was able to move it around. I had to work on Friday, so I called the vet from work and told him the situation. I also explained that I was working both Friday and Satruday and since I am a nurse....I wouldn't get off work until almost 8:00pm. The vet said that if I could drop Cooper off there.....he could spend the night and get checked out and get xrays if needed.

I got my oldest daughter to drop him off on her way to work. Later, the vet called me on my cell phone and told me that Cooper was just fine. He said that there were no broken ribs or other obvious injuries....but that he did have a small subcutaneous bruise....probably from jumping on or off of something or running into something while playing. He said that Cooper was just perfect and that I could pick him the next morning.

I worried about my poor little baby being all alone overnight at the vet's office. I knew he was lonely and missing Thomas and all the others. I was even tempted to call the vet at home and see if he would meet me up there so I could bring Cooper home Friday night.

Fortunately, I got called off work and didn't have to go in on Saturday. So I watched the clock until it was 8:00am (when the vet opened) and called them. I went and picked Cooper up and he was SO happy to see me. His little voice was so hoarse.....probably from meowing all night.....he didn't even sound like himself. He meowed all the way home.....and for the rest of the day....as he followed me everywhere and snuggled and played with his brother. I felt so guilty for putting my sweet baby through the trauma of being away from his family overnight. But at least he's ok. I was worried about that lump and was scared that he had cancer or something! It would just kill me to lose either of these guys now.
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Thomas and Cooper always like to get in the bed with me, but last night, they were both laying on me and just staring while I was trying to watch TV. I knew I couldn't get up to get the camera.....so I called to Nikki (my daughter) to get the camera.

And there's Shelby laying on my legs in the background.

These two guys are just so funny. You rarely ever see one without the other.......like a couple of bookends.

Don't you just love Cooper's sweet cheeks? Every time I look at him...I just have to kiss those chubby cheeks of his. And Thomas just purrs every time I even look at him.
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I've been gone for about a day, and I was SOOO happy to see this thread revived Robin! You're family is just gorgeous. The boys are getting so big!!! Thomas is starting to look just like his mamma, and you're right about Cooper having such big poofy kissable cheeks.

Before the crash I remember you being worried about Abby and her not getting along with the other kitties. Any news with her?
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Aww my two little models are back, they're both adorable. I love all the pics!
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oh my goodness what WONDERFUL pictures...some of those could win you some $$$ in the right contest!! just beautiful!!
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Originally Posted by berylayn
I've been gone for about a day, and I was SOOO happy to see this thread revived Robin! You're family is just gorgeous. The boys are getting so big!!! Thomas is starting to look just like his mamma, and you're right about Cooper having such big poofy kissable cheeks.

Before the crash I remember you being worried about Abby and her not getting along with the other kitties. Any news with her?
Well I'm trying to find a home for Abby. It's sad....but she's the outsider and Shelby just won't give her any peace. I'm planning to contact the no-kill shelter here (the one I've fostered for before) and see if they can help me. The girl at my vet's office who originally said she might take her, got another cat from someone else and now won't take Abby. Hopefully, I can find Abby a good and loving home soon.
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well i am thinking about you and little poor little gal She such a gorgeous and sweet cat that deserves a loving home. keep us posted on her status. i wish i lived a bit closer....or i'd consider bringing her home with me!
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Loved those new Christmas tree pics. Mine have had a lot of fun this year with it. Megan climbed up in it and laid down half way up the tree Thank heaven, she has now lost her interest in doing that. Kooky Jr. zonked out on you!!!

I think the tree looks great!
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they are just so cute!!!
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I would've been so scared if I would've found what you found on Cooper! I'm so glad to hear everything's alright... and that he's back home with you!

Thanks for posting those pictures, they're great!
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Oh good grief i've got tears in my eyes from looking at those pictures of them again when they were born!

Gosh how theyve grown!.
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What a GORGEOUS boys
They are soooo cute
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How did I miss out on this thread? This is wonderful!! It's like watching a documentary on my favorite subject: kittens and cats! I just subscribed so I won't miss out on anything in the future.

KittyKook, all of your cats are adorable and I can tell they live in a cat paradise. They're lucky to have been adopted by such a loving human family.

Also, have you thought about putting together a children's books composed of your cat photographs? You have so much rich material here for something like that.
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I thought I'd also give each kitty a post of their own showcasing their pictures.

Here's Abby.................

Proud mommy giving little Thomas a bath.

Working off her pregnancy weight.

Another proud mommy moment.

This was when her bottom lip was swollen due to cleaning the kittens all the time. I was calling her "Glamour Kitty" because with her eyeliner and fat bottom lip...she reminded me of a movie star.

She was ALWAYS cleaning the boys!

This was taken just a couple of weeks ago.

Here's Nikki (my daughter) holding her.

Abby with her two boys.

A candid shot.

A big yawn after helping to decorate the Christmas tree.

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Originally Posted by KittyKook

Here's Abby.................

Working off her pregnancy weight.

That's so cute! Great caption!!!

