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Oh, I'm so glad to hear that Jay is doing better. I will pray that he continues to get better and better.

How are you doing with school? I think Sweets has excellent advice so I hope you can follow that.
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that was good advise. i still need to write my microbiology teacher and explain. i ended up making it to my second exam and even got to study a little bit. i doubt that the micro teacher will let me make up the exam. he is just one of those teachers. he is very strict (if you missed a homework, even turning it in 5 minutes late you failed the class automatically). i'm really not that upset about it anymore. i've never failed a class before so this will just be a learning experience and now i can say i have. i guess you need to try everything once and seeing i'm 22 and a senior its about time as my mom put it. i'm still going to write him and offer to take the exam even if he still fails me because most likely i will be having him for the class again in the spring and at least he will see that i was willing to take it. so we shall see. thanks again!
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Poor little Jay! Its in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Please let us know how he's doing. I'm worried! Keep us posted! He's in good hands. (((((VIBES))))
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Originally Posted by palisades
during the car ride i told him about everyone here and that they were expecting pictures and stories about him once he was feeling better.
and we cant wait for these pictures

thanks for the update - so glad to hear that Jay is being a little fighter and that he is improving - such great news give him a little head rub from us when you see him and let him know that people from all over the world are cheering for him
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Yes, everybody is cheering and I'm so glad you talked to him about us and told him that we're expecting him to make it through. When Sasha was mauled and in the oxygen cube with so much swelling on his little brain that ice would have killed him, and he was hooked up to tubes and wires, I whispered through the glass that everyone was waiting for him to get out of the cube. And as he recovered I'd whisper in his ear in his cage and sit and read to him the cheers and cards and notes from everyone here. IT WORKS.
Love and still praying,
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Great to hear little Jay is doing so much better and kudo's to you for caring so much and making sure that he got the care he needed. Saying a prayer for his full recovery and that your hard nosed professor will let you make up the exam. Good luck and keep us posted, hugs.
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We could all write the professor in support! Becky
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Originally Posted by zanniesmom
We could all write the professor in support! Becky
i needed that thanks! made me laugh out loud!

Elizabeth i couldnt agree more i think it has really helped him to know there are so many people on his side. I've never read about Sasha. Is your little one okay? That sounds so scary!!!

Jay is back at the regular vet for the day. His blood sugar tests came back VERY low today but they do not think the test was right. With his results he sould have been "flat out" as they put it and hes not. He is doing much much better. He was walking around when they brought him out and even trying to climb out of the carrier. I got to hold him finally and he didnt seem to mind. He was alert and everytime a dog would go by he would watch it and you could tell he was following it with his eyes. He has been pretty non responsive to movements the last few days so that was encouraging. He also ate for the first time on his own last night. He hasnt done that since he went it. He is starting to look like a real kitten again. For some time he really didnt even look like a cat. It was so strange. I pick him up again to move him back to the emergency clinic at 530 so hopefully he will be even better by then!!!

You guys are all so wonderful for praying and worrying over him with me. It has made it so much easier on me knowing that other people are thinking about him!!!! Talk to you guys soon! Anna
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Palisades, do you go to state? if you do, i might be related to the prof? :p I know, that's deferential treatment, but I suppose it's a good character reference?
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oh that would be too funny. i do go to state actually. which professor are you related to?

i've gotten to the point this week that i really just dont even want to take the exam anymore. since i was already looking at it as if i wasnt going to be able to take it i've moved on. i think everything happens for a reason. maybe i was meant not to finish the course this semester and take it next semester. you never know. ssssssssssssssssss (*that was dottie she just wanted to say hi*) anyways, every time something like this has happened in my life its turned out it was for a good reason and has brought me to where i am now. so i'm just rolling with the punches and even if it sounds weird i'm actually looking forward to taking the class again because i think i could do better in it, so we shall see.
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You have a wonderful outlook!Hi, Dottie!
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i've really been trying. the first 12 hours i was really in a bad place and didnt know how i was going to make it through this again and then something hit me and i just realized that if i kept thinking that way i wouldnt make it through. so i'm trying to look at it all in a different light and it really seems to be helping. even the women who are working with jay noticed it. i think it helps him too for me to be in better spirits when he sees me. i'm also taking the day off to sleep and play with my "healthy" babies who havent been getting enough attention the last week.
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You probably already know this, but before you interact with your other healthy babies, be sure to take a full shower with antibacterial soap and throw your clothes and shoes (if possible) into the washing machine. Until they know what Jay has, consider it contagious and take all necessary precautions-
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mixed update. jay is eating once an hour on his own and is sitting up, using the litter box. it seems he is doing better but his blood sugar is still only 23 and that is with him being on dextrose. they cannot figure out what is wrong with him. hes gone to be with a specialist today who is going to do an ultrasound on his liver and take a little sample of it to see if they can figure it out. Hes also been put on antibiotics to see if he has an infection of some type (she mentioned a blood infection) that is causing the low blood sugar. hopefully they will find something and know how to treat it.
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Hey Anna;

do you need volunteers?
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yeah. i can always use volunteers. i have one girl whos been coming 2 times a week and its really helped. with school though its been kind of difficult setting up times for volunteers but thankfully after tuesday morning i'm done with classes and will be home almost all of the time
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Once things are a little less hectic(IE-once we've collected our kitten and he's out of quarantine), I could come in on saturdays probably and help?
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who prayed for little Jay. It really means so much to me.