This was when her bottom lip was swollen due to cleaning the kittens all the time. I was calling her "Glamour Kitty" because with her eyeliner and fat bottom lip...she reminded me of a movie star.

What a beauty! Did you put this in the "America's Next Top Cat Model" thread? If not, you should do so!
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Leo is probably the most laid back of all cats. Nothing upsets him and he loves everybody....whether human or feline. (he even likes dogs!)

Watching over his new little sister, Shelby, when we first got her.

Being Thomas's role model.

Also acting as a nice, cushy bed.

This was taken when Leo was about a year old. He used to jump into the tub with my daughter. (my daughter made me cover up her chest in the photo....even though she was only about 5 at the time and didn't actually have anything to cover. )

This was taken last year at Christmas.

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You definitely chose the right name for Leo. He definitely seems to be a leader in the family (I love the pic of him guarding Shelby and the pic of him being "a role model" for Thomas)!

Also, I can't believe he used to jump in the tub! Does he ever do that anymore?
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Oh my a swimming kitty!!!!

I would take Abby in a heartbeat if I lived closer though I wouldn't mind if a parcel showed up at my door with no return address...
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Shelby has always been a bit of an attention seeker and is the most affectionate kitty you've ever seen. She's such a lover that she actually wraps her arms around my face and gives me "love bites" on my cheek whenever she wants attention. I don't think I've ever seen a kitty with quite so much personality as Shelby.

Here she is hiding in my daughter's backpack.

Watching the snow falling.

Sitting on my daughter's back while Jamie was trying to wash her hair in the tub.

Last year at Christmas.

Shelby at about 6 months old climbing on a friend of mine.

Begging for attention.

Trying to fit into a box that was way too small for her.

Once again.....trying to squeeze into a box that is too small.

And again....................

Peeking at me in the shower.

This was taken several weeks ago when she was having her yearly allergic skin problem on her back. I had to cut up a sock and tie it around her to keep her from scratching the area raw. She was very humilated that I took her picture with the sock on.

I think she decided that she would make a better mom than Abby....so she kind of took over care of Thomas and Cooper.

The boys just love their Aunt Shelby.

She likes to sit in my computer chair and rub her head against the arm of the chair.

Sound asleep on the chair.

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I am now, officially, in love with all of your cats!
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
I am now, officially, in love with all of your cats!
Well they ARE a bit spoiled. (can ya tell?) My kitties definitely live the "good life" and get lots of hugs and kisses. I think that's what makes them all so loveable.

Leo doesn't jump in the tub anymore. I think as he's gotten older, (he's 7 now) he is just TOO lazy to get in the tub because then it would take time and effort to clean himself off afterward. He's a lover and a talker.....but he doesn't do much of anything that could be considered "active" anymore. Although.....knowing Shelby....who tries to be the "mom" to everyone.....she would probably clean Leo if he did decide to get in the tub. She acts as if it's her responsbility to bathe everyone........including me and my daughters sometimes!
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I love your guys. All the pictures you have to show are the best. My crew is really bad with the camera, so I don't have any pictures. Leo is a wonderful uncle, and very handsome. Shelby is a doll, and a proud aunt....and adoptive mom. I love the boys, and Abby is such a beauty. She has lots of attitude. Thanks for sharing!

I can tell the vet trip was alot to handle for your little boys, but they were real troopers. I love the captions.

Thanks again!
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Well it's been a few days since I posted any pictures....so I figured it was about time to put some new ones up.

Here's Leo just sitting by the phone. I wonder if he was expecting a call?

I took this one while Shelby was laying on her back underneath the Christmas tree and peeking at me through the branches.

Here's Abby sitting in a magazine basket in the bookshelf behind the Christmas tree. She just sat there for a long time looking at the tree.

Talk about a PILE of cats! This is what I found in my bed when I came home from the store yesterday! It looked really funny seeing all of them sleeping like that.

Here's Shelby snuggling with her favorite guy.

Cooper washing his belly. This picture really doesn't show how funny he looked sitting there under the Christmas tree, giving himself a bath with his legs spread eagled.

Not sure what Leo is waiting for here. He was just sitting there looking at me.

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Thomas. He looks so grown-up and the silver in his fur is really coming out.

Another cute picture of Thomas.

Cooper and Shelby sitting next to each other on the chair. I was looking at their markings and noticed that they are very similar....actually almost a mirror image of each other. No wonder Shelby likes Cooper the best. (she's so vain....it makes sense that she would prefer someone who looks like her)

Cooper playing while the others watch. It was funny because Cooper kept hogging the toy and Thomas was getting mad. Thomas started meowing every time Cooper would jump in front of him to get the toy. It was as if he was saying, "Hey it's MY turn! Quit hogging it Cooper!" Thomas finally acted like he got his feelings hurt and walked away and went and laid down on the couch. Also, you can really see Cooper's black patch on his chest....it doesn't really look like a heart anymore like it did when he was born since his hair has gotten so long.

Shelby watching the action from a chair.

Shelby sitting in her favorite spot.....on top of the computer chair while my daughter, Nikki, plays on the computer.

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