i went in to visit jay around 530 this evening and got some very bad news. they did an ultrasound of his heart and found 2 defects and that his heart would stop for a second or two and then start back up. they said that there was nothing that could be done to fix his heart conditions.

they let me hold him and as soon as he saw me he started purring. he even opened his mouth a few times to meow. he was such a sweet baby and i think he was really starting to love me.

i had to make the decision to have him put to sleep. he was just going to suffer and i couldnt bear to see that. i had a towl his sister had slept on and wrapped him up in that and talked to him. i reminded him that everyone was praying for him and loved him and that he was such a brave little boy and how sorry i was that i couldnt help him. a few minutes after 6 he passed. he was looking up at me and purring right till the end.

i've never had to make that decision before and i am such a mess. hes the second baby i've lost in a little over a week now. when i was leaving the woman who was with him this whole time came up to me and told me that she could tell how much he loved me because as soon as he saw me he would start purring and he wouldnt do that for any of them. it just about broke my heart.

i feel so bad about it all and that i should have done something sooner for him. i hope he knows how much i really love him and how sorry i am. thank you again for your prayers.
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oh sweetheart - I am so sorry to hear this news - how your heart must ache right now you did the very very best for him that you possibly could and he knows that - he knows how much you love him
I have tears rolling down my cheeks as I think of this brave little boy who fought to the end
The decision you made while extremley hard was the most unselfish decision any one person could make - you put Jays health & happiness above everything you helped him pass on to the Rainbow Bridge in the arms on the one person whom loved him the most - and the one he loved with all his heart
Know that Jay is now playing at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other kitties that have left this earth - he is in perfect health and is watching over you until you meet again

Please know that we are here for you whenever you need to talk

you were his angel here on earth - and now he is your angel from above

RIP sweet angel Jay
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I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this thread. I'm devastated thinking of little Jay purring away in your arms breathing his last breaths. Obviously, he was content and happy and warm and full of love when he died -- there's no better way to go -- but I'm so sad he couldn't stay with you and with us. You're an amazing person, Palisades, to have given so much to this little kitty-cat. What a gift you gave him in the short little life he had. Can you imagine if you hadn't have found him? He would have never known all those good feelings he felt in his last moments.

I'll pray for our little
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Originally Posted by huggles
you were his angel here on earth - and now he is your angel from above

RIP sweet angel Jay

Thank you for articulating that so well, Danielle.
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I am sitting here with Dushka on my arm and Ellie and Persil lying beside me and we would all be so devastated to go through what you have been through. You tried so hard. I am so sorry for you but little Jay doesn't have to suffer any more.
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thank you all for your kind words. it was a very hard night for me and for my mother. she had never met him either and she keeps breaking down too.

i know he is in a better place now and with the two other kittens we have lost since june. they are all about the same age and should be having a blast together. i know he is going to be watching out for me and is my little angel. i kept calling him that and i think he liked it.

i still really don't feel like being social, which i guess is normal. all i want to do is be with my other cats, kittens, dogs and the turtles. i've been on a cleaning frenzy since it happened and making it more fun for everyone else with new toys and such. 8 of the babies slept in bed with me. i think they know i'm heart broken. they have been very good too.

Jays sister Alex is quite lonely i think. she's let me hold her and purrs when i come over to her now. she's been scared of me and would never come near me until now. but now she tries to bat my fingers and chew on them when i'm at her tower. that does make me feel better. i would really love to post pictures of them but i dont know how. i have digital forms of them. if somone could explain that would be great. thanks again.
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God sends every living creature to us with a purpose and the care and love that you showed little Jay was more than thousands of other kitties could ever hope for. He showed you love in return and gave you a special memory and grace from his presence. You will always have his grace and no one can take that from you. You can spread that love now to other animals and keep giving that gift that made him so special. He is with you now and for always with a purr to your ear. He thanks you for what you've done. I lost a kitty myself earlier this year (which was hard to get over) and I lost my brother to AIDS just 3 months ago. Knowing already how it feels to losem I'm about to lose another kitty named Chloe who is sick and not eating. We think that she has a tumor in her stomach but can't afford the surgery to remove it. Please pray for her health. I would really appreciate it.

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I'm sitting here crying reading through this whole story. I'm so sorry about poor little Jay.

It is nice about Alex getting more friendly with you. I'm glad that part is turning out all right.

About the pictures, one of these forums is "fur pictures only", and there is a
sticky there about how to post pictures. That's all I know about pictures.

My thoughts are with you.
